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Lyon, often referred to as the gastronomic capital of France and the Rhône region, offers a wide range of caterers renowned for their excellence. Choosing a good caterer is essential to ensure the success of any type of event, whether it’s a wedding, a corporate seminar, or a private reception.

Criteria for choosing a caterer in Lyon

Expertise and experience

Culinary expertise and experience in event organization are crucial. The best caterers in Lyon possess extensive experience, ensuring impeccable service and refined cuisine.

Quality and origin of products

It is essential that caterers use high-quality products, often local and seasonal, to offer flavorful and responsible meals.

Flexibility and ability to customize services

The ability to customize services according to the specific needs of each client is an important asset for a caterer in Lyon, allowing menus and services to be tailored to the specific occasion (delivery mode: home delivery, in-store reception, home restaurant).

Top 5 caterers in Lyon: Showcasing Lyon’s catering expertise

Maison Pignol


Maison Pignol is a must-see reference among caterers in Lyon (near Rue St Cyr). With its ancestral expertise, this establishment offers an exquisite selection of dishes for all your events. Whether for a wedding, a corporate cocktail, or a family reception, Maison Pignol will charm you with the quality of its meals and impeccable service. With a dedicated team and talented chefs, this house is committed to satisfying all your culinary desires. Thanks to their attentive listening and recognized know-how, Maison Pignol ensures you an unforgettable catering experience, marked by conviviality and refinement.

C Gastronomie


C Gastronomie stands out for its excellence and expertise in the art of gastronomy in Lyon. As a renowned caterer, this company excels in creating dishes that are both delicious and refined. Specializing in corporate events and high-end receptions, C Gastronomie offers an exquisite selection of dishes to delight all palates. Whether for an elegant buffet, a chic cocktail, or a gala dinner, this house provides a tailor-made catering service, adapted to your needs and requirements. With C Gastronomie, every event becomes an exceptional moment, where gastronomy and elegance combine to offer an extraordinary culinary experience.

Au Bonheur du Jour


Au Bonheur du Jour is the ideal partner for all your receptions in Lyon. With its passionate team and attention to detail, this establishment offers a varied selection of dishes to satisfy all tastes and desires. Whether for a wedding, a birthday, or a corporate event, Au Bonheur du Jour goes all out to provide you with impeccable catering service. With their attentive listening and organizational skills, they will accompany you every step of the way, from dish selection to event setup. Trust Au Bonheur du Jour to make your event an unforgettable moment, filled with conviviality and refinement.



Lames2Chefs is a must-visit address for lovers of refined and creative cuisine in Lyon. With its team of talented chefs, this establishment offers a selection of dishes as delicious as they are surprising, to delight your guests at your most prestigious events. Whether for a cocktail dinner, a chic buffet, or a gala dinner, Lames2Chefs will charm you with the quality of its creations and its sense of innovation. With their attention to detail and dedication, these passionate chefs strive to provide you with a unique culinary experience that meets your highest expectations.

Moulin Traiteur


Moulin Traiteur is an institution in the Lyon culinary scene, renowned for its expertise and professionalism. With its experienced team and organizational skills, this house offers a varied selection of meals for all occasions. Whether for a wedding, a christening, or a corporate event, Moulin Traiteur will support you in realizing your project, offering a tailor-made catering service, adapted to your needs and desires. With their expertise and creativity, these gastronomy artisans guarantee an exceptional culinary experience, marked by conviviality and refinement.

The importance of an eco-responsible approach in catering

More and more caterers in Lyon are adopting an eco-responsible approach, using local products and minimizing their ecological footprint, which not only enriches the culinary experience but also supports local producers.

Adaptation to different types of events

Lyon caterers are adept at adapting to various formats, whether for cocktails, seminars, or banquets, thanks to their flexibility and wide range of services.

Innovative services

Lyon caterers not only offer traditional services but also stay at the forefront of innovation. In response to evolving business needs, they develop innovative services such as meal trays tailored for business meetings or interactive buffets that turn each event into a memorable experience. Their creativity and adaptability enable them to offer unique services that meet the most demanding expectations.

Influence of regional gastronomy

Regional gastronomy has a major influence on the menus offered by Lyon caterers. Drawing on the rich local culinary heritage, they highlight signature dishes that have made the region famous. From terroir specialties to revisited traditional recipes, each menu reflects the authenticity and diversity of Lyon's gastronomy. This approach creates unique culinary experiences that delight guests and reinforce Lyon's image as a gastronomic capital.


Choosing the right caterer in Lyon can transform your event into a memorable gastronomic celebration. Thanks to their expertise, these professionals not only ensure the success of your event but also contribute to an exceptional culinary experience.


Caterer Lyon: Frequently asked questions

Which caterer in Lyon is recommended for a corporate event ?

For a successful corporate event in Lyon, C Gastronomie is the perfect choice in terms of catering. Specializing in high-end meal trays and bespoke solutions, C Gastronomie offers a refined selection of exquisite meals, crafted with expertise and passion. Whether for cocktails, receptions, or buffets, their experienced team will meet all your culinary expectations. Located in the heart of Lyon, C Gastronomie provides quality service with fast and efficient delivery throughout the Lyon area. With talented chefs and seasonal products, their cuisine combines tradition and innovation to delight your guests at your corporate events.

How much does a catering service in Lyon typically cost ?

In Lyon, finding a catering service for your corporate events can be crucial to ensuring the success of your project. Prices vary depending on different criteria, but on average, they start around 30 euros per person for basic services. Whether for meal trays delivered to your business, gourmet meals for special events, or buffets for cocktails, it is essential to find a caterer that fits your needs and budget. Catering companies in Lyon, such as those located in the Lyon 1, Lyon 2, and Lyon 3 districts, offer a wide range of services tailored to all occasions. Whether you are organizing a birthday or a corporate reception, these professional caterers are here to meet your expectations and provide you with an unforgettable culinary experience. Feel free to request quotes and compare prices to find the solution that best suits your project and budget.

Which caterers in Lyon offer personalized meal trays for specific diets ?

For personalized meal trays catering to specific diets, Maison Pignol and C Gastronomie are top choices among caterers in Lyon. Their expertise in adapting menus for special dietary requirements makes them reliable partners for corporate events. Whether for dietary restrictions related to allergies, specific diets, or particular food preferences, these caterers can create customized options to satisfy all guests. By ordering online, in-store, or directly contacting their dedicated team, you can get meal trays tailored to your needs, with unmatched quality and attention to detail. For a birthday, family event, or corporate cocktail in Lyon, Maison Pignol and C Gastronomie are top choices for personalized and delicious menus.

How can I identify an eco-responsible caterer in Lyon ?

To identify an eco-responsible caterer in Lyon, prioritize those who highlight their commitment to environmental sustainability and the use of local products. These caterers stand out for their responsible approach to cooking and their efforts to reduce their ecological footprint. By ordering online or visiting their store, you can learn about their sustainable practices, such as using seasonal products, sourcing from local artisans, and adopting environmentally friendly delivery methods. These caterers are committed to offering eco-responsible solutions for all your events, whether corporate buffets, cocktails, or family receptions. By choosing an eco-responsible caterer in Lyon, you support sustainable practices while enjoying quality cuisine, making events that reflect your values and commitment to the environment.

What are the benefits of choosing a local caterer for a wedding ?

Choosing a local caterer for your wedding offers numerous benefits. By opting for a regional caterer, you ensure fresh, seasonal products directly from the local terroir. This proximity to local suppliers guarantees unparalleled quality and freshness for your wedding menu, delighting your guests' palates. Additionally, hiring a local caterer supports the regional economy by favoring small producers and local charcuteries. You contribute to the economic dynamism of your region while offering an authentic and responsible culinary experience to your guests. By reducing the costs associated with product transportation, you also help minimize the environmental footprint of your event, fitting perfectly into an eco-responsible approach. In summary, choosing a local caterer for your wedding in Lyon, France is not only a guarantee of quality and freshness but also a way to highlight regional expertise and promote responsible consumption.

Thus, for ordering catering services in Lyon or in the Rhône region, prioritize a caterer who excels in event catering and offers a menu that feels like a restaurant or family experience. A caterer is an artisan who embodies a search for excellence through real-life training. However, be mindful of the price as the image is not always aligned with the conditions of the shop or store.

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