City application: the implementation guide for your city hall

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Digitalization is nowadays omnipresent and impacts all sectors, including public services. Residents now expect digital solutions that meet their needs, which pushes city halls to adapt.

Among the measures taken to meet these expectations, the creation of citizen mobile applications has become an essential part of the user services market.

It is in this context that Imagina, a mobile application solution for town halls, was born. Imagina aims to improve the experience of citizens by providing them with a set of online services easily accessible from their smartphone or tablet.

Thanks to this application, users will be able to consult the agenda as well as the latest news page of their town hall and to be aware of every measure taken to improve the quality of life in their town.

Imagina's website also offers a complete guide to help town halls implement this solution, in order to guarantee an optimal experience for every citizen. This way, town halls will be able to take full advantage of the digital revolution and offer modern services to citizens and visitors.

In this article, we will introduce you to Imagina and how it works, and guide you through the key steps to implement this application in your city hall.


Why create a city application?

To improve access to services

With this tool, citizens can quickly and securely access a variety of municipal services throughout the territory.

With just a few clicks, users of the application can consult every piece of information related to the services offered by the municipality, such as making appointments, paying bills, consulting administrative documents and many others.

Strengthen communication with citizens

A mobile application for cities plays a crucial role in strengthening the communication between the city hall and the citizens, establishing a direct and dynamic link with the citizens.

Through this application, the municipal team can share various contents, such as news, job offers, information about the measures taken by the municipalities to improve local life, or details about administrative procedures.

Residents can choose to receive specific notifications about local news or events, or sign up for an email list to receive every update.

Modernize the image of the city hall

Finally, the implementation of a mobile application helps to modernize the image of the city hall, showing that it is adapting to new technologies and to the expectations and reports of citizens.

By adopting a digital approach, the municipality is demonstrating its commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation and meeting the changing needs of its citizens.

By investing in the development of a mobile application, City Hall is showing that it is listening to its citizens and is ready to adopt new tools to facilitate interactions between municipal services and residents.

In short, the implementation of a mobile application allows the city hall to position itself as a modern and innovative entity, capable of adapting to technological developments and citizens' expectations.

This approach contributes to reinforce the positive image of the municipality and to encourage the collaboration and the active participation of the citizens in the local life.

Imagina: a mobile application solution for your city hall

Presentation of Imagina

Imagina is a platform that allows city councils to create and manage their own mobile application with ease. Designed specifically to meet the needs of local authorities, it offers a library of features and specificities adapted to their requirements and expectations.

Its functionalities greatly facilitate the implementation and customization of the application for each town hall.

Thanks to its user-friendly and intuitive interface, Imagina allows municipal teams to create and manage their application without any particular technical skills.

In short, Imagina is a turnkey solution for city councils wishing to develop and manage a mobile application adapted to their needs and those of their citizens, thus facilitating communication, access to services and the active participation of citizens in local life.

Key features

Among the functionalities offered by Imagina, we find

Management of events and news

Online appointment booking

Reporting of incidents and anomalies

Access to administrative documents

Integration of social networks and videos

Customization and integration

Imagina offers the possibility to customize the application and its content according to the visual identity and colors of the city hall, in order to create a coherent and harmonious user experience.

In addition to the visual customization, Imagina allows the integration of specific services that meet the needs and expectations of the citizens, such as geolocation or weather alerts.

These additional functionalities reinforce the usefulness of the application for citizens and show the commitment of the city council to provide adapted and relevant services.

Setting up Imagina: key steps

Analysis of the needs

The first step of the Imagina implementation consists in analyzing the needs of the city hall and defining the functionalities to be integrated in the application.

This step allows us to determine the services that are the most adapted to the citizens' expectations and to define the application's objectives.

Design of the application

Once the needs are identified, Imagina's team designs the application while respecting the visual identity of the city hall and taking into account the chosen functionalities.

This step also includes the creation of the application's tree structure and the definition of the different menus and sub-menus.

Development and integration

The development of the application is done on the basis of the established design. Imagina's team works in close collaboration with the city hall to integrate the selected services and to adapt them to the specific needs of the community.

Training and support

Imagina proposes a training to the teams of the city hall in order to familiarize them with the use of the application and to allow them to manage efficiently the proposed services.

A technical support is also available to answer possible questions and solve problems.

Launch and promotion

Once the application is developed and tested, it is time to officially launch it. Imagina supports the city council in promoting the application to the citizens, by proposing adapted communication supports and by setting up awareness actions.

Experience feedback and testimonials

Several city councils have already chosen Imagina for the creation of their mobile application. The feedback is generally positive, with a noticeable improvement of the communication between the city hall and the citizens, as well as an easier access to the municipal services.


Imagina is a turnkey solution for the implementation of a mobile application for your city hall. It offers a wide range of functionalities adapted to the needs of communities and facilitates the implementation of the project.

Thanks to Imagina, your city hall will be able to get closer to its citizens and improve access to its services.

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What is the cost of the implementation of an Imagina application ?

The cost of the implementation of an Imagina application depends on the chosen functionalities and the specific integrated services.

It is advised to contact Imagina to obtain a personalized estimate.

How long does it take to set up an Imagina application ?

The duration of the implementation of an Imagina application varies according to the complexity of the project and the needs of the city hall. In general, it is necessary to count between a few weeks and a few months to develop and launch the application.

Is it possible to modify the application once it is launched ?

Yes, Imagina offers the possibility to modify and add functionalities to the application after its launching.

This allows the city hall to make the application evolve according to the feedbacks of the inhabitants.

How are citizens informed about the availability of the application ?

The promotion of the application to the citizens is an essential element to guarantee its success. Imagina accompanies the city hall in the implementation of communication actions, such as posters, distribution of flyers, publication of articles in the local press or promotion on social networks.

Is the Imagina application compatible with all types of smartphones ?

Imagina develops applications compatible with the main mobile platforms, such as Android and iOS.

Thus, the majority of citizens will be able to download and use the application on their smartphone, regardless of the version and model.



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