The benefits of a mobile anomaly reporting application for citizens and local authorities

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New technologies enable citizens and local authorities to collaborate in solving urban problems. Anomaly reporting applications stand out as an effective tool for improving safety and daily life in the city for every citizen.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of such a platform for municipalities.

Improvement of communication between citizens and local authorities with participatory democracy

1 - Simplified reporting of problems:

Thanks to a mobile application for reporting anomalies on smartphones, residents can easily and quickly warn of several incidents in public spaces, problems with lighting, degradation of urban furniture, green spaces, or waste abandoned in public spaces.

Users can take photos or a video via their smartphone, add comments, and specify the exact location on a city map.

2 - Real-time tracking of requests:

Residents can follow the status of their report on the website or application and receive notifications, such as the receipt of an email, when an action is taken by the public service of the municipality.

Reduction of costs and optimization of resources

1 - Prioritization of interventions:

The implementation of these applications allows local authorities to identify and prioritize the most urgent alerts directly from the web interface of the application.

This allows for optimal allocation of available resources, improving the care and efficiency of the city's public services.

2 - Data collection and analysis:

An application counts and generates a large amount of data, with each user entering their phone number, email, and password when creating an account. Non-confidential data (excluding email, password…) helps identify users, as well as trends and recurring cases.

This allows city services to proactively plan and invest in long-term solutions.

Promotion of citizen participation

1 - Empowerment and engagement:

Thanks to anomaly reporting applications, citizens can actively participate in improving their urban environment and quality of life with just a few clicks.

This promotes a sense of security, belonging, and shared responsibility.

2 - Collaboration and synergy:

Applications allow citizens and city public services to work together to resolve incivilities.

By encouraging participatory democracy, collaboration, these tools strengthen community ties in the city and create synergy between stakeholders.

Improvement of quality of life

1 - Rapid intervention:

Anomaly reporting applications allow for rapid and targeted intervention by city services.

This results in an improvement in the quality of life for residents, who benefit from cleaner streets and neighborhoods, effective public lighting, and a safer environment.

2 - Smart and sustainable city:

By integrating these applications into a smart city strategy, teams from city services, such as the mayor's office, can develop innovative and sustainable solutions to meet urban challenges.

This contributes to creating more resilient cities adapted to the needs of the community.

Presentation of the Imagina mobile application: an innovative solution for reporting anomalies and facilitating management by municipalities

We know that when internet users search for "city reporting application", we find several solutions.

1 - Features of the Imagina application for citizens

Imagina is an anomaly reporting application based on a participatory democracy policy. Every opinion counts towards improving the city.

The application allows each citizen to easily report an incident, incivility, or anomaly they encounter on public roads or spaces to their city hall. An optimized alternative to the dansmarue application.

Here are the key features of the application in this article excerpt:

User-friendly interface

Imagina is a platform available on smartphones like social networks, designed to be simple and easy to use, allowing each citizen to quickly report anomalies they encounter.


Users can mark the exact location of the anomaly on a map, making it easier for city services to locate and resolve the issue.

Adding photos and comments

Citizens can add photos, take a video from their smartphone or add comments to their report, providing additional information for the city hall to better understand the problem.

Notifications and tracking of reports

Imagina triggers an email directly to the concerned services following a report. Subsequently, the citizen who reported an anomaly can follow its status and receive notifications or an email when actions are taken to address it.

2 - Features of the Imagina application for municipalities

Imagina also includes specific features for municipalities to facilitate the management and processing of requests and anomaly reports in the city:

Centralized dashboard

Thanks to the centralized dashboard tool, consulting and managing anomaly reports has never been simpler. A quick and effective response can be provided to the encountered problem.

Prioritization and sorting of reports

Imagina offers the service of sorting and prioritizing requests and reports based on their urgency and severity, ensuring that resources are used optimally. It's then up to the municipality to assign each report to the concerned service by email or directly on the platform.

Data analysis and identification of trends

Municipalities can use the data collected by Imagina, within the limits of confidential data (password, identity…), to identify trends and recurring problems, allowing for planning and investing in long-term solutions.

Communication and collaboration with citizens

Like social networks, Imagina is an instant tool that facilitates communication between the city hall and its citizens, allowing for more effective information exchange and collaboration to resolve reported incivilities.

In summary, the Imagina application is the solution for both residents of the municipality and the city halls, allowing for efficient reporting and management of alerts, problems, and requests in various ways. With this application, local authorities will improve the quality of life of each citizen while encouraging citizen participation in the direct improvement of the city.

The solution of anomaly reporting applications offers undeniable advantages for cities. By improving communication, optimizing resources, encouraging the participation of each citizen, and contributing to a better quality of life, these management tools allow for creating a smart and sustainable city. Local authorities must adopt and invest in these innovative solutions over the long term to meet the needs of the residents of each municipality.

Today, anomaly reporting applications are an excellent way to improve interaction in a city and ensure that the concerned service responds effectively to the needs of the population.


Arthur Josset

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