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Mobile applications have become indispensable for a modern, connected city. They represent an invaluable tool for citizens, who can now access the services offered by the town hall and follow local news directly from their smartphone.

Whether it's for entertainment, getting around, combating food waste or improving well-being, mobile applications offer a solution tailored to each citizen and to the needs of town halls and local authorities. They facilitate communication between citizens and the town hall, providing up-to-date information in real time.

In this article, we present our top 6 must-have city applications (also valid for EPCIs). Each of these applications has been chosen for its ability to improve citizens' daily lives.

So don't wait any longer to discover these mobile applications and enrich your experience as an active, connected citizen! Dive into our selection and explore the possibilities offered by these tools.

Imagina - The multifunctional application for your city

Main features of the city app

Imagina is a full-featured city app (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play) that keeps you informed and actively involved in the life of your city. It offers a wide library of functions to make life easier for residents and ensure their safety.

The application enables effective communication between the city, its citizens and residents, by sharing information. What's more, Imagina offers a simple way for users to receive e-mail notifications, reinforcing their involvement and participation in the city.

Reporting anomalies :

Report any problems you encounter in the city quickly and easily to the town hall, thanks to Imagina's citizen mobile application. This solution for the city allows citizens to transmit their reports to the municipality, and also to receive notifications as work progresses, or updates on the report.

Citizen consultation :

Take an active part in the life of your town by using polls and surveys to express your opinion on local projects and municipal decisions. Imagina is the ideal solution for facilitating participatory democracy by offering an all-in-one tool. This application gives you the opportunity to get actively involved in improving your environment, with access to all the tools you need to share your ideas and concerns.

Events schedule :

The mobile application lets you consult the online calendar of upcoming cultural, sporting and festive events in your city. The dedicated team regularly updates the page to keep you up to date.

Practical information :

This application facilitates communication between constituents, residents and the town hall, providing quick and easy access to useful information on public services, works in the town, opening hours, news, emergency numbers and much more. The content is regularly updated to guarantee accurate information. Communes thus benefit from a high-performance tool and medium for disseminating information about their services and town halls.

Associations :

Discover local associations and their activities, and get involved in your town's community life.

Shops :

Find local shops and businesses to support the local economy.

Interactive map :

Explore your town thanks to an interactive map available to citizens and visitors, which locates points of interest, public transport and public facilities on the territory. Thanks to this interactive link, you have access at all times to the information you need to get around and enjoy your city to the full.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Imagina application is a veritable Swiss Army knife for citizens, enabling them to stay informed and participate in the life of their town with just a few clicks. In addition to the town's website, Imagina can also be linked to social networks to optimize the dissemination of information and encourage exchanges between the town hall and residents.

However, an Internet connection may be required to access certain information in real time.

Imagina features an offline mode for several types of content (route, photo, video, etc.).

ParkNow - Parking made easy

Key features of the mobile application

ParkNow is an innovative application dedicated to city parking, designed to facilitate and optimize citizens' transport experience. Available on iOS and Android, this mobile version offers a practical and secure solution for quickly finding an available parking space and paying directly from your smartphone.

What's more, it provides a quality service to the town hall and improves communication between the various stakeholders in the parking market. The mobile application integrates alerts via notifications to inform users when their parking time has expired.

Advantages and disadvantages

ParkNow makes parking easier by eliminating the need to search for spaces and worry about payment, while promoting exchange between users and parking market players.

However, the application is not yet available in all cities, and some users are experiencing connection problems.

Hoali - Organize and take part in local activities

Main features of the mobile application

Hoali is a platform and mobile application that enables you to quickly find water points in a city, thereby limiting the environmental impact of local communities. The principle is simple: find water points on an interactive map so you can stay with the same "gourd".

Advantages and disadvantages

Hoali makes it possible to decarbonize tap water consumption for sustainable tourism.

However, the app's popularity varies from town to town, and it can be more difficult to find water points in some communes.

Park4night - Find out where to spend the night in your motorhome

Main features of the mobile application

Park4night is an application specially designed for travelers with motorhomes, caravans or converted vans, who are looking for suitable places to spend the night. This solution offers pleasant, secure locations such as service areas and parking lots. So travelers can enjoy a serene and comfortable experience during their adventures.

The application integrates notifications and alerts that inform users of new available locations and any reports from other travelers. This feature ensures a safe and reliable experience for all. In addition, communication with town halls and other authorities guarantees a quality service, reinforcing the trust between travelers and local actors for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Advantages and disadvantages

Park4night is a valuable resource for motorhome travelers, making it easy to find places to park and sleep in peace. The app benefits from a large community of users who share their finds.

However, some geographical areas are less well covered than others, and the app may require an internet connection to work properly.

Geocaching - Go on a treasure hunt

Key features of the mobile application

Geocaching is a captivating mobile application that reinvents your environment as a vast playground for an exciting and colorful treasure hunt. Caches are hidden all over the world, creating a unique experience for users. The application accompanies you on this adventure, helping you to locate these caches thanks to clues, a GPS coordinate system and seamless communication between fellow citizens.

Advantages and disadvantages

Geocaching is a fun, user-friendly way to discover new places. Thanks to its intuitive back office and collaboration with town halls, Geocaching offers a fun and rewarding experience for all participants.

Nevertheless, the quality of the experience depends largely on the community, the content and the caches available in your area.

Too Good To Go - Fight against food waste

Main features

Too Good To Go is a mobile application that combats food waste by connecting local retailers and consumers. Users can buy quality items or unsold food at reduced prices, which would otherwise have been thrown away at the end of the day.

Advantages and disadvantages

Too Good To Go is an ecological and economical initiative that allows users to enjoy meals at low prices, while helping retailers to reduce their waste.

However, supply varies from day to day, and it is sometimes difficult to reserve baskets due to high demand.


These six applications are transforming the way we live and interact with our cities. They make daily life in the city easier for residents, and make getting around, leisure activities and commitments more enjoyable and accessible.

By adapting these applications to their needs, residents can make the most of their urban experience and create stronger links with their local communities and fellow citizens. These digital tools encourage communication, greater collaboration and better management of local resources.

Don't hesitate to download and try out these innovative applications to get more involved in the life of your community. By adopting them, you're helping to create a more sustainable, connected and harmonious future for yourself and future generations.


Is Imagina available for all historic monuments?

No, for the moment, the Imagina application only covers a limited number of sites. However, the team is constantly working to add new historic sites to its catalog.

Is ParkNow a free application?

The ParkNow app is free, but transaction fees may apply when paying for parking. Rates vary by city and parking lot.

Is Hoali free for users?

Yes, you can use the self-service #gourdefriendly card for free!

Do I need an internet connection to use Park4night?

Optimal use of Park4night requires an internet connection. However, some maps can be downloaded in advance for offline use.

Is it possible to post job offers on the Imagina citizen mobile application?

Yes, it is possible to post job offers. This functionality is an additional service offered by the town council to facilitate contact between its citizens and the local job market. The application acts as a link between residents and job opportunities, complementing the town council's website.

Is geocaching suitable for children?

Yes, geocaching is an app suitable for the whole family, including children.

How can I find out if Too Good To Go is available in my town or city?

Simply consult the mobile application. The colors and communication between citizens and businesses are highlighted. If your town or city is covered by the service, you'll see the local offers available to fight food waste and support the town council in this approach for its residents.


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