Top 10 event agencies in Monaco

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Are you considering a corporate event or seminar in Monaco and feeling lost about getting the project started? Don't worry!

We have at your disposal a selection of the top 10 event agencies in Monaco, ready to turn your ideas into memorable moments.

Thanks to their expertise in management and organization, and the quality of their services, these teams can handle various events such as luxury product launches.

Enlisting their services ensures a tailored experience in the event industry. Each team's project manager ensures that seminars and other events meet your expectations.

High-End Event Planning on the French Riviera

This region, synonymous with luxury and elegance, stands out for its exceptional offering in prestigious events. The event agencies in this region, renowned for their expertise and creativity, offer a range of bespoke events combining innovation and tradition.

Whether it's for prestigious evenings, sumptuous galas, or corporate seminars in exceptional venues, event planning on the French Riviera meets high standards. Every detail is thoughtfully considered to create a memorable experience, from venue selection to artistic and culinary programming.

Here, refinement meets the excitement of event planning, making the region a top choice for high-end events.

Top 10 : Event Agencies in Monaco

Event Agency Monaco

This event agency is renowned for its high-end service offerings in event planning. With an expert and passionate team, they offer prestigious evenings and unforgettable galas, making each event unique. Their organizational measures are impeccable, demonstrating special attention to detail.

First Class Organisation

Specializing in turnkey event setups, this agency offers quality seminars, conventions, and galas. Their expertise in event planning in Monaco is recognized locally and beyond. They turn every event into an exceptional moment, respecting the image and ambition of their clients.

Monaco Yacht Show

An agency dedicated to event animation at sea. With extravagant evenings and spectacular galas, they transform every gathering into a memorable event. The experience of the sea combined with the elegance of event planning makes this agency a must for luxury events.

M Agency Events Monaco

The quintessential event agency in Monaco, delivering impeccable events and elegant galas. The focus is on event planning, creating spectacular evenings that echo throughout the city.

Monaco Star Events

This agency offers exceptional catering services for high-end events and galas. It embodies event planning in Monaco at its finest, with evenings and galas that exceed all expectations.

Sop Events

A dedicated team that skillfully organizes both professional and public events, including magnificent galas. Their approach to event planning is distinguished by excellence.

Event Production Support

This agency excels in event planning and execution, showcasing the art of event planning for sumptuous evenings and majestic galas.

Yakazur Live Communication

An event agency specialized in designing innovative events and unique galas. It reinvents event planning with each project.


This agency offers a comprehensive range of event services, from creation to execution. The team adds a unique touch to every event and gala, ensuring a result that surpasses the ordinary.

Monaco Mediax

An agency that has distinguished itself in event planning through the quality of its services, bringing a new dimension to every event and gala. Their commitment to excellence is unparalleled.


Welcome to the French Riviera, where high-end event planning agencies in Monaco and St. Tropez stand out. With unmatched expertise in Monaco event planning, these agencies guarantee prestigious events.

Whether it's trade shows, evenings, or private parties, their expertise promises remarkable activities. The animations, galas, and incentives they offer for your company are of superior quality.

We hope this overview of event agencies on the French Riviera helps you make an informed choice for your next event.

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