The best online ticketing software in 2023

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In an increasingly digitised world, the importance of an efficient and easy-to-use online ticketing solution cannot be underestimated. Event organisers, be it for sports events, shows, circuses, concerts, or even small cinemas, are finding it increasingly necessary to have an online ticket management system to enhance the experience of their audiences. In addition, a worthy online ticketing software can also serve as a virtual ticket office, thus facilitating ticket sales on-site during the event. It can integrate a checkout function to handle financial transactions securely and efficiently.

A good ticketing software can make all the difference in the success of your project. It's not just about selling tickets online. It's also about ensuring that the process, from the first time a customer visits your website until they receive their e-ticket, is as smooth as possible.

Ease of use is also key. Event organisers need a platform that is not only intuitive for them, but also for the attendees. A complex ticketing software can discourage people from buying tickets, while an easy and straightforward online experience can encourage more sales and improve attendee satisfaction.

Thus, choosing an online ticketing software should not be taken lightly. It is essential to choose a solution that suits your needs and is reliable.

Why an online ticketing software?

Imagine this situation: you are heading a business and you are organising a large-scale event, a game-changing attraction. You want everything to go smoothly. However, ticket management turns out to be a complex and time-consuming task. This is where the online ticketing solution comes into play.

These tools are not just a valuable aid, they are indispensable for any business that regularly organises events. They allow for efficient ticket management, transforming a process that could otherwise be laborious into a simplified task. Thanks to ticketing software, ticket sales become an enjoyable and stress-free experience. Moreover, the installation of these software programs is usually straightforward and does not require in-depth technical skills.

Furthermore, these software solutions provide easy access to tickets for your customers, whether they are on-site or remote. They can purchase their tickets at any time and anywhere, directly from their favourite social networks or your website. No more need to queue or worry about losing a precious spot because of a lost physical ticket.

In the end, adopting an online ticketing software is an investment that saves time and effort while offering an excellent user experience. It's a solution that allows businesses to focus on what really matters: creating memorable events.

How to Choose the Best Online Ticketing Software

But how do you choose the right online ticketing software? What are the criteria to consider?

Understanding the Different Types of Online Ticketing Software

There is a diversity of ticketing solutions on the internet, each with its specificities, strengths and weaknesses.

Indeed, online ticketing software varies according to several criteria. Some specialise in managing large events, such as music festivals or trade fairs, which attract a large number of participants. Others are more suited to smaller events, like conferences or workshops, which require more personalised and detailed management. These software can differ depending on the features they offer. Some online ticketing solutions offer a complete range of features, from ticket sales to participant data management, through to seat organisation and event promotion. Others, however, are simpler and focus only on ticket sales.

In addition, there are ticketing software specifically designed for certain types of attractions, such as museums, theatres or cinemas. These software often offer features specific to these industries, such as management of visit schedules or sales of items related to the event.

Finally, the choice of an online ticketing software can also depend on the type of project you have. If you are organising a one-off event, you might need a different solution than that necessary for managing several recurring events.

Features to Consider

The first thing to consider is the list of features offered by the ticketing software. This is an essential element to analyse according to your requirements and the activity you are running. For this, several aspects need to be considered. The software must be capable of handling a large volume of sales, depending on the size of your events. Thus, if you plan on organising large-scale events, ensure that the software can support high demand and a significant flow of transactions.

Flexible payment options are also a crucial criterion. The software must be able to offer a variety of payment methods to facilitate purchase for customers. Moreover, it must guarantee the security of transactions to reassure users during their purchases. The user interface of the ticketing software must be intuitive and easy to use. This applies both to the interface intended for the event organiser and the one intended for customers. A simple-to-use software will reduce the time needed for training and increase productivity.

Finally, good customer service and effective support are major assets. In case of a problem or question, it is important to have access to responsive and competent support to help you. Some software also offers training to help you master their features, which can be very useful for optimising the use of the software.

Reliability and Security

Reliability and security are must-have criteria when choosing online ticketing software. As event organizers, you certainly don't want to be faced with a breakdown of your tool right in the middle of a ticket sale. Such a situation could not only damage your image, but also disappoint your users and potentially lead to a loss of revenue. Reliable software is therefore essential. This means that it must operate consistently and efficiently, without bugs or interruptions, especially during peak times. Regular updates and technical support are also important elements to consider to ensure the reliability of the solution.

As for security, it is absolutely crucial. Customers' information - including personal data and payment details - must be optimally protected. Indeed, any compromise of this data can not only lead to legal issues, but also harm the reputation of your event and your company. The best online ticketing software offers secure transaction management and robust data protection measures. They comply with the most recent and strictest security standards, thus ensuring peace of mind for organizers and users.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Flexibility and adaptability are also essential qualities to look for in online ticketing software. No matter what your project, the software must be able to adapt to different types of events and meet specific needs.

The best ticketing software are designed to offer great flexibility to users. Whether you are organising a small workshop or a large festival, the tool should be able to manage ticket sales efficiently. Similarly, it should offer the possibility of customising the ticket, for example by adding a barcode or changing the design.

Adaptability is also an important quality. For example, if your business grows and you start organising larger events, the ticketing software should be able to adapt to this change. This could be reflected in an ability to manage a larger volume of sales or to integrate new features.

Easy access is another aspect to consider. Users should be able to easily access the online sales interface, whether they are on their home computer or on the go with their smartphone. Moreover, the view of an available seat and seat selection should be intuitive, minimising the effort required by the user to make a purchase.

The Importance of Good Customer Service

When selecting an online ticketing software, the quality of customer service is a determining factor not to be overlooked. Indeed, regardless of the performance of the platform, it is almost inevitable that you will encounter difficulties or have questions at some point. In such cases, a responsive and competent service can make all the difference.

From a more specific point of view, the support offered by the online ticketing software service can cover a variety of issues. For example, you might need help understanding certain features, setting up your subscriptions or resolving technical issues. It is therefore a real asset to ensure smooth and efficient use of the platform.

Furthermore, online ticket sales can present unique challenges, particularly with regards to box office management, event access or collaboration with other organisations. It can provide you with valuable assistance, helping you solve these issues or guiding you to make the most of the platform's features.

Finally, when making a comparison between different online ticketing solutions, the quality of customer service is a key criterion to consider. It can not only help you solve problems quickly, but also save you time and reduce the stress associated with managing ticketing.

Customisation is Key

A truly customisable online ticketing platform should allow you to change the appearance of your tickets. This goes beyond simply adding your logo: it is the ability to change colours, fonts, images and other elements so that your tickets are a true extension of your brand.

In addition, customisation should also apply to the sales page. This can include adding photos or videos of the event, setting up specific items for categories of attendees, or highlighting certain characteristics of the event. This personalisation not only gives a positive first impression to your attendees, but also gives them all the necessary information to facilitate their purchasing decision.

Furthermore, a highly customisable online ticketing software should offer the possibility to modulate the purchasing experience itself. This can include features like the ability to choose one's seat, make group bookings, or even offer special deals.

Finally, it is important that customisation does not entail additional effort for organisations. The platform should therefore offer training or user guides to facilitate the personalisation process.

Ability to Handle Refunds and Exchanges

No matter how meticulously you organise your event, there will always be customers who, for various reasons, will need to refund or exchange their tickets. Thus, a good online ticketing software should integrate features that make this process easier, both for you, the organisers, and for your customers.

Indeed, the chosen platform should offer simplified and automated management of refunds and exchanges. This feature is all the more important as it minimises the time and effort required to handle these situations, often stressful for both parties. In addition, it helps maintain a good relationship with your customers by providing them with a quick and hassle-free solution. An efficient online ticketing solution should allow customers to request a refund or an exchange directly on the event's website or via a link in their ticket confirmation email. This process should be intuitive and easy to follow for customers. Moreover, the software should enable organisers to easily access these requests and process them quickly.

In addition, a good online ticketing software should provide clear and accurate data on refunds and exchanges. This can help organisers understand why these situations occur and take steps to minimise them in the future.

The Importance of Updates for Online Ticketing Software

In the constantly evolving world of online ticketing, software needs to be able to adapt and evolve. This is where updates come in. They are essential for maintaining the performance, security and competitiveness of your online ticketing software, thus ensuring optimal management of your events.


Updates to online ticketing software often bring performance improvements. Whether it's to speed up the processing of ticket sales transactions, improve the efficiency of the user interface for smoother navigation on the website, or optimise existing features, updates ensure that your software is operating at its best. They can also bring new developments in terms of user relationship management, propose new distribution channels, or improve the definition and tracking of different ticket categories. These performance updates are essential to ensure an optimal user experience and to maintain the competitiveness of your online ticketing platform.


In today's digital world, security is a major concern. Software updates often include security patches to protect against new threats and vulnerabilities. They aim to strengthen the protection of sensitive data, such as users' personal information or the details of their transactions. That's why it's crucial to keep your ticketing software up-to-date. In addition to protecting your website against potential attacks, this ensures your users a secure ticket purchase, thus enhancing their trust in your platform.


Lastly, updates allow your online ticketing software to remain competitive. They can include the introduction of new features, improving the user interface, or optimising the software's performance. By staying up-to-date, your platform can continue to meet changing user expectations and stand out in an increasingly competitive online ticketing market.

The Best Online Ticketing Software in 2023

Let's now move to the most interesting part of this article. Here is the best online ticketing software in 2023.


Imagina is an online ticketing software that has stood out in the market due to its reliability and flexibility. It is a solution that meets the needs of many businesses, whether they are organising small-scale events or large gatherings.

What sets Imagina ticketing software apart, first and foremost, is its reliability. Event organisers can rely on this tool to efficiently manage ticket sales, without fearing outages or technical issues for the sale and for the attendees. The robustness of this platform ensures a smooth purchasing experience for customers, which can have a significant impact on the success of the event.

In addition, Imagina offers great flexibility. The software can be adapted to meet the specific needs of each business or event. Whether it's managing various types of tickets, setting up special rates, or handling large volumes of sales, Imagina provides the necessary tools to customise the process according to the user's needs.

Furthermore, Imagina is also available as a mobile application, allowing even easier and accessible management of ticket sales. Whether you are on the move or working remotely, you can always keep an eye on your sales and manage your event effectively.

In addition to these features, Imagina has also been designed with the project manager in mind. This means it provides an easy-to-use interface that allows the project manager to easily manage all aspects of ticketing. Whether it's tracking ticket sales, managing access, or analysing sales data, the project manager can do all of this directly from the Imagina software. This attention to the user experience makes Imagina a preferred choice for project managers in the event industry.

Key Features

Imagina stands out for a set of key features that make it a leading choice in the field of online ticketing software.

Imagina's interface is intuitive, offering ease of use that greatly simplifies the ticket selling process. Whether you are an experienced event organiser or a novice in this field, you will find Imagina an easy tool to master. The software also offers a variety of flexible payment options. Whether your customers prefer to pay by credit card, bank transfer, or even popular online payment solutions, Imagina can accommodate these preferences. This makes purchasing easier for your customers and can help to increase sales.

In terms of capacity, Imagina is perfectly capable of handling a high volume of sales. Whether you have a small theatre or a large stadium to fill, Imagina can handle the flow of transactions without slowing down or encountering technical issues.

Finally, one of Imagina's strengths lies in customisation. The software offers a wide range of customisable features to suit your specific needs. Whether you need different views for the seats in your venue, create special offers, or set up group sales, Imagina can cater to these requests. By integrating Imagina into your website, you will be able to offer a smooth and enjoyable online ticket buying experience to your customers. With its ease of use and flexibility, Imagina is undoubtedly a top choice for managing online ticket sales.

Pros and Cons

Imagina, as an online ticketing software, presents several advantages and disadvantages that deserve consideration when evaluating the solution best suited to your needs.

One of the main advantages of Imagina is its great adaptability. This solution can conform to the nature of any event, whether it's a large music festival attracting thousands of participants or a small academic conference. The flexibility of this platform is a major asset in the event industry, as it ensures optimal ticket sales management, regardless of the scale or type of event.

Moreover, Imagina stands out for its ability to customize the online selling experience. Thanks to an intuitive interface, organizers can create specific ticketing items for each event, offering greater flexibility and a better response to participants' expectations. This customization also extends to the mobile application, allowing users to easily access event information and tickets directly from their smartphones.

However, like any solution, Imagina also has some disadvantages. The most notable might be its cost. Depending on the size of your event and the features you need, the investment in Imagina could be higher than other online ticketing software available on the internet. Therefore, it is important to carefully evaluate whether the benefits offered by Imagina justify its cost for your business or event.


In conclusion, the choice of an online ticketing software should be guided by your specific needs and priorities as an event organizer. Each event is unique, and consequently requires an online ticketing solution that can adapt to its peculiarities.

Imagina stands out in the landscape of online ticketing software for its reliability and flexibility, however, other options exist and could also meet your expectations. The online ticketing market offers a wide range of solutions, each with its own features, and advantages.

Therefore, it is essential to do your research, compare different options and choose the online ticketing software that best fits your needs. Carefully examine the features offered by each solution: ticket sales management, integration with social networks to promote your events, training tools to facilitate the software's use by users, and the possibility to customize your event website.

Moreover, don't forget that online ticketing is not just a tool for selling tickets, but also a platform that can help you manage your events more effectively. This includes managing ticket refunds and exchanges, collecting and analyzing data about your participants, and communicating with your audience via various channels.

Finally, don't forget that the success of your events does not only depend on the online ticketing solution you choose. The commitment and passion you put into organizing your shows, concerts or conferences are just as important. A good online ticketing solution is a valuable tool, but it's your dedication and hard work that will make your event a true success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use an online ticketing software?

Using an online ticketing software has many advantages that greatly facilitate the organization of events, whether they are large or small scale.

Firstly, an online ticketing software can greatly simplify the management of tickets for your events. Instead of manually handling the sale and distribution of tickets, the ticketing software can manage these tasks for you. Whether it's for creating, distributing or tracking the ticket, the software can do it all, thus allowing you to focus on other aspects of your event.

Moreover, using an online ticketing software can save you valuable time. Thanks to the automation of many ticketing-related tasks, you won't have to spend hours manually managing ticket sales. From putting on sale to managing cancellations or refunds, the ticketing software takes care of everything, thus saving you time and effort.

Finally, an online ticketing software offers centralized data management. You can easily access and analyze ticket sales data, which can help you better understand your audience and improve your future events.

How are updates handled in an online ticket software?

What are the features to consider when choosing an online ticketing software?

When selecting an online ticketing software, several key features must be taken into account to ensure efficient management of each ticket and a positive experience for the attendees of your events.

The first feature to look at is the list of features offered by the ticketing software. These may include the ability to manage ticket sales, participant registration, generating detailed reports, and many more. Each event has specific needs, so it is important to choose software that offers features tailored to your requirements. The reliability of the ticketing software is also a major consideration. A reliable software will function consistently and predictably, minimizing the risks of issues or failures that could hamper ticket sales or the participant experience.

What features should be considered when choosing an online ticketing software?

When selecting an online ticketing software, several key features should be considered to ensure effective management of each ticket and a positive experience for your event attendees.

The first feature to look at is the list of functionalities offered by the ticketing software. These may include the ability to manage ticket sales, attendee registration, generation of detailed reports, and many more. Each event has specific needs, so it's important to choose a software that offers the functionalities tailored to your requirements. The reliability of the ticketing software is also a major consideration. Reliable software will operate consistently and predictably, minimizing the risk of issues or failures that could hinder ticket sales or the attendee experience.

How important is security in online ticketing software?

In today's digital context, security is a paramount aspect to consider when choosing an online ticketing software. It is at the heart of managing customer data, crucial for organizations seeking to maintain their audience's trust and comply with regulations in force.

Firstly, customer information, such as their contact details and payment details, are sensitive and must be protected against any form of threat or breach. A secure online ticketing software ensures the confidentiality of these data by encrypting them and limiting access only to authorized users.

In addition, for organizations, the security of their website is crucial. An online ticketing software should therefore offer solid guarantees to protect the site against malicious attacks and intrusions.

How to know if an online ticketing software is easy to use?

Accessibility and ease of use are key criteria in the choice of an online ticketing software. An easy-to-use software is characterized by an intuitive user interface and simplified learning for new users.

Firstly, an intuitive user interface is one that is clear and easy to navigate. It allows event organizers to easily create and manage ticket sales on their website, without needing extensive technical training. Essential features, such as creating a new event, adding dates, or modifying ticket prices, should be easily accessible.

In addition, an easy-to-use online ticketing software often offers user guides, tutorials, or training to help new users familiarize themselves with the system. These learning resources should cover the various aspects of the software, from managing ticket sales to analyzing participant data.

Are all online ticketing software similar?

No, not all online ticketing software are similar. Although they all have the common goal of facilitating ticket sales management for various types of events, they can vary considerably in terms of features offered, pricing, quality of customer service, security, and flexibility.

To start with, the features offered by each online ticketing software can vary. Some focus on simplicity and efficiency, offering basic tools for ticket sales and participant management. Others, on the other hand, may offer a broader range of features, such as the ability to sell tickets directly on social networks, integration with other event management platforms, or advanced analysis tools to study buyer behavior.

Pricing is another factor that can vary. Some online ticketing software may be available for free, making money on transaction fees for example, while others require a monthly or annual subscription. The cost can also be influenced by the volume of ticket sales, the size of the event, or access to additional features.

Are Imagina updates free?

In the field of online ticketing software, which includes Imagina, it is common for updates to be included in the cost of the subscription. In other words, access to updates, which can bring significant and important improvements to the platform, is typically included in the price you pay to use the software.

However, it is always wise to check this specific point when subscribing to an online ticketing software. Make sure you fully understand the definition of what is included in your subscription to avoid any surprises or unexpected charges.

has its own policies and practices, and it is important to inform yourself in advance to ensure that you are making the right choice for your events."

How important is security in an online ticketing software?

In today's digital context, security is a critical aspect to consider when choosing an online ticketing software. It is central to customer data management, essential for organizations looking to maintain their audience's trust and comply with current regulations.

Firstly, customer information, such as their contact details and payment details, are sensitive and must be protected from any form of threat or breach. A secure online ticketing software ensures the confidentiality of this data by encrypting it and limiting access only to authorized users.

Furthermore, for organizations, the security of their website is crucial. Therefore, an online ticketing software should provide strong assurances to protect the site from malicious attacks and intrusions.

Do I need technical skills to use an online ticketing software?

In reality, no. One of the main advantages of modern online ticketing software is that they are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Therefore, advanced technical skills are not necessary to effectively manage ticket sales for your events. These platforms aim to simplify your ticket sales management, whether for a small local event or a large festival.

Access to various features and settings is usually clearly indicated, with user guides or online assistance if needed. Online ticketing software is designed to be used by a variety of people, including those without computer training. The goal is to make the ticket selling process as smooth and simple as possible for you, the event organizer.

In addition, an online ticketing software is not just a way to sell tickets. It also serves as a management tool for your events. It allows you to track and analyze sales data in real time, which can help you understand trends and make strategic adjustments if necessary. Plus, the software can incorporate a point of sale for catering, merchandising, and other event-related services. The accessibility of this information and the ability to manage it centrally offers great flexibility and control, making the sales management process much more efficient.

What are the advantages of using Imagina for online ticketing?

Imagina stands out for its intuitive interface that makes managing ticket sales easy, no matter the volume. Whether at the box office, at checkout, or on the online point of sale, the use of the platform is simplified for an optimal user experience. The software offers flexible payment options, accommodating a variety of payment preferences from your customers.

In addition, its ability to handle a high volume of sales makes Imagina particularly effective for large events, thereby minimizing slowdowns or technical problems that could occur during sales peaks. Another notable feature of Imagina is its high degree of customization. You can tailor the appearance of your tickets, the configuration of your sales site, and much more to match the image and specific needs of your events.

Finally, its flexibility to adapt to different types of events, from managing a music festival to a professional conference, makes this online ticketing software truly versatile. This adaptability helps position Imagina as a solid and reliable option for managing your events.

Does Imagina offer specific features for promoting events on social media?

Imagina can provide specific tools to facilitate the promotion of your events on social media. This could include the ability to share event-related articles, or even integrate audience data for better management of your communication strategy. In the field of events, this ability to reach and engage your audience is essential. For specific details about these features, I recommend checking with their support team.


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