How to create an app for your festival?



Today, it has become essential to offer an app for your festival.

But how do you create an app that meets your needs and those of your festival-goers?

In this article, we guide you step by step through creating your festival app and introduce you to an app solution: Imagina.

I - Identifying the needs for your festival app

Analyse the audience

Before starting, take the time to analyse your event's audience to determine the needs and expectations of your participants. This will allow you to design an app that will truly be useful to them.

Establish key features

List the key features your app must offer, such as ticketing, concert scheduling, geolocation, notifications, partners, a playlist...

II - Choosing the platform and tools

Mobile platforms

Determine which mobile platforms you want to develop your app for. This will depend on the audience you are targeting.

Development tools and frameworks

Select the development tools and frameworks that best fit your project.

III - Designing the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)

Design and ergonomics

Create an attractive and ergonomic design for your app. Remember to adapt the design to the specifics of each mobile platform.

Intuitive navigation

Ensure that navigation within your app is simple and intuitive. Users should be able to easily access key features.

IV - Integrating essential features

Programming and schedules

Integrate a detailed schedule of events and timings, so festival-goers can plan their visit.


Offer an integrated ticketing system to facilitate the purchase of tickets and access to the event.

Map, geolocation, and information

Include an interactive map of the site with geolocation to help people find stages with artists, information stands, sanitary facilities...

Communication and news sharing

Allow users to share their experience on social media and invite their friends to join the event.

Notifications and alerts

Send personalized notifications and alerts to smartphones to inform spectators of news, program changes with artists, promotions, etc.

V - Promoting your application

App Store Optimization (ASO)

Optimize your app's SEO on stores (App Store, Google Play) to increase its visibility and attract more participants.

Advertising campaign

Launch an advertising campaign on social networks, websites, and local media to promote your app and encourage viewers to download it.

VI - Updating the app

Ensure to regularly update your app to fix bugs, improve performance, and add new features. This will guarantee an optimal user experience and reinforce public trust.

VII - Imagina: the festival app

This platform brings together all the essential features and information for your event and your festival-goers:

  • Ticketing

  • Schedule with artists

  • Merchandise

  • Festival plan

  • Geolocation

  • Social networks and sharing

Imagina offers a simple way to provide your spectators with a quality digital experience, without having to invest in the development and maintenance of a custom app.


Today's festivals benefit from mobile apps to offer rich content and relevant information.

Thanks to a schedule management app, festival-goers can consult data concerning events, schedules, and links to festival ticket offices.

Apps allow for immersion in the festival environment through geolocation features, notifications, and sharing on social networks.

Imagina offers all these features for festivals, without the need to create a dedicated app, thus simplifying schedule management, content, and data for festival organizers.


Arthur Josset

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