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Sell your tickets

Sell your tickets on the online platform simply and quickly.

Send your invitations by email according to the participating targets.

Send badges in PDF format directly to the mailbox of your participants from the platform.

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Customize your ticketing

Generate easily and quickly your personalized access badges for your event.

Create your physical paper tickets or dematerialized digital tickets associated with a QR code or a barcode.

Customize your tickets with your color codes, partners, practical information and corporate identity using the dedicated configurator.

Create and modify your forms in a few minutes and collect data from your registrants.

Organizer's dashboard

Follow your sales and registrations live.

Retrieve your participants' data both on site and remotely.

Find directly on your dashboard, the information selected by your visitors.
Namely: the meals, packages, conferences and workshops selected.

Analyze your collected data and improve the management of your events.

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1 million+ users and 1000+ international customers

The advantages of our solution


Adaptable to all
your web media


Support from
A to Z

You own
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App & Platform


A clear and transparent commission
No nasty surprises

I personalize my ticketing

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I create my different tickets

Create your tickets according to the profile of your participants.
Associate your rates, days and ticket categories.


I build my forms

Create your forms with open or closed questions.

Choose your free fields, check boxes, single or multiple answers, mandatory or optional.


I personalize my ticketing system

Customize your e-tickets to make them unique.

Configure the colors and the graphic charter to suit your image.


I sell my tickets

Communicate the link of your ticketing service to your visitors or integrate it into your website.

Receive your payments online.


I consult my sales in real time

Consult your ticketing statistics from your dashboard.

Search and filter your participants.

Export your listings at any time.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to organize a multi-date event?

Of course it is! A trade show, a congress, conferences or any other multi-date event? The Imagina application allows you to easily configure the ticketing system to integrate different dates to your event. Another possibility is to use the web platform or the mobile application. Our tool is available in multi-support (iframe, smartphone, physical, etc.) to ensure sales everywhere in France and internationally.

Is payment secure?

Yes, we place great emphasis on the security of bank details. For this, we use several systems that allow the security and simplification of your payments. In no case does Imagina store or have access to bank details.

How much does the online ticketing service cost?

The price depends partly on the number of tickets sold. Depending on the price and the number of tickets, different rates may apply. In addition, the service for setting up is included by default. For more information, please contact our team for a free ticketing demonstration, pricing presentation and personal advice.

Why online ticketing? Is it useful?

Yes, a ticketing software is essential to increase the distribution and automated sale of your tickets. Indeed, one of the advantages is the possibility to offer your tickets on a maximum of media (iframe on your event website, smartphone & mobile ...). This allows you to integrate your tickets in your communication plan and to propose a direct reservation to your visitors, partners, etc. while receiving their payment quickly.

Is it possible to organize a multi-date event?

Yes! An exhibition, a congress, conferences or any other multi-date event? The Imagina app allows you to easily set up your online ticket sales for various dates for your event. With the ticketing system, you can sell tickets, manage event ticketing, and customise your event page for free events or paid events. Selling tickets online has never been easier, and the user-friendly interface makes it simple to sell tickets and manage your online ticket sales for multiple dates.

Is online ticket sales only dedicated to event organizers?

No, Our service is also available for public organisations, with a cost-effective pricing tailored accordingly. We have reputable clients across various sectors for all types of tickets. With complete control over customer information and event management, you can sell general admission or specific tickets, manage cash flow, and offer flat fee options. Confirmation emails are sent to ticket buyers, ensuring a smooth experience for all your events.

Can we find feedback on Imagina's experience?

Yes, you will find testimonials from event organizers who have used our event ticket platform for ticket buyers all over Europe on our website and Google page. The all-in-one event management, entry control, and integration on all devices have been particularly appreciated among our range of event ticketing system modules. Event organizers benefit from our transparent event ticketing software fees and can easily set up a free account to manage future events.

How to set up your event ticketing with Imagina?

After creating your ticketing, free or paid, you can distribute it through various tools. Imagina offers a comprehensive gallery of additional features, such as creating an online site with a dedicated domain where you can integrate ticket sales via an iframe. In addition, the mobile app is available on all smartphones, offering ticket reservations on any device. The event ticketing system allows you to sell tickets and manage event ticketing easily on the ticketing platform. Create your event page and start selling tickets online to boost your event ticket sales.

Does Imagina offer ticket access control for events??

Yes, take advantage of ticket access control and seat management during your event. With Imagina, you can manage all ticket types, accept payment, and ensure the perfect event experience. Enhance your event ads and information with assigned seating options and promo codes, making it easy for attendees to navigate your box office and purchase tickets for your events..

Wilout vs Weezevent, Billetweb vs Eventbrite, what are the differences??

We recommend visiting the websites of Wilout, Billetweb, Eventbrite, and Weezevent to find out. Each of these ticketing platforms offers unique features for online event ticketing, online sales, and physical box office management. Compare the options for in-person events, reserved seating, dynamic pricing, zero fees, and early access before the event ends. Choose the platform that best meets your needs for managing your box office and events.

Why is Imagina's online ticketing called the number one 'all-in-one' solution?

Imagina offers a range of features that allow you to manage your physical and online events quickly and easily for all types of events (virtual, physical, hybrid) like Eventbrite Organiser App. With our multi-event module, you can control access badges and manage multiple events simultaneously. Imagina is a comprehensive event ticketing software solution that meets all your management needs: from selling tickets for your events (conferences, exhibitions, festivals, seminars, shows, etc.) to analysing statistical data about your attendees. Increase your online event ticketing and in-person attendance by offering promo codes and special offers before the event ends, ensuring more tickets are sold.

Do other players also sell tickets?

Yes, there are several options to sell tickets for event tickets such as Weezevent, Wilout, Billetweb, Yurplan, and of course, Imagina. These event ticketing software providers cater to event organizers and offer various features to manage future events. Each ticketing platform has its pricing structure and ticketing fees, so make sure to compare them before choosing the best option to sell tickets online.

Can we track the progress of our sales during our events?

Yes, you can monitor the real-time evolution of your balance through your dynamic dashboard, which includes ticketing features for hybrid events and recurring events. You can also easily export the list of attendees for your event. Stay up to date on ticket prices, the number of tickets sold, and manage all the tools necessary for selling both free and paid tickets.

Can we customise our online ticketing solution for our events as an organiser?

Yes, you can personalise your event ticketing platform according to your needs and offer tickets for free or paid events. We integrate it via an iframe into your website, regardless of your domain name. With event management tools, multiple ticket types, and ticket revenue management, event professionals can ensure a successful event. Monitor booking fees, paid ticket sales, the number of tickets sold, and ticket prices to optimise your event's performance.

Can my attendees access their event tickets for free?

Yes, Imagina also offers ticket sales for free events (free registration, events with free admission). A ticket sold to one of your attendees during an event can, therefore, be obtained for free. Manage the ticket price, ticketing fees, and the number of tickets sold with our event ticketing software, both for free and paid tickets. Offer various options to attendees, such as in-person events or online options before the event ends.

Does Imagina integrate iframe pages for ticket sales?

Yes, we offer this iframe event page integration service in our range of tools, regardless of your domain name. Our ticketing platform allows event organisers to manage ticket prices, online events, and ticket buyers' experiences. Whether it's a free or paid ticket, we help you streamline the ticketing process and control the main ticketing fee, making it easier to sell tickets online and manage your events.

Does Imagina integrate iframe pages for ticket sales? What is an iframe?

Yes, we offer this iframe event page integration service in our range of tools, regardless of your domain name. An iframe (Inline Frame) is an HTML element that allows you to include one event page within another. This feature enables organizers to manage various ticket types, both in-person and online event ticketing, using our event ticketing software. Set ticket prices for each free or paid ticket, and simplify the process of selling tickets online.

Does Imagina offer seat reservations through a floor plan of a building?

Yes, Imagina offers an event ticketing system with an interactive floor plan for seat booking, making it easy to sell tickets online and manage events online. The ticketing platform is GDPR compliant, ensuring user data privacy and security.

Does online ticketing comply with GDPR?

How can I ensure that my online ticketing system meets the needs of my attendees? With Imagina's training, we offer a personalized event ticketing system to meet the demands of your attendees and audience. The solution ensures a user-friendly experience, efficient capacity and performance, effective ticket inventory management, clear communication, diverse payment options, and targeted marketing strategies. By focusing on these aspects, your ticketing tool will be the solution for your events as an organizer and for your attendees.

How can I ensure the authenticity of tickets purchased online?

To guarantee the authenticity of tickets, the personalized online ticketing system by Imagina offers one of the best online ticket sales solutions. Always ensure that your participants purchase from reliable and official websites, such as the online ticketing platform of the event or venue with consistent pricing. Electronic tickets, have unique QR codes with a size that allows verifying their validity upon entry to the event. This QR code will then be scanned at the entrance and/or exit of the event using our access control feature.

How to ensure the authenticity of tickets purchased online?

To guarantee the authenticity of tickets, Imagina's personalized online ticketing offers one of the best online ticket sales solutions. Always make sure that your attendees buy from reliable and official websites, such as the event or venue's online ticketing with consistent rates. Electronic tickets, also known as e-tickets, feature unique QR codes with a size that allows verifying their validity upon entering the event. This QR code will then be scanned at the entrance and/or exit of the event thanks to our access control feature.

Does Imagina offer online tickets with numbered seating?

Yes! With Imagina's help in creating your online ticketing system, you can choose the complete design of your online or physical tickets, and whether or not to add numbered seating. Numbered seating depends on the event type, the number of seats available, and the venue. It means that each ticket is assigned to a specific seat, allowing participants to know their exact location in advance.

The numbered seating information will be indicated on the ticket, and buyers can choose their seats when purchasing tickets. However, some events and venues offer free seating, which means that there are no assigned seats, and participants can choose their seats upon arrival. It is important to check the information on the online ticketing system to determine if the seating is numbered or free before purchasing tickets online.

What does Imagina propose to facilitate the communication with the participants?

Imagina offers various tools and features to facilitate communication with attendees before, during, and after the event, ensuring its success. Some available features include:

  1. Integrated messaging: A form system within the app that allows organizers to communicate directly with attendees, sharing event-related information, answering questions, and managing registration or ticketing issues.

  2. ions: The event ticketing platform also sends regular emails for purchase confirmations, electronic tickets or PDF badges. Organizers can customize them with specific event information, instructions, or promotional offers available on the website. Reminders and updates can be sent before and after the event.

  3. Social media: Attendees can share the online ticketing on social media, encouraging others to learn about the event and buy tickets online. Organizers can also use social media to directly communicate with attendees, answer questions, and share on-site event moments.

  4. Incorporating the requested words: Imagina provides an event ticketing platform with integrated messaging and notifications, enabling seamless communication for events with multiple ticket types, including paid tickets. The platform allows attendees to share event tickets on social media, promoting ticket sales and the event ticketing software.

Does Imagina offer technical support?

At Imagina, we value the level of technical support, customer service, and personalized assistance for managing your ticketing. It is essential that your online ticketing matches and reflects your event, so it's important to choose a platform that offers solid ticketing support to guarantee a smooth experience and training for managing your event. The goal? To make it a success!

Here are some aspects of the technical support and customer service we can offer you:

  1. Email assistance: In case of problems, you can contact us by email as the online ticketing provides support through emails where you, the event organizers, can ask questions or report issues (e.g., registration-related problems). We make sure to respond as quickly as possible within a reasonable time frame, usually within 24 hours.

  2. Live chat: You also have the option to interact with our live chat available on our website or app, allowing you to quickly contact support for real-time help you need in managing your ticketing.

  3. Online help center: We also provide an online help center with articles, guides, and FAQs to help organizers solve the most common issues (management, setup, etc.).

  4. Appointment scheduling: We offer online appointments so we can help resolve any issues with managing your ticketing solution platform.

  5. Incorporating the requested words: Imagina offers technical support and customer service to help event organizers sell tickets online, manage their event ticketing, and create a successful event page. Our event ticketing software and system ensure a smooth experience for ticket buyers, with resources such as email assistance, live chat, and an online help center available for support.

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