Privacy policy

Last change date : 01/10/2015

You can us our services for all sorts of reasons - to share data, to communicate with other peoples or create some new contents. By sharing your data with us, for example when you create an Imagina Network account, you allow us to further improve our services - by improving the advertisements' and results' relevance that are proposed to you, by helping you establish contacts or by easing and accelerate the sharing of your data. As an user of our services, we wish that you understand how we use your data and how can you protect your private life.
Our confidentiality rules explain :

  • the data we collect and the reasons we collect them.
  • the way we use theses data.
  • the functionalities that we propose to you, including how to access your data and update them.
We strive to be as clear as possible. At Imagina Network, we care about preserving your personal data privacy. As a result, whether you are a new user or an usual Imagina Network user, take the time to discover our practices and, if you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Data we collect

The data we collect are used to improve the services proposed to users. It can be basic data, like the language you use, or more complex like which advertisements you find more useful or the peoples you are the most interested in on the Web.
We collect data in two ways :

  • Data you provide : to access our services, you often have to openan Imagina Network account. In this case, you provide personal data, like your birthdate. When you sign up, we are led to create a public Imagina Network account, which can include your name and photo.
  • Data we collect as when you use our services : we can collect data relating to the services you are using and the use you have with them, for example when you visit a website which uses our advertisements services or when you watch our advertisements and our content and interact with thoses elements. Theses data includes :
    • Data you provide :
      to access our services, you often have to openan Imagina Network account. In this case, you provide personal data, like your birthdate. When you sign up, we are led to create a public Imagina Network account, which can include your name and photo.
    • Data we collect as when you use our services :
      we can collect data relating to the services you are using and the use you have with them, for example when you visit a website which uses our advertisements services or when you watch our advertisements and our content and interact with thoses elements. Theses data includes :
      • The way you used the concerned service, such as search requests
      • your ip adress
      • cookies allowing to identify your browser or your imagina network account in a unique way.
    • Localisation data
      When you use a Imagina Network localisation service, we can collect and process data relating to your exact position, for example GPS signals sent by a mobile device. We can also be led to use different technologies allowing us to locate yourself such as the data from your device sensors allowing for example to identify the Wi-Fi and cell towers nearby.
    • Local storage
      We can be led to collect and store data (including personal data) on the device you are using, using some mecanisms like storage on web browser (HTML5) and data caches application.
    • Cookies and anonymous logins
      When you access to an Imagina Network service we use different technologies to store some data, for example by sending one or several cookies or anonymous logins onn your device

How we use collected data

The data we collect through our services allows us to provide them, maintain them, protect them and improve them, while developping new services and protecting Imagina Network as well as our users. Theses data also allow us to propose you adapted contents, such as advertisments and search results more relevant.
We are likely to use the name given by your Imagina network profile in all of our services that require the use of an Imagina Network account. We can also replace old names associated with your Imagina Network account, this way you can be presented in a coherent manner through all of our services.
When you connect to Imagina Network, we can be led to store a trace of your communication in order to solve better the problems you encounter. We can use your email adress to keep you informed, for example, changes or improvements comming to our services.
We use data provided by cookies and other similar devices to offer you a better usage comfort and improve the global quality of our services.
The saving of your linguistic preferences allows us to, for example, diplay our services in the language you use mostly. When we propose personalised advertisements, we do not associate any cookie nor anonymous login to sensitive data, like race, religion, sexual orientation or state of health.
Personal information your provide for one of our services are likely to be combined with the information from other Imagina Network services (including personal data), for example to ease the sharing of your information with peoples you know.
Any data usage other than thoses that are exposed in this confidentiality rules will necessit yout explicit agreement.
We process your personal data on Imagina Network servers located in France. Your data are likely to be everywhere in France.

Transparency and freedom of choice

The concerns regarding privacy differs from one to anoter person. We wish to show transparency on the way we collect and use data concerning you, so that you dispose of all the elements to make informed choices. You can for example perform the following actions :

  • Control with whom you share your data.
  • Delete data from several of our services.
You can also set your browser in a way that all the cookies are blocked, included cookies relatives to our services, or for being informed about when we are sending you some. However it should be recalled that many of our services are likely not to run properly if you disable cookies.

Data you share

Numerous Imagina Network services allow you to share data with other peoples. Remember that when you share data publicly, they can be indexed by search engines such as Google. Our services propose you several ways to share or delete your contents.

Consultation and personal data update

When you are using our services, we wish that you get access your personal data. In case of error, we ensure that you can update them quickly or delete them, unless if we need to store them for legit commercial use or if the law command it. Avant de répondre à une demande de mise à jour de vos données personnelles, nous pouvons vous inviter à vous identifier.
We reserve the right to decline all unreasonable demand by its repetitive or systematic character, all demand requiring oversized technical efforts (for example the developpement of a new system or a major modification of an existing procedure), compromising the privacy of a third party, or hardly achievable (for example, demands concerning stored data on backup tapes).
Data access and their correction constitute a free service, unless in the case when the service would imply an oversized effort. We take all disposal to protect the data managed within the framework of our services against all accidental or voluntary destruction. Therefore, even when you delete data used by our services, we do not immediately delete residual copies located on our active servers or the ones stored in our backup systems.


Data we share

We only disclose your personal information to third party companies, organizations or individuals in the following circumstances:

  • With your consent
    We do not disclose your personal information to any third party companies, organizations or individuals except with your consent. We always request your permission before disclosing sensitive personal data to third parties.
  • For external processing purposes
    We transmit personal data to our subsidiaries or other companies or trusted persons who process them on our behalf, in accordance with our instructions, in accordance with these Privacy Rules and in compliance with any other appropriate security and confidentiality measures.
  • For legal reasons
    We will only share personal data with third party companies, organizations or individuals if we believe in good faith that the access, use, protection or disclosure of such data is reasonably justified for:
    • comply with legal, regulatory, judicial or administrative obligations
    • to enforce the conditions of use in force, including to note any breaches of these conditions
    • detect, avoid or deal with fraudulent activities, breaches of security or any technical problem
    • se prémunir contre toute atteinte aux droits, aux biens ou à la sécurité d’Imagina Network, de ses utilisateurs ou du public, en application et dans le respect de la loi
We may be able to share openly with our partners (publishers, advertisers or associated sites) aggregated data, not allowing personal identification.
For example, we can openly share data on trends in the use of our services.
In the event Imagina Network is involved in a merger, acquisition or other form of asset disposal, we undertake to guarantee the confidentiality of your personal data and to inform you before they are transferred or subject to new confidentiality rules.

Data safety

We implement all security measures necessary to protect Imagina Network and our users from unauthorized access, modification, disclosure or destruction of the data we hold. In particular :

  • We encrypt most of our services using SSL technology.
  • We offer you two-step verification when you access your Imagina Network Account and a Secure Navigation feature in Imagina Network Chrome.
  • We conduct internal audits on the collection, storage and processing of data, including physical security measures, to prevent unauthorized access to our systems.
  • Access to personal data is strictly reserved for employees, subcontractors and agents of Imagina Network who need to access it in order to process them on our behalf. These persons are subject to strict confidentiality obligations and may be subject to disciplinary action, including termination of employment in the event of a breach of these obligations.

Application scope

This Privacy Policy applies to all services offered by Imagina Network, including services offered on other sites (such as our advertising services), but excludes services governed by other privacy policies, Not incorporated herein.
These Privacy Policies do not apply to services offered by other companies or individuals, including products or sites that may be offered to you in search results, sites that may incorporate Imagina Network services, or others Sites accessible from our services. These Privacy Policy does not cover the privacy practices of other companies or organizations that advertise our services and who may use cookies or other technologies to post and submit relevant ads.

Compliance with regulations

We regularly check that we comply with these Privacy Rules. When we receive a written complaint, we contact the user to follow up on his / her action. We cooperate with the competent authorities, including the local data protection authorities, to resolve any disputes concerning the transfer of personal data that we can not directly settle with the user.


These Privacy Policy may change. Any reduction of your rights under these Privacy Rules can not be enforced without your express consent. We will post any changes to the privacy policy on this page and, in the case of material changes, will issue a highlighted warning (including, for certain services, via an email notification).