Top 10 events agencies in Nantes

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Through this text, we intend to unveil the top 10 specialized event service companies in Nantes.

Our teams have tapped into their creativity and expertise for the creation of this selection, based on listening to people's needs and the quality of their achievements.

Whether it's for an evening, a birthday, or a team-building activity, these agencies offer tailored choices and high-level support.

Get ready to brainstorm ideas for your next event in Nantes!

What is an event service company ?

An event service company is a team of professionals dedicated to creating, organizing, and hosting events of all kinds.

For example, they can assist you in inaugurating your new products, hosting a private party, or conducting team-building exercises. With their experience and all-in-one services, they travel across France and around the world to ensure the success of your events from start to finish.

The events they've executed are diverse, reflecting the variety of projects they handle. The main idea is to breathe life into your events uniquely, leaving a lasting impression and inspiring confidence. Their animations range from corporate events to festive evenings.

Their ultimate goal is client satisfaction, achieved through the flawless execution of their events, thereby strengthening event and communication within the organization.

Why choose Nantes ?

Nantes, located in Loire Atlantique, is a dynamic and culturally rich metropolis in France. It provides an ideal setting for organizing diverse events.

Its experience in event creation and the quality of its executions are undeniable. The launch of any product here often results in a remarkable event. Furthermore, Nantes stands out for its abundance of high-level event agencies.

These agencies are renowned for their expertise in communication consulting and the implementation of tailor-made projects. During each event, they mobilize a dedicated team to ensure an exceptional experience for all participants.

Moreover, conducting seminars and other corporate events is a local specialty. Trusting Nantes for your event ensures working with a competent agency capable of providing customized solutions tailored to your expectations.

Top 10: Event agencies in Nantes

Zen Organisation

This Nantes-based agency in France is known for its innovative event creations.

It provides communication and event organization services for companies and individuals, including seminars, product launches, and private parties.


Located in Nantes, this French agency specializes in event communication.

It is known for creating unique events that enhance its clients' brand identity.

Its team works closely with clients to understand their goals and design events that exceed their expectations.

Gens d'Événement

Based in Nantes, this event agency offers communication services that leave a lasting impression.

In addition to corporate events, it organizes cultural and sports events in France.

Make Me Smile

As a specialist in event communication in Nantes, Make Me Smile designs and organizes corporate events in France from conception to execution.

This includes congresses, conferences, workshops, and networking events.

Sharewood Anim'

This Nantes-based event agency emphasizes innovative communication to design memorable events.

The agency also specializes in selecting unique venues across France to host customized events.


Based in Nantes, this agency is an expert in communication and event management. Bibuloba offers a wide range of services, from corporate event management to organizing concerts and festivals in France.

Agence Helper

Located in Nantes, France, this agency offers integrated event communication solutions.

In addition to organizing corporate events, Agence Helper provides graphic design, video production, and digital marketing services to increase event visibility.

Boule de Com

This Nantes-based agency specializes in event management and strategic communication in France.

It works with a wide variety of clients to plan and execute events that reflect their values and achieve their goals.


Situated in Nantes, this agency offers a comprehensive approach to event communication.

From conception to execution, Fruizz organizes events in France for clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations.

Agence 106

This Nantes-based agency is dedicated to organizing quality events in France.

Through communication, it creates memorable experiences for its clients and their guests, focusing on creating events that foster engagement and interaction.

Each agency in Nantes has its own strengths and specialties, but they all share a common commitment to communication and organizing exceptional events in France. Whether it's a corporate seminar, a conference, or a festive event, these agencies are ready to meet all your event needs.

How to choose the right agency for a corporate event ?

Determining the appropriate agency depends on various factors such as your goals, budget, and the nature of the event.

It is crucial to compare proposals and consult client testimonials.


Nantes, located in Loire Atlantique, is a metropolis brimming with opportunities for hosting memorable events.

Nantes offers an exceptional setting for any event, making it an essential choice for selecting a city to host your next major event.

With this top 10 list of event agencies specializing in event organization in Nantes, you are assured of selecting the agency that meets your expectations.

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