The application of connected congress

Imagina is the first most complete mobile congress application linked to Bluetooth beacons and usable in more than 1000 events and places in France and in Europe.

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Personalized program
Exhibitors, speakers & partners
Personalized push notifications
Forms & surveys
Interactive map
News & screen display
Badge reader
Networking & chat
Visitors segmentation

Live questions and votes

Offer live interactivity to your participants during conferences and workshops. Moderate and display your animations on screen.

Appointments & matchmaking

Automate meetings between your participants according to their offers and expectations. Configure slots, keywords, sessions, rules, tables, reminders and e-mails and measure the returns on your platform.

Registration and access control

Generate your registration forms and personalized badges. Scan and validate tickets at the entrance of your event and at each room. Get real-time tracking.

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Adopt Beacon technology

Personalized information

Our algorithm proposes to your visitors the most relevant information at the best place and the right time even without an internet connection.

Micro localized notifications

Passing near a beacon linked to their route, the visitor receives a message on his smartphone.

Exclusive content

The content is revealed when the visitor is within a specific perimeter around the Bluetooth beacon.

Advanced statistics

More than just simple statistics based on geolocation. Works both indoors and outdoors.

Available on all supports

Allow 100% access to your participants. Available on mobile (IOS & Android) and web platform (on computer, tablet and smartphone).

Integration with your technical providers

Link your tools to our solution to automate its deployment from A to Z.

Additional income

Monetize the premium locations of the application thanks to your partners and exhibitors.

Visitors loyalty

Create your community and keep contact with your participants all year.

Choose a turnkey solution

Your schedule is already too busy to start a new project? Don’t worry, Imagina takes care of everything.

Incorporated content

We incorporate 100% of the content. We link your registration platform and other tools to the application. Multilingual included.

Installed solution

We program, install our beacons and communication supports the day before the event.

Managed application

We manage the entire application. Moderation of the content, sending notifications, animation on spot.

Statistics sent

We generate your statistical report in a few days with guidelines of recommendations. In accordance with the GDPR.

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