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Define your stocks

Group all your electronic equipment, stationery, and food stock to manage and control the use and consumption by your employees.

Starting from a simple list, Imagina integrates the stocks and you have the ability to adapt and control them from the dashboard.

Reservation for equipment, Imagina business application
Access to equipment for all employees, Imagina business application

Free access for all employees

Your employees can select the equipment they want, the quantity, and define a period during which they will need to reserve it.

An autonomous team and digital management of your resources to save time.

Real-time control of availability

Quickly visualize the status of stocks, keep an eye on availability.

Export all this data with a CVS or Excel file. Compare your data and adjust your stocks according to demands and needs.

Live control of availability, Imagina business application

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Implementation steps

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I establish the list of equipment

Take inventory of all your equipment, whether electronic, stationery, or other. Note the number you have for each item.


I categorize them by categories

Think of categories for all the reservable or consumable items, this will allow you to better manage them and make it easier for your employees to search.


I define usage periods

Offer time slots to prevent some items from being kept for too long.

Frequently asked questions

How to better manage your inventory?

From the Imagina application, define stock categories and through the reservation of equipment, you will be able to better understand the use and consumption of your teams to adapt your inventory.

How to calculate inventory?

Once your inventory is done for all the equipment you want to register, enter these numbers into the application and keep track of your employees' consumption.
You can export data from an Excel or CSV file and calculate the final inventory based on the initial inventory and then adjust it accordingly.

Prices for inventory management software in a company

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