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In Reims, selecting a quality caterer is crucial to ensure the success of any event. This city in the Marne department is renowned for its refined gastronomy and caterers who excel in the culinary arts, offering services that blend tradition and innovation.

Why Opt for Catering Services in Reims?

Opting for catering services in Reims provides unique expertise in meal preparation for various events. Whether it's for corporate receptions, weddings, or banquets, Reims caterers ensure high-quality services, enriched by the use of fresh products from the Champagne-Ardenne region. They can meet all culinary needs, whether it's for a sophisticated business meal or a romantic dinner for two, offering a range of flavors that delight even the most discerning palates.

With their experience and expertise, Reims caterers can offer a wide range of services, from simple meal platters for a corporate lunch break to elaborate buffets and cocktails for more festive events. Whether it's for a reception in an elegant hall or an outdoor event, they adapt to the venue's layout and the specific needs of each project.

Reims caterers take pride in working closely with businesses and individuals to ensure that each event is a complete success. Their store is full of creative ideas and varied menu options, ensuring a wow effect on every occasion.

Top 5 Caterers in Reims

Mimy Traiteur Chris

Mimy Traiteur Chris is known for its personalized approach and creativity that make the heart of each event a unique and unforgettable moment. Whether it's a romantic wedding or a lively private reception, this caterer strives to meet every aspect of your request, offering a culinary experience that meets your expectations.

DMP Traiteur

DMP Traiteur, a reference in the catering industry in Reims and its surroundings, stands out for its impeccable service and delicious dishes that win over the palates of all guests. Specializing in corporate events and large celebrations, this caterer handles each order with professionalism and dedication, ensuring the success of each event.

Traiteur Réception Chef Salam

Traiteur Réception Chef Salam is known for its rich and varied cuisine that takes guests beyond culinary borders. With Italian expertise and a passion for international cuisine, this caterer provides meals that are the highlight of any party or celebration, making each event a memorable and festive moment.

Les Délices du Renard

Les Délices du Renard highlights local products in their exquisite buffets and cocktails, offering receptions that celebrate the terroir of the region. Specializing in weddings and private parties, these caterers create taste experiences that amaze guests and leave a lasting impression.

Les Cocottes en Scène

Les Cocottes en Scène stand out for their flexibility and ability to meet all culinary needs, whether it's for a business breakfast or a lavish gala dinner. Their store is full of ideas and tasty dishes that add an effective touch to each buffet and cocktail, making every event a total success.

Specialized Services Offered by Caterers in Reims

Reims caterers are capable of organizing services for all kinds of occasions. They not only offer traditional meals but also meal platters for corporate events or light receptions, ensuring quality and professionalism at every stage. Whether it's for an online order or an onsite service, they provide impeccable service, whether in Taissy, the Haute-Marne, or other neighboring departments.

Importance of Quality Products

The use of fresh, often locally sourced products is a cornerstone for caterers in Reims. This proximity to suppliers guarantees tasty dishes and supports the local economy while ensuring impeccable quality. The cocktails and meal platters, composed of the best ingredients from the region, are designed to satisfy the most demanding palates while reflecting the rich gastronomic heritage of the Marne and surrounding areas.

Culinary Innovation in Reims Caterers

In Reims, caterers continually innovate, offering menus that incorporate traditional recipes revisited to create contemporary culinary experiences. The presentations are meticulous and often thematic, adding a visually impressive aspect to the delicious flavors. Whether it's for a corporate evening in the Marne or a cocktail in one of the neighboring departments, their culinary creativity will delight your guests and make a lasting impression.

The Importance of Location

Choosing a caterer near the event location in Reims or the immediate Paris region can be advantageous for logistics and maintaining the freshness of the served dishes.

Tips for Choosing the Right Caterer

It's crucial to consider reviews and recommendations, check the proposed menus, and meet with the caterer to discuss details before making a decision. A good caterer should be able to tailor their menus to your specific needs while staying within your budget. By collaborating with an experienced and reputable company, you ensure that your event in Reims will be a culinary success and a memorable moment for all.


Choosing a caterer in Reims should not be taken lightly. A good caterer can transform a simple gathering into a memorable event, thanks to exquisite cuisine and impeccable service.


What caterer should I choose for a wedding in Reims ?

For a wedding in Reims, choosing the right caterer is crucial to ensure the event's success. Among the most popular options is Cercle Colbert, known for its excellence in catering services. Located in the heart of the city, this provider offers a variety of meal platters and buffets, suitable for all tastes and preferences. Its proven expertise and work in organizing weddings make it a preferred choice for couples looking for a high-end service for their big day.

How much does a catering service in Reims cost on average ?

The cost of a catering service in Reims can vary depending on several factors, including the number of guests, the type of menu chosen, and any additional services requested. On average, prices can range from more affordable options for simple meals to more high-end services for prestigious events. It is recommended to contact several caterers in Reims and request personalized quotes to get an accurate estimate of the costs.

Which caterers in Reims offer menus adapted to specific diets ?

In Reims, several companies offer menus adapted to specific diets to meet the diverse needs of their clients. Among them, Red's Asian Fusion Food specializes in Asian cuisine and offers vegetarian and gluten-free options. Similarly, Laporte Watrin SARL provides a wide range of buffets and meal platters that can be customized according to specific dietary requirements. These chefs are known for their flexibility and ability to meet the most demanding catering requests.

How to assess the quality of a catering service at Cercle Colbert ?

To assess the quality of service at Cercle Colbert, several criteria can be considered. First, it is essential to taste the dishes offered during preliminary tastings to ensure their culinary excellence and freshness. Next, examining references and reviews from previous clients can give an idea of overall satisfaction. Finally, evaluating the level of personalized service offered by the caterer, as well as their expertise in organizing similar events, can also play a crucial role in the final choice.

What is the importance of the reception venue and expertise in choosing a caterer in Reims ?

The importance of the reception venue and expertise in choosing a caterer in Reims is paramount to ensuring the event's success. An experienced and well-established caterer, like Denis Chef, will be able to adapt to all types of reception venues, whether they are traditional reception halls in Reims or prestigious estates in the surrounding areas, such as Châlons en Champagne or Vrigny. The caterer's ability to work closely with the reception venue and adapt to its logistical specifics is therefore essential to ensure a smooth order process for the newlyweds and their guests.

The location of your reception in the Marne allows the company to deliver according to your projects and activities. The expertise is evident in the menu and at the table in the meal platter of your cocktail. The menu follows a life line on the table of Taissy.

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