Caterer Paris: The best caterers in Île-de-France

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Choosing the right caterer in Paris is crucial to ensure the success of any event, whether it's a lavish wedding, a corporate reception, or an intimate private party. The French capital, renowned for its culinary excellence, offers a multitude of high-end caterers capable of turning your event into a memorable experience.

Why choose a caterer in Paris ?

Opting for a caterer in Paris means choosing excellence and sophistication. Parisian caterers are known for their ability to combine creativity and tradition, offering personalized services that precisely meet the needs of each client.

Whether it's for a chic cocktail, a formal dinner, or a casual buffet, they know how to create the perfect ambiance with their unique expertise. Their expertise in meals and event service enables them to take care of all aspects of your event, ensuring your peace of mind and satisfaction.

Thanks to their passion for cuisine and commitment to quality ingredients, they can create dishes that will delight your guests and contribute to unforgettable memories.

By choosing a caterer in Paris, you are assured of receiving a high-level service tailored to your needs and requirements, ensuring that your event is a total success.

Caterer Paris: Top 5 must-haves


This iconic house, known for its refinement and elegance, has been offering catering services for generations. Dalloyau is synonymous with luxury gastronomy, offering dishes that are culinary masterpieces.

Their unparalleled expertise is evident in every dish, guaranteeing an exceptional culinary experience for any event, whether it's a lavish wedding, a corporate gala, or a private reception. Their reliable delivery service ensures the freshness and quality of meals, wherever you are in Paris.

Potel et Chabot

Specializing in grand events, Potel et Chabot is the preferred choice for high-end receptions. Their attention to detail and ability to create custom experiences are unmatched. Whether it's for a prestigious corporate event or an exclusive private party at home, Potel et Chabot guarantees impeccable catering service, from menu design to dish presentation. Their dedicated team ensures that every aspect of your event is perfectly orchestrated.

Kaspia Réceptions

Renowned for their innovative approach, Kaspia excels in creating receptions that combine aesthetics and exquisite flavors. Their meal trays are perfect for elegant corporate events or luxurious private soirées. With a creative and passionate team, Kaspia Réceptions offers personalized menus that captivate guests and make every event unforgettable. Their delivery service ensures impeccable dish presentation, even in the most demanding venues.


A leader in French culinary art, Lenôtre offers refined gastronomy and is famous for its culinary innovations that delight every palate. Their expertise, passed down through generations, is reflected in every culinary creation, ensuring an unforgettable taste experience for your events in Paris. Whether it's for an elegant business lunch or a refined cocktail, Lenôtre offers a selection of exquisite dishes tailored to any occasion.

Saint Clair

Saint Clair shines with culinary ingenuity and a commitment to excellence. Their dedicated team ensures a selection of exquisite dishes for tailored events in Paris. Whether it's for a business lunch, a family gathering, or a soirée with friends, Saint Clair offers an exceptional culinary experience, with special attention to every detail. Their passion for French cuisine and boundless creativity make Saint Clair an essential choice for any event in Paris.

Specific services offered by parisian caterers

Parisian caterers do not just provide food; they create experiences. They offer a complete range of services, from event planning to decoration, and even on-site coordination.

Whether it's for a wedding, a seminar, or a birthday, they work closely with you to ensure that every aspect of your event is perfect. Their experienced team takes care of all logistical details, ensuring flawless execution of your vision.

In addition to exquisite meals, caterers can also provide equipment rental services, venue suggestions, and even event planning advice to ensure the success of your party.

Customizing recipes that combine modernity and trust (Italian cuisine, Asian cuisine, among others) should be arranged with the head chef. To do this, visit the catering house to discuss your events (food truck, business seminars, corporate buffets, cocktails, team building, receptions with friends, seasonal meal trays), the location, and personal needs. Afterwards, you can establish a quote based on your needs.

Innovation and creativity among parisian caterers

Innovation is at the heart of Parisian gastronomy. Parisian caterers are always at the forefront of culinary trends, incorporating elements of international cuisines and offering personalized menus that reflect themes and seasons.

They use modern techniques and visually stunning presentations to capture the essence of your event. Whether it's by offering interactive buffets, live cooking stations, or thematic dishes, they aim to surprise and delight your guests with an unforgettable culinary experience.

Their creativity also extends to dish presentation, with innovative options that add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your event. Thanks to their modern approach and attention to detail, Parisian caterers ensure that each meal is a unique sensory experience that will impress your guests.


Choosing the right caterer in Paris is essential to ensure the success of your event. The options are plentiful, but by selecting one of the top caterers on this list, you are guaranteed a culinary experience that will meet your expectations and those of your guests.


Which caterer do you recommend for a wedding in Paris ?

Dalloyau comes highly recommended for weddings in Paris due to its recognized expertise in creating truly magical moments for couples.

Their exceptional French cuisine and ability to customize every detail make Dalloyau an ideal choice for making your special day even more memorable.

Their dedicated team and experience in event management guarantee impeccable service, leaving brides and their guests with lasting memories of happiness and culinary delight.

How much does catering service cost on average in Paris ?

Prices for catering services in Paris vary depending on the type of event and options chosen, but on average, you can expect costs starting from 70 euros per person for high-quality cuisine.

Whether it's for a business breakfast, a gala dinner, or an elegant cocktail, Parisian caterers offer a diverse selection of menus and culinary creations suitable for any occasion.

Prices may also vary depending on the size of the event, the complexity of the menu, and additional services requested, so it is recommended to request a detailed quote to obtain an accurate estimate.

Which caterers in Paris offer menu options with meal trays tailored to specific diets ?

Lenôtre and Kaspia Réceptions are two caterers in Paris renowned for their ability to offer diverse menus with meal trays tailored to specific diets.

Their vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options ensure that all guests can fully enjoy the culinary experience, regardless of their dietary preferences. Their commitment to quality ingredients and culinary expertise allows them to create delicious and balanced dishes, meeting the needs and requirements of all guests.

How to assess the quality of a catering service before making a choice ?

When assessing the quality of a catering service in Paris, it is essential to consider several factors.

Firstly, previous customer reviews can provide valuable insights into the food quality, professionalism of the team, and overall customer satisfaction.

Next, requesting menu samples or arranging a tasting can allow you to assess the creativity, flavor, and presentation of the dishes provided. It is also important to consider the reputation and experience of the caterer, as well as their ability to adapt to your specific needs and provide personalized service.

Finally, check whether the caterer uses fresh and quality products, and if their team consists of qualified and experienced chefs, ensuring an exceptional culinary experience for you and your guests.

How important is the choice of reception venue when choosing a caterer in Paris ?

The choice of reception venue is also crucial when selecting a caterer in Paris.

Opting for a caterer close to the reception venue can facilitate logistical coordination of the event, reduce transportation costs, and ensure the freshness of the delivered dishes.

Moreover, some Parisian caterers have privileged partnerships with prestigious reception venues, which can simplify the organization of your event and guarantee a harmonious and memorable experience for you and your guests.

Therefore, make sure to choose a caterer who can adapt to the venue of your choice and work efficiently with the on-site team to ensure the success of your event.

Whether at your personal residence, in a market square with a food truck, or elsewhere, the layout of the seminar, cocktails will influence the price, the selection of seasonal products, and the method of payment.

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