Which city application should I choose for my town hall ?

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Nowadays, digital technologies are increasingly important in our daily lives. Municipalities are looking to follow this trend by offering online services and improving communication with all their citizens.

In this context, choosing a mobile application for one's town hall or Public Establishment for Inter-municipal Cooperation (EPCI) becomes crucial. This article presents the criteria for choosing an application and the best options available on the market.

Why Use an Application for Your Town Hall?

Improvement of Communication

A citizen mobile application is an essential tool for centralizing information, facilitating communication, and creating a link between citizens and local government.

With these tools, municipalities can share job offers, articles on local news, and information on an online page while allowing the municipal team to efficiently manage reporting.

Unlike a traditional website, these applications offer a simplified experience and allow residents to receive email notifications to stay informed.

Facilitation of Access to Services and Job Offers

A city-dedicated mobile application provides simplified access to various services offered by the municipality. With this service, residents can carry out administrative procedures, make appointments, or report issues in the community with just a few clicks directly from their smartphone.

Citizen Participation

Using an application for the city promotes the participation of residents in communal life. Through it, fellow citizens can give their opinions, report anomalies, participate in consultations, or suggest ideas to improve their living environment.

Criteria for Choosing an Application


Before choosing a mobile application, ensure it is compatible with the most common operating systems (Apple iOS and Android) to reach as many users as possible in the area.


Select a mobile application that offers the features your town hall and residents need. Some offer basic services, while others provide more advanced tools.

Easy to Use

A mobile application should be easy to use for both citizens and local government officials. Favor solutions that offer an intuitive version and training tools to facilitate ease of use.


The cost of an application depends on several factors, such as features, the number of users, and maintenance services. Compare offers to find the solution that best fits your budget.

Choosing an Application



Imagina is an innovative and efficient city application for town halls and citizens. It offers features such as access to administrative services, dissemination of information and local events, management of alerts and emergencies, and promotion of citizen participation.


The cost of an application depends on various factors, such as features, the number of users, and maintenance services. Compare offers to find the best solution for your budget.

Neighborhood Watch and Solidarity


Neighborhood Watch and Solidarity is a platform that promotes citizen protection and neighborhood cohesion. It allows the exchange of information on local incidents, offers or requests for help with various tasks, reports on the territory, and sharing content on current events.


Neighborhood Watch and Solidarity stands out for its ease of use. Indeed, both the mobile application and the website are designed to be intuitive and accessible, allowing users to navigate easily.



Citygo is a transport service that provides users with an application offering various features to facilitate their travel. The application creates a link between different modes of transport, allowing users to plan and optimize their journeys by combining multiple options according to their needs.


Citygo focuses on user-friendliness by offering an intuitive and easy-to-use support. The app adapts to the needs and schedules of users, offering a carpooling service that is regular or occasional, depending on each citizen's preferences and constraints.



PaybyPhone is an innovative service that allows users to pay for parking via a mobile application. With PaybyPhone, citizens and visitors can manage and pay for their parking time from their personal space in the application.


PaybyPhone is a modular application that adapts to the needs of town halls. It offers a wide range of services and can be customized according to the specifics of all municipalities.


The choice of an application for your town hall depends on your needs and priorities. Consider the criteria mentioned and compare different solutions to find the one that suits your city or community.

The applications Neighborhood Watch and Solidarity, Citygo, PaybyPhone, and Imagina are excellent options to consider for improving communication with your citizens and facilitating access to your services.

However, if you are looking for an innovative, flexible solution tailored to your specific needs, Imagina is the ideal choice for your town hall.


Is it possible to create a custom application for my town hall?

Yes, there are companies specialized in developing custom applications for town halls. This can be an interesting solution if you have specific needs for your city and citizens.

What is the average cost of an application for a town hall?

The cost varies depending on features, the number of users, and maintenance services. It is important to compare market offers and consider long-term costs.

How to ensure data security on a town hall application?

Choose an application that complies with security standards and ensures the protection of personal data of all residents. This includes encrypting sensitive data such as those related to the library, reports, or territorial information, and implementing strict access controls. It is also essential to educate local government officials on the importance of digital protection.

How to promote the adoption of the application by citizens?

Regularly communicate the benefits of the application, organize training for citizens, and implement promotion campaigns to encourage its daily use.

Can third-party services be integrated into a mobile application for a town hall?

Some applications allow the integration of third-party services, such as social networks, a calendar, online payment services, or booking platforms. Imagina offers ticketing and booking for community users.


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