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The festival mobile app for your audience

Simplify the organization of your festival with our customizable, intuitive and easy-to-use native app.

Allow your audience to access Imagina from their browser or iOS or Android device to enjoy all the benefits of our platform.

Design an innovative communication tool that meets both your communication needs and your festival-goers' expectations by organizing content according to your wishes.

Easily customize your app with your colors and preview it before publishing it for a perfectly adapted rendering.

Collect feedback from your audience and send them notifications for surveys.

festival application for your participants Imagina platform
event management features Imagina platform

The festival management solution with infinite features

Choose a personalized solution by selecting from a multitude of possibilities to make your event a success.

Keep your participants informed with personalized schedules and agendas, an interactive map, exhibitor listings (sponsors, companies, etc.), push notifications, emails, and SMS.

Energize your event with interactive modules such as the social wall, news feed, live voting, word clouds, and quizzes. Broadcast your animations live and in streaming and allow your audience to ask questions to the presenters.

Encourage exchanges between festival-goers and improve your event through satisfaction surveys and anomaly reporting.

Manage your entire event with even more ease by opting for a paid or free ticketing system, a personalized registration form, ticket customization, access control, and adjustment of the capacity for the number of visitors.

Tailored support for implementation at your festival

Enjoy personalized support throughout the digitalization of your event and the creation of your app. Benefit from attentive support before, during, and after the event.

Let's co-create the best possible applications together. A project manager based in our offices in France advises and supports you from A to Z. You can contact them directly by email or phone for quick and efficient answers!

a competent and available team

1 million+ users and 1000+ international customers

The advantages of our tool

Endless features
accessible on all devices


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Creating my event application from A to Z

serious and personalized support

I create my app and manage it easily from your dashboard

You can either design your application yourself or benefit from the expertise of a dedicated project manager. You will also have access to all usage statistics and festival activities.


I customize the app design to my image

Integrate your logo and banner to immerse your visitors in the atmosphere of your event.


I choose from a wide variety of event features

Select the "bricks" that best meet your needs, such as the program, interactive map, networking, appointments, push notifications, and much more.


I manage my information online from my back office

Integrate the modules of your choice, such as the program and exhibitor/speaker profiles, and save time by letting your project manager integrate 100% of your content.


I preview before publishing with one click

Set the launch date for your audience and you're good to go!

Frequently Asked Questions about mobile applications for festivals

Is the app customizable?

Yes, the app is fully customizable according to your needs and visual identity. You can integrate your logo, choose a graphic universe adapted to your festival, select the event features that interest you, and integrate your own information through management via your back office. This way, you can create a uniquely designed app that corresponds to your image.

What types of festivals can Imagina be used for?

Imagina can be adapted to music, cinema, theater, dance, gastronomy, sports, and other types of events. Depending on your needs and regardless of the location, we can customize the app to meet your specific requirements. Whether you're organizing a small local party or a large-scale event, we can help you improve communication with your festival-goers and strengthen interaction with your audience.

Can I get feedback from other customers?

On our website and Google page, you can consult testimonials and reviews from our clients, such as festival organizers, partner companies, sponsors, and many more.

What is the price of your service?

The cost of our offer is determined on a case-by-case basis, based on various factors such as the nature of your festival, the expected number of spectators, the list of required features, and much more. After a meeting with our team, we will be able to offer you a price that corresponds to your specific needs.

Can I link the tool with another software?

Absolutely! It is possible to synchronize and centralize information as well as other tools, which improves exchanges, references the various services of your event, and allows you to use all the features of other software.

Why a mobile application?

Creating an app can bring you many benefits. First of all, it allows you to effectively communicate with your spectators by providing them with real-time information about the program, schedules, artists, exhibitors, and other planned activities. Participants can thus plan their day in advance and not miss anything that interests them.

Furthermore, it can facilitate logistical management. Users can, for example, reserve their place for a workshop, concert, or conference directly, which saves you from having to manage these registrations manually.

Additionally, it can facilitate logistical management. Users can book their place for a workshop, concert, or conference directly, which saves you from having to manually manage these registrations.

Can I integrate Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music or Instafest in the app?

Yes, you can integrate Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music to allow your attendees to easily access music of their choice and add a musical ambiance to your event. You can create playlists, on Spotify for example, for different times of the day, artists playing on stage, or even ask DJs to create exclusive playlists for your festival. This adds an additional experience for attendees and enhances the festive atmosphere of your event. To integrate Instafest into a festival app, you need to get access to the Instafest API, obtain necessary permissions, integrate the functionality into the app, configure the API settings, and test and deploy the app before sending the poster.

Is it possible to integrate Lyf into the app?

Yes, it is possible to integrate Lyf into your festival application. Lyf is a tool for payment between friends, which allows for instant and secure money transfers. This tool can be useful for attendees who need to make payments between themselves, for example to share accommodation costs or to purchase products from vendors. Integrating Lyf into the app can facilitate transactions between participants and offer a convenient and secure payment experience.

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