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Inform your participants before, during and after your event

Get your own customizable, intuitive and easy-to-use mobile event application that will help you organize your events. Imagina is available on iOS, Android and on all browsers (computers, tablets and smartphones) thanks to our Web Application.

Get an innovative mobile application that takes into account both your logistical needs and the expectations of your participants. Choose your features and organize them as you need.

Customize your event app with your own colors and preview its content before publication.


Select your modules from the largest library of features

Choose from countless features. Bring together all your participants' needs to make your event a success.

Inform your participants with the personalized program, interactive map, push notifications or by emailing and SMS.

Animate your event with the interactive modules (social wall, news feed, live voting, word clouds, quiz). Broadcast your animations live and in streaming. Allow your audience to ask questions and let the presenter answer them.

Create an exchange with your audience. Plan qualified meetings between your participants and benefit from matchmaking. Develop targeted networking while offering private instant messaging and badge readers. Improve your event with satisfaction surveys and reports.

Go even further in organizing your event with the implementation of a paid or free ticketing system and a registration form. Control the access with a security check and the number of participants with the gauge system.

Benefit from a dedicated project manager

Receive unique support throughout the digitization of your event and the creation of your mobile application. Get a follow-up before, during and after the event.

Let's set up the best possible application together. A project manager, in our offices in France, will advise you and set up the mobile application event adapted to your event. An email and a direct phone line to ensure you get a quick response!


1 million+ users and 500+ international customers

The advantages of the solution


Intuitive and accessible
to all




100% reliable and


App & Platform

The steps to set up

I access the back office and the preview

Access your dashboard to configure your mobile application independently or call your dedicated project manager directly.


I define my graphic charter

Integrate your logo and banner and immerse your visitors in the world of your event.


I choose my features

Select from a wide range of features to make your event unique: program, interactive map, networking, push notifications, etc.


I add my content

Add the content of your choice: event program, exhibitor/speaker sheets, key information, etc. Save time by letting your project manager integrate 100% of your content.


I define the publication date

Preview your content before publication. Publish your mobile application in one click and you're done!

Frequently asked questions

Is the event app customizable?

Of course it is! The event application allows you to add fully customized modules. Choose the features and our teams will take care of the rest.

For which types of events is my application designed?

For all types of events : conferences, festivals, meetings, debates, presentations, round tables, seminars, symposiums, conventions, gatherings, events.

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