Online ticketing: the complete guide for beginners

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What is e-ticketing?

Online ticketing is a solution that takes the form of software or tools available on a website, allowing the reservation, purchase and sale of tickets for various types of events, be they concerts, festivals, plays, conferences or sports matches.

This ticketing solution represents a digital evolution of traditional ticketing, facilitating the registration process for the event organiser and the audience.

The ticketing software usually offers features such as numbered seating, which gives the possibility to choose one's seat when purchasing the ticket, or check boxes to select additional options. It is a multi-faceted ticketing system, created to meet the specific needs of event organisers.

These online ticketing systems can also offer support in French, making it easier for French-speaking users to use. In short, web ticketing is a convenient solution that modernises and simplifies the ticket buying process, while offering beneficial features for event organisers and ticket buyers.

Why is web ticketing important?

Web ticketing is a turnkey technology that makes it easier for event organisers and participants to purchase and manage tickets. This solution, accessible via a website, offers a self-service reservation system with numbered seating, providing a personalised experience for participants. In addition, it integrates secure payment methods, allowing for easy transactions.

Adaptable to various types of events, it offers customisation options, such as the addition of a QR code on the tickets, providing a surprise to the participants. The ticketing solution provides a dashboard for tracking sales, bookings and other key data. Updates are just a few clicks away, making project management easy.

Services such as training or demonstrations are usually offered to optimise the use of the software. The importance of ticketing is growing in our digital world, which is why innovative solutions such as those offered by Imagina, a key player in this evolving market, are so important.

How does online booking work for an event?

Creating an event with Imagina

With Imagina, creating an event is a simple and intuitive process. You start by providing details such as the name, date, time and location of the event on their online booking platform. With a few clicks, you can add other relevant information such as ticket prices, event type and seat availability.

The integrated dashboard tool allows you to monitor sales and registrations in real time. Imagina also offers barcode functionality for each ticket generated, facilitating the organisation process and ensuring the success of your event.

To support you in this process, Imagina offers training and demos of the tool to optimise its use. Participants can then buy their tickets online, receive a confirmation e-mail and you can track all this data with this innovative tool. Imagina is therefore a partner of choice for your online ticketing requirements.


With Imagina's ticketing solution, ticketing is a breeze. After creating the event, you set up your tickets directly on the website. You determine the number of tickets available, set the prices, and can even offer different types of tickets, such as standard, VIP, early bird, etc.

The solution offers tools to manage numbered seating, which allows you to optimise the organisation of seats for events such as shows or specific sessions. The dashboard gives you an overview of sales and registrations, allowing you to follow the evolution of your event in real time.

In addition, Imagina offers support for payment registration and easy integration with social networks, helping to promote your event. The ticketing software also includes flexible pricing options to meet each specific request.

To facilitate the experience of organisers, training is provided to make the most of these tools. With Imagina, online ticketing is simplified, making registration more accessible for your participants and ensuring the success of your event.

Sales and reservation management

With Imagina, the management of sales and reservations for your events is seamless. Once your tickets are ready, participants can start buying them on the website. Imagina's ticketing software allows you to track sales and bookings in real time, providing a complete overview of your event's performance.

Imagina's solutions are suitable for any size of event, with efficient tools to manage online tickets and available seats. A demo is available to familiarise you with these features and training is also available to meet any specific requirements.

In addition, all data related to your event is accessible through the software, allowing you to analyse sales performance, optimise ticket prices, and better understand attendee behaviour. Thus, Imagina offers a complete solution for the management of your event sales and reservations.

Advantages of online ticketing

Thanks to Imagina, web ticketing has many advantages:

Accessibility and convenience

Accessible 24/7 via the internet, participants can buy their tickets anytime and anywhere, directly on the website.

This is a major advantage of online ticketing and offers unparalleled convenience.

Simplified management

With Imagina, ticketing management is greatly facilitated. No need to deal with physical tickets, everything is managed digitally.

The software ensures smooth registration and payment management, and you can track sales in real time.

In addition, a demo is available to help you master the use of these tools.

Lower costs

By avoiding the printing and distribution of physical tickets, you can make significant savings.

With Imagina, online ticketing becomes not only more convenient, but also more economical.

How to choose the best online ticketing platform?

Choosing the best online ticketing platform for your event involves taking into account several key criteria:

Features to look for

When choosing, you will need to consider several aspects such as payment options, ease of use, customer service, customisation options, and many others. The online ticketing software offered by Imagina is distinguished by its richness of features for all types of events.

Payment options

Imagina offers a variety of flexible payment options to accommodate all your attendees. Whatever the type of ticket chosen by your participants, Imagina facilitates the transaction by offering various payment methods.

Customer service

Imagina is committed to providing quality customer service. If you have any problems or queries, you can be sure that you will receive fast and efficient assistance. In addition, participant data is treated with the utmost confidentiality, thus guaranteeing their security.


Imagina offers the possibility of customising tickets according to the requirements of the event. Whether it is the ticket price, the type of ticket or other aspects, you can adjust every detail according to your preferences. In addition, the software allows you to collect valuable data on participants for better management of the event.

Finally, Imagina facilitates the registration of participants through an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Ticket prices are clearly indicated and participants can easily find the information they need to make their purchase. By choosing Imagina, you are choosing a complete and efficient online ticketing solution for your event.


In conclusion, online ticketing, thanks to platforms like Imagina, is a practical and efficient solution for event management. Tickets are managed digitally, simplifying the task for organisers and participants.

Each ticket issued is a wealth of valuable data, which, when properly harnessed, can improve the attendee experience. The data collected through each ticket sold contributes to a better understanding of the participants, making it easier to tailor the event to their expectations.

Whether this is your first event or you are a seasoned organiser, this guide should help you understand the basics of online ticketing and how to make the most of the opportunities it offers. Ticket management has never been easier or more efficient, thanks to online ticketing platforms like Imagina.


What is online purchasing?

Online purchasing, also known as online ticketing, is a digital system that provides a web-based interface for the purchase and sale of tickets. It covers a range of events such as concerts, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, sports and cultural performances, and much more. The process usually involves registration on the vendor's website, selection of the event, choice of seats, if any, and finally online payment. Tickets are then usually delivered by email as e-tickets, often with a barcode to facilitate entry to the event. Imagina's online purchasing solution, for example, offers a seamless user experience from ticket selection to purchase, as well as advanced features to help organisers successfully manage their events.

Why is online ticketing important?

Online ticketing is a key technological innovation that has revolutionised the way events are managed and marketed. For event organisers, it provides a convenient solution for managing ticket sales, organising seating and collecting attendee data. Through online ticketing, organisers can track ticket bookings in real time, obtain attendee statistics and better understand their customers, which can help improve future events. For customers, online ticketing offers the convenience of buying tickets at any time, from anywhere, without having to queue or travel. With Imagina, for example, organisers can provide a seamless and secure online ticketing experience for their customers, while taking advantage of powerful features to manage their events.

What are the advantages of buying online?

There are many advantages to using online purchasing. Firstly, it is extremely convenient for customers, who can buy tickets anytime and anywhere, provided they have an internet connection. Secondly, it simplifies the supervision of tickets for event organisers, automating many previously manual processes and making data easily accessible for analysis.Thirdly, it can help to reduce costs, as there is no need to print and distribute physical tickets. In addition, platforms like Imagina offer integrated marketing and promotional tools, helping organisers reach a wider audience and increase ticket bookings.

How to choose the best online ticketing platform?

Choosing the best online ticketing platform depends on many factors, including the specific needs of your event, the number of attendees expected, the features you need, and your budget. Payment options, ease of use, customer service, and customisation options are key elements to consider when choosing an online ticketing platform.

Payment options should be diverse and flexible to accommodate all customers, whether they prefer to pay by credit card, bank transfer, or via popular online payment platforms like PayPal.

Ease of use is also an important factor. An intuitive platform with a user-friendly interface will not only make the purchasing process easier for your customers, but also the management of the event for you as the organiser.

Responsive and efficient customer service is essential. You want to be sure that if you encounter a problem or have a question, you will get quick and competent assistance.

Finally, the ability to customise the online ticketing experience is a major plus. Whether it's adding your branding to the event page, configuring specific ticket types, or integrating the platform with other software you use, a flexible and customizable platform will be a valuable asset.

The Imagina platform, for example, meets all of these criteria, offering a complete and customisable online ticketing solution with high quality customer support.

Is online ticketing secure?

Yes, most online ticketing platforms, including Imagina, have robust security measures in place to protect user data and ensure secure transactions. This usually includes data encryption, fraud protection, and compliance with data protection regulations such as the GDPR. However, it is always important to check the specific security measures of a platform before using it to ensure that it meets your expectations and the needs of your participants.


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