The impact of online ticketing on the event industry

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Are you aware of the extent to which online ticketing has revolutionized the event industry?

This transformation is not only about selling tickets for concerts and other events. It goes far beyond that. It is a profound change in the way attendees interact with events, how each ticket, seat or ticket is sold and distributed, and how companies manage these processes.

Online ticketing is not just a software or ticketing platform. It is a complete solution that facilitates the management of events, enhancing the attendee experience and providing efficient tools for ticket sales, payment and distribution. This solution offers greater accessibility to events, making tickets available to a much wider audience.

Why is everyone talking about it? Because creating an online ticketing service is a game changer. It allows organizers to sell tickets 24/7, anywhere in the world, while offering a variety of ancillary products related to the event.

So, let's dive into this universe and discover together how it has changed the event industry and why it has become a must-have for any event organizer.

What is online event ticketing?

As the name suggests, it is a system that allows customers to purchase tickets with secure payment for various events directly on the internet.

It is a software platform that offers users the possibility to book and buy tickets for a variety of events, be it a theater performance, a movie at the cinema, a music concert or any other type of performance.

Think about it for a moment. You're sitting at home, surfing the web, and with a few clicks, you can book your tickets for the latest hot show or a show by your favorite artist that you've been waiting for to go on sale.

Software makes this possible, and much more. In addition to purchasing tickets, these programs often control access to events. They issue electronic tickets that you can present on your smartphone at the entrance, making the traditional paper ticket obsolete.

So yes, chances are you have already used such a service, right? It's an increasingly common practice that has transformed the way we access shows and events.

Why is online ticketing important?

It matters because it offers ease of access, convenience and efficiency that far surpasses traditional methods. Imagine the ease with which participants can register for a workshop or purchase a ticket or seat to a show via a platform.

No need to travel or wait for long hours; everything is done in a few clicks from the comfort of their home or office. And that's not all. A software is not limited to selling tickets. It's a complete solution that gives event organizers total control over their event.

They can manage every registration, track ticket sales, collect attendee information, customize the user experience and more. And the best part? This kind of software can accommodate any size of event, from local to large international festivals.

Plus, with the online platform, participants have all the information they need at their fingertips. Just go to the event's website to find all the necessary information: date, time, location, ticket prices, etc.

Thus, online ticketing is not only a convenient way to buy tickets. It is a solution that is revolutionizing the event industry, improving the attendee experience and making event management more efficient for organizers. It is this impact that we will discuss now.

How has online ticketing transformed the event industry?

Increased accessibility

Ease of use

Who wouldn't like to buy a seat from their couch, without having to wait in line for hours?

Indeed, the ease of use is one of the great assets of the platform for the participants of various events. The software has turned the process of buying tickets into a simple and hassle-free task. Each platform has intuitive interfaces that make it easy for users to navigate. Registrants can easily browse available activities, select the number of tickets they want, and even choose their seats for certain events.

Payment is also just a few clicks away, all from the comfort of their home. But the ease of use is not limited to purchasing tickets. For event management teams, this software is an all-in-one solution that greatly simplifies project management.

With each tool, they can have complete control over attendee registration, track ticket sales, manage customer service, and even monitor social media interactions. Event registration is also made easier with these solutions.

Gone are the days of having to manually check each ticket or seat at the door.

E-tickets can be scanned quickly, ensuring a smooth check-in and excellent attendee experience. The software also offers website creation and management tools, allowing event organizers to customize their website, add event details, and communicate with attendees in an efficient manner.

Global accessibility

In addition, with the platform, you can book an event ticket from thousands of miles away, no matter where you are in the world. You can be sitting at your desk in Paris and buy tickets to a music festival in New York, or you can be on vacation in Australia and register for a workshop in London. Imagine that!

This global accessibility is possible thanks to the Internet and software. They make activities accessible to a much wider audience, opening up new opportunities for event organizers and enhancing the experience of participants.

At the end of the day, who wouldn't want this convenience and accessibility?

Cost savings

Lower operating costs

With online ticketing, companies can realize significant savings on operating costs. For example, printing and ticket distribution costs can be reduced or eliminated altogether. With e-ticketing, there is no need to print or mail tickets. Participants simply receive their electronic ticket by e-mail, which they can then present at the entrance of the show or festival. Not bad, right?

Plus, setting up a platform is often more affordable than you think. Many solutions offer competitive pricing, and some even offer free demo versions so you can test their tools before committing.

Reduced labor costs

In addition to reducing operating costs, online ticketing can also help reduce labor costs. Traditionally, ticket sales required a dedicated team to manage sales, answer customer questions, and control entry on the day of the event. With the platform, these tasks can be largely automated, which means you need less staff.

For example, the ticketing platform can automatically update the number of available seats, calculate the total sale price for each transaction, and even send purchase confirmations to customers. Customer service can also be facilitated through online chat systems and detailed FAQs.

In addition, training for organization teams is usually simpler and faster, as the software interface is often intuitive and easy to use. In short, online ticketing can bring significant savings to event organizers, both in terms of operating costs and labor.

Can you see where this is going? To a more efficient and profitable organization of your events!

Improved data management

Data analysis

With the platform, event organizers can collect and analyze valuable data about their customers. When a customer buys a ticket, they provide information such as their email address, age, location, and sometimes even their show or festival preferences. This data can be extremely useful for improving marketing and event planning efforts. It's impressive, isn't it?

In addition, ticketing platforms often offer built-in analytics tools that can track ticket sales in real time, analyze buying patterns, and measure the effectiveness of promotional campaigns.

For example, you can see which types of events are selling the fastest, when customers are most likely to purchase tickets, and which promotional methods are generating the most sales.

These intelligence analysis features can help organizers make more informed decisions about show scheduling, ticket prices, and marketing strategies.

In short, ticketing is a powerful tool for improving the efficiency and profitability of your events.

Marketing personalization

Data analysis is not limited to improving event planning. With the data collected, companies can personalize their offerings and better meet their customers' needs.

For example, if you know a customer has been to several rock concerts in the past, you can send targeted emails when a new rock concert is announced. Or if you notice that a customer often books tickets for evening events, you can offer them special discounts for nighttime activities.

Additionally, ticketing platforms can offer personalization features on the site, allowing customers to see events that match their interests as soon as they visit the site.

Marketing personalization is a win-win: it improves the customer experience and increases the likelihood that they will return for more events.

You see the potential impact of online ticketing now, right

The challenges of online ticketing

Security and privacy

However, despite all these benefits, ticketing is not without its challenges. For example, security and privacy are major concerns for customers and businesses. Indeed, when customers purchase tickets online, they have to provide personal information and payment details, which could potentially be exposed if the website is not secure enough.

Fortunately, most online ticketing platforms take these concerns very seriously. They use state-of-the-art technologies to protect customer data, such as SSL encryption, fraud protection, and security firewalls. In addition, they strictly adhere to data protection laws and regulations, such as the RGPD in Europe.

It is always recommended for event organizers to choose a ticketing platform that has a solid reputation for security and privacy. After all, customer trust is essential for success in the competitive event market.

Dependence on technology

In addition, online ticketing is entirely dependent on technology. This means that if the ticketing website is down or if customers experience technical problems when booking, it can cause problems. This is a legitimate concern, as even the best websites can run into technical problems from time to time.

However, most online ticketing platforms have dedicated technical support teams to quickly resolve these issues and minimize disruptions. In addition, they often offer setup guides and tutorials to help customers navigate the site and use its features.

Ultimately, while reliance on technology can be a challenge, it is also an opportunity. Technology is constantly improving online ticketing services, introducing new features and making the booking process easier and more convenient for customers.

And who doesn't have technical problems from time to time, right?


Ultimately, online ticketing has had a significant impact on the events industry, whether it's for shows, concerts, festivals, or any other type of event. By providing a convenient platform for purchasing tickets, offering powerful sales optimisation tools, and meeting the public's growing demand for easy and quick booking, ticketing has truly revolutionised the market.

Of course, there are challenges, such as dependence on technology and the need to ensure data security and privacy. However, these challenges are largely surmountable with the right practices and the right ticketing platforms. Moreover, online help and technical support are usually available to quickly resolve any issues.

And let's not forget the local aspect. For an event on the French market, choosing a "made in France" ticketing solution can offer additional benefits, such as assistance in the local language and compliance with local regulations.

In short, the benefits of ticketing far outweigh the challenges. It's a real revolution for the events industry. Don't you agree?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of online ticketing for customers?

Ticketing offers increased convenience and accessibility, allowing customers to buy tickets at any time and from anywhere.

Is online ticketing safe?

Yes, most ticketing platforms use advanced security measures to protect customers' information.

How does online ticketing help businesses save money?

It reduces the costs of printing and distributing tickets, as well as labour costs associated with ticket sales.


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