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Enhance communication with your participants Before, During, and After Your Event thanks to the best mobile event apps : Imagina

Introducing Imagina, the innovative and customisable event app platform designed to help you create event apps and manage events more effectively.

This user-friendly, best event apps caters to all your event management needs, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for your participants and the event organizers, whether it's for an in-person events or upcoming events.

Available across platforms, the mobile event app Imagina can be accessed on iOS, Android, and all browsers (computers, tablets, and smartphones). This engaging conference app ensures that your audience can stay connected and informed, regardless of the device they're using.

The mobile event app Imagina offers a unique and innovative approach to event planners by considering both your logistical requirements and the expectations of your participants. With the ability to create your own branded mobile apps, choose your desired modules, and organise them as you see fit, you can create an event app tailored to your specific event. Key features of Imagina include:

  1. Customisation: Personalise the mobile event app with your own colours, logo, and branding, making it instantly recognisable to your participants and all your attendees.

  2. Preview Before Publishing: Review and test your mobile event app before releasing it to the public, ensuring that it meets your standards and the needs of your attendees.

  3. Real-time Updates: Keep your participants informed with up-to-date information about schedules, speakers, and other event details.

  4. Interactive Features: Engage your audience with live polls, Q&As, and social media integration, encouraging interaction and conversation around your event.

  5. Analytics and Reporting: Monitor the performance of your mobile event app and gain valuable insights into participant behaviour and preferences, helping you to improve future events.

Incorporate the mobile event app Imagina into your event planners or event organizers process to streamline communication, enhance attendee engagement, and ultimately create a more memorable and successful event for everyone involved.

Imagina, the mobile event app, revolutionizes event planning by offering a customizable platform for seamless organization. Accessible on various devices, this mobile event apps keeps attendees connected and engaged. Incorporate Imagina into your events for enhanced experiences and unforgettable mobile events.

Select your modules from the largest library of features for your event app

Choose from countless features for your mobile event apps. Bring together all your participants' needs to make your in-person or online event a success with our event management platform.

Inform your participants with the personalised program, interactive map, send push notifications or by emailing and SMS. Enhance their event experience by enabling them to attend events effortlessly.

Animate your event with the interactive modules (social wall, news feed, live voting, word clouds, quiz). Broadcast your animations live and in streaming. Allow your audience to ask questions and let the presenter answer them.

Create an exchange with your audience using customer relationship management tools. Plan qualified meetings between your participants and benefit from matchmaking. Develop targeted networking while offering private instant messaging and badge readers. Improve your event with satisfaction surveys and reports, and allowing attendees to provide feedback.

Go even further in organizing your event with the implementation of a paid or free ticketing system and a registration form. Control the access with a security check and the number of participants with the gauge system, ensuring the right mobile event experience for all attendees.

Benefit from a dedicated project manager for your in-person event

Receive unique support throughout the digitization of your event and the creation of your event website and mobile application, designed specifically for your in-person event or online events. With the help of an event app platform, we ensure a seamless transition from traditional event management to an enhanced, digital experience.

Get a follow-up before, during and after the event on your event website

Your dedicated project manager will guide you through the entire process, from the initial concept and design of your conference app and event website to post-event analysis. They will be available to provide support and advice at all stages of your event, ensuring that you make the most of your online events and in-person event experiences.

Let's set up the best possible mobile app together

A project manager, in our offices in France, will advise you and set up the event app event adapted to your event, whether it's an in-person event or online. An email and a direct phone line to ensure you get a quick response! By incorporating mobile apps into your event planning, you can easily collect and analyze attendee data, enabling you to better understand your audience and improve future events.

Your dedicated project manager will also work with you to create a customized, state-of-the-art conference app tailored to your specific event needs. They will utilize their expertise to advise you on the best features for your event app, such as event apps for attendee check-in, real-time schedule updates, and interactive maps, all accessible on mobile devices.

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The advantages of the solution : A comprehensive event app platform for all your needs

Intuitive and accessible
to all


100% reliable and

App & Platform

The steps to set up

imagina collaborator

I access the back office and the preview

Access your dashboard to configure your mobile application independently or call your dedicated project manager directly.


I define my graphic charter

Integrate your logo and banner and immerse your visitors in the world of your event.


I choose my features

Select from a wide range of features to make your event unique: program, interactive map, networking, push notifications, etc.


I add my content

Add the content of your choice: event program, exhibitor/speaker sheets, key information, etc. Save time by letting your project manager integrate 100% of your content.


I define the publication date

Preview your content before publication. Publish your mobile application in one click and you're done!

Frequently asked questions

Is the event app customizable and designed for connecting with other attendees?

Of course it is! The event app, created using our app builder, allows you to add fully customized modules. Choose the features that suit your needs, such as options for connecting with other attendees, and our teams will take care of the rest. This ensures that you have a tailor-made event app that is both functional and engaging for all participants.

For which types of events is my event app designed?

For all types of events : trade shows, small event, conferences, festivals, meetings, debates, presentations, round tables, seminars, symposiums, conventions, gatherings, events.

Can the event app be used for virtual or hybrid events with enhanced attendee engagement?

Yes! For virtual events and hybrid events, the event app is completed with a platform for a complete and immersive experience, designed to boost attendee engagement among both in-person and virtual event attendees. Sessions are synchronized to retrieve data, allowing for a seamless integration between the physical event and its remote broadcast, as well as for 100% virtual events.

Can I get feedback on the event app Imagina, including insights from attendees and event organizers?

Yes! You can find testimonials as well as reviews from our customers, organizers, partner companies, sponsors, and many others, including feedback from attendees who have used our event apps, on our website and Google page. With our app builder, we strive to provide a seamless and engaging experience for all participants, and we welcome feedback to help us continually improve our offerings.

How can Imagina event apps improve the attendee experience at a conference or hybrid event?

Imagina event apps can significantly enhance the attendee experience by providing features such as personal agenda creation, real-time updates, networking opportunities, and more. By using an Imagina conference app, attendees can easily access all the relevant information about the event, customize their personal agenda, and connect with other attendees. This ultimately creates a more engaging and organized experience for both in-person and virtual participants during a hybrid event.

Can the Imagina conference app help streamline event management?

Yes, the Imagina conference app can greatly simplify event management by centralizing all essential information and tools in one place. This allows event organizers to easily communicate with attendees, manage schedules, and monitor engagement levels throughout the event. The conference app also enables seamless integration of sponsor and exhibitor information, providing additional value for both organizers and attendees.

How secure and reliable are Imagina event apps for managing attendee data?

Imagina event apps prioritize security and reliability, ensuring that attendee data is protected and the app functions smoothly throughout the event. With built-in security measures and regular updates, the conference app ensures that sensitive attendee information is handled with care and the event experience remains uninterrupted.

How does the user-friendly design of the event app platform accommodate attendees of various ages and technical backgrounds, and what features are included to promote satisfaction and engagement during the event?

Our event app platform is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that attendees of all ages and technical backgrounds can easily navigate and make the most of the app's features. The single app incorporates a range of built-in features such as badge printing, attendee profiles, agenda building, and attendee bios, all aimed at enhancing attendee satisfaction and engagement throughout the event.

What kind of personalized support and assistance can I expect from dedicated project managers in terms of incorporating brand identity elements and creating a cohesive event experience for attendees?

With our dedicated project managers, you will receive personalized support throughout the entire process, from setting up your event website and conference app to post-event analysis. This includes assistance with incorporating brand identity elements like full-screen commercials, ad banners, and banner ads, creating a unique and cohesive event experience for your attendees.

How does the event app platform prioritize security and reliability, and what features are in place to protect sensitive attendee information during the event?

Our event app platform is built with security and reliability in mind, ensuring that your event runs smoothly and your attendees' data is protected. With features like secure check-in and lead retrieval, you can have peace of mind knowing that sensitive attendee information is handled with care.

How does the multilingual event app and platform cater to a diverse audience and enhance engagement for various event formats, and what features are in place to ensure accessibility and connection for attendees across different devices and internet connections?

To cater to a diverse audience and expand your event's reach, our event app and platform are available in multiple languages. This allows attendees from various regions and linguistic backgrounds, including event attendees and virtual attendees, to access event information and engage with the app in their native language.

Our app builder ensures compatibility with a wide range of mobile devices by making the event app available on the Apple App Store. The platform is designed to cater to both in-person event, such as trade shows and conferences, as well as virtual and hybrid event, making it a versatile solution for all event types without the need for expensive custom development.

By integrating our multilingual mobile app and platform into your event planning and management process, you can create an inclusive environment that encourages digital engagement from attendees across the globe, regardless of the event format. This flexibility not only helps to expand your event's reach but also fosters a sense of community and connection among your diverse audience.

App features like push notifications, community forums, and engagement tools keep conference goers informed and on the same page, whether they're attending in-person or virtually, as well as during virtual and hybrid event. Additionally, the platform is designed to work with a range of internet connections, ensuring that all attendees can access and interact with the event content without disruption, regardless of the event format.

How do app features like ad banners, sponsor banner ads, push notifications, and agenda building contribute to an enriched expo pass experience, promote brand identity, and create opportunities for sponsors and exhibitors, while ensuring an interactive and engaging event for all participants?

By incorporating app features like ad banners, sponsor banner ads, push notifications, personal agenda and agenda building, you can provide an enriched expo pass experience for your attendees. This not only helps to promote your brand reputation but also creates opportunities for sponsors and exhibitors to showcase their products and services.

These app features, combined with a reliable internet connection, ensure that your attendees can easily access event information, connect with other attendees, and stay up-to-date on any changes or updates. By offering an enhanced and interactive experience, you're well on your way to creating the best event possible for all participants.

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