The Beacon Technology

Our algorithm linked to our Bluetooth beacon, automatically and intelligently offers to your visitors the most relevant information possible in the best place in your trade show and at the right time. No need for a QR code to scan or contactless technology that requires an action from the user !


No electrical connection required. 5 year battery life. Remote monitoring of the beacon’s battery level.


An adjustable signal range of up to 80m radius. Made in Europe and equipped with the latest Bluetooth technologies.


Resists extreme temperatures (-20°C / + 60°C), rain, frost and snow. IP65 standard.


No interference with existing services (wifi, microphones, speakers, screens, etc). Security coprocessor with AES encryption for optimal security.

The advantages of Beacon Technology

Personalized information

Thanks to beacons, the most relevant information automatically goes to the top of the list and is presented with a color code indicating the proximity between the marked point of interest (stands, heritage sites, spaces, etc.) and the visitor.
Depending on the trail and the content viewed, personalized information is automatically presented to the visitor using the beacon’s Bluetooth signal.

Micro-localized notifications

As their visit progresses, personalized information is triggered at the best time as soon as the visitor passes near a beacon linked to their trail.
Our algorithm coupled with our beacons enables information to be triggered by waking up the visitor’s smartphone even if the visitor’s application is closed and the smartphone in his pocket.

Exclusive contents

Thanks to the precision of the Beacon, the content presented can take several forms depending on the type of trail chosen (example for a heritage trail -> audio story by historians, period photos of heritage sites, educational video and treasure hunts for children).
The aim is to provoke visitor traffic in strategic places and to encourage them to take action.

Advanced statistics

Thanks to our beacons, we also collect micro-localized statistics (obtained to the nearest meter) which cannot be retrieved with the geolocation of smartphones. This allows us to obtain and analyze (even inside buildings), statistics on flows, time spent and visitor numbers.

These data then allow us to set up predictive marketing strategies based on the profiles and habits of the visitors detected (typical routes, content and products consulted, types of places visited, etc.).

Questions about the Beacon technology ?

Beacons do not need an internet connection to work. The visitor must use an internet (3G / 4G or wifi) to download the mobile application and its content. He can then enjoy his visit without the need for an internet connection.
This is in no way a problem for the use of the application. Indeed, the user only needs to detect the beacons located in the in which he is located and not the beacons located outside.
Beacons are compatible from Android 4.3 and iOS 9.
There are several ways to attach the beacons.
In an event, with our practical hook-and-loop tape system developed by our company Imagina.
In a permanent place, with a removable glue, screwing or adhesive system.
The signal is not harmful to visitors and animals. Indeed, the Bluetooth signal is less powerful than a Wifi of GSM.
For example, the transmit power of a Bluetooth beacon is 1000 to 2000 times lower than a mobile phone.
We have developed an algorithm that avoids any interference by prioritizing the signals.