Top 10 events agencies in Rennes

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Rennes, the vibrant heart of France, is a prime location for innovative ideas and creativity to thrive.

But where should one turn when the goal is to orchestrate an exceptional corporate event or birthday celebration in this bustling metropolis?

Here is our carefully curated list of the top ten leading event agencies in Rennes.

These associations have demonstrated dynamic animations and remarkable expertise in seminar organization.

The objective of event agencies in the Grand Ouest ?

These teams of employees have the expertise to meet your specific needs, in line with the image you want to convey and the value you attribute to your event.

They offer a range of tailored products, from intimate seminars to grand evenings, all while emphasizing personalized standards. Their essential role is to work closely with you, understand your desires, and provide their expertise in the matter.

Thus, they are able to create a unique animation that will leave a lasting impression on all participants. By expertly managing social networks, these agencies also generate traffic and increased visibility for your events.

Each time, team spirit and collaboration are at the heart of their missions, making these agencies a boon for your events in Brittany.

Why Rennes ?

Why opt for an association in Rennes, Ille-et-Vilaine, a renowned event agency for turnkey event organization?

Rennes, a modern and innovative city, is a popular choice for many businesses. Its perfect blend of lively atmosphere and rich cultural heritage creates an ideal environment for various types of events.

A dedicated team, composed of qualified collaborators, offers a range of services to meet the specific needs of our clients, including seminars, trade shows, and corporate events.

We work closely with a team of trusted providers to ensure smooth and effective communication throughout the project.

This is what makes us a reference in the field of event planning, with a passion for animation and a commitment to our teams and clients.

Top 10: Event Agencies in Rennes


Located in Rennes, RivaCom is an event agency that has earned the trust of businesses. It offers customized animations and seminars, along with a team of expert communicators. Its founder, Jean Marie Duhamel, aims to ensure a smooth transition to organizing each event.

Cygne Rouge

Cygne Rouge, an agency in Rennes, is known for its tailor-made events. They have a set of ready-to-deploy animations for clients. Their turnkey communication services greatly facilitate corporate event organization.


Essentiel is a Rennes-based agency specializing in corporate events. Their personalized approach focuses on the needs of each business, with a strong emphasis on animations and team building. Their event agency ensures impeccable communication at every event.

La (Nouvelle) Parenthèse

La (Nouvelle) Parenthèse is an agency in Rennes that focuses on implementing tailor-made team-building activities for businesses. Their event agency is renowned for the high-quality communication they provide for each event. Their offering includes a wide variety of animations.

Lodge Attitude

Lodge Attitude is an agency in Rennes that makes every corporate event a success with their experience in team building. Custom animations and event organization are their specialties, always with a high level of communication. Their clients praise their work.

L'agence MTC

L'agence MTC, based in Rennes, is a leading event agency. It offers communication services tailored to the needs of each business and organizes quality team building events. Each event is custom-designed, with a selection of animations for a successful event.

La Belle Éthique

This agency, located in Rennes, is an event agency with a unique approach. Their excellent communication services offer tailored corporate services for each event. With a variety of animations and team-building activities, they ensure the success of every event.


SAGA is an agency based in Rennes, renowned for its outstanding communication services. They regularly organize team-building activities that leave a lasting impression. The quality of their communication ensures that each event has the greatest possible impact.

AMS Événements

AMS Événements is an agency with a strong presence in Rennes. They excel in communication, offering services that ensure each event is memorable. Their dedicated communication team has the ability to turn every occasion into an unforgettable experience.


STRELITZIA is an agency that has established its name in the events industry in Rennes. Their expertise in communication is unmatched, allowing them to plan and execute every event perfectly. Their commitment to quality communication has ensured their position as one of the most sought-after agencies in the region.


Rennes is truly a city teeming with competent event agencies, each with unique strengths and specialties that stand out in the event landscape.

Whether you're looking to organize a large-scale corporate event, a small team-building meeting, or a festive celebration, there is certainly an agency in our top 10 that can perfectly meet your needs.

So, feel free to explore these options and discover how they can help you bring your dream event to life in Rennes.

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Pauline Ramier

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