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Space and material management


An online and mobile application


Smart office closer to employees


Corporate event

1 million+ users and 1000+ international customers

Space and material management

Organise and adjust your offices and stocks

Reservation of office space

Prepare your meetings in advance, inform your colleagues of occupied offices. Better space management thanks to the interactive map, in real time. Control available or booked rooms.

Material management

Manage your stocks from Imagina. Group all your employees’ requests and define the list of the material you have.

Detailed data export

Export all information and data to adapt your stocks and spaces to the needs and uses of your employees.
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Connected company, an online & mobile application

A required tool to grow your business.

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Personalised schedule

Let your team know about upcoming company events, important meetings, future seminars. A general schedule for your entire company.

Targeted Push Notifications

Send reminder notifications to your employees. Alert your teams to last minute information. Remind people of work deadlines by notifying them.

Information & documents

Centralise your documents, sort them by categories and file the reports of your meetings in a single tool. Consolidate all your information in one place, keep documents for long periods of time so that nothing is lost.

Smart office closer to employees

Bring your team together and create a real company dynamic.

Timeline & Social Wall

Post the latest company news and group photos. Build a real team spirit and integrate new recruits as soon as they arrive thanks to this drop-down menu of your company life.

Votes and questionnaires, an active company.

Have your employees vote on the implementation of new projects. Make your meetings dynamic with the possibility of projecting the results of a survey, a word cloud or a questionnaire. Directly or before your meeting, get your whole team involved.


Gather all the small problems or needs of your employees, the requests for materials. From the report, your team will be able to report and detail their needs, allowing you to have a written trace and a follow-up of the requests.
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Corporate events

Simplify all your internal and external events.

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Registration for internal events

Organise your events with online registration, create the questionnaire of your choice and prepare your business trips in the best possible way. A seminar, team building or a trade fair, get all the information you need in advance.

Events program

Planning of events, the upcoming seminars, combine everything in one program. Give all the information about the future event to simplify the organisation and give your employees advance notice.

Instant messaging

Use our instant messaging and private chat to communicate directly with your team on the move. Enable your employees to communicate quickly and easily.

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    Digital Innovation of the City of Brussels

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    ✅ Selected

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    🏆 Laureate

    Tourism & Digital

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    🥇 1st Prize Digital Innovation

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    Frequently asked questions about internal communication tools in companies

    Are new tools being developed?

    On the internet, it is easy to find many digital platforms, and they logically offer updates and new versions that continue to emerge. Renewal is important to meet the expectations of companies as much as possible. Imagina already offers many tools for users to improve communication within a company, which improves productivity at work. It acts like a giant cloud where any collaborator is free to interact, post, respond to a survey, report a problem... it is a real space dedicated to work life.
    Yes, the platform is constantly evolving, and a new set of innovations is in development. Being able to order a taxi, having a sports agenda... the future tools will further improve the daily life of your associates.
    Stay tuned to be informed of new features!

    How can I improve communication in my company?

    The application offers many possibilities to improve internal communication within an establishment, through meetings, visual aids, public displays, monthly consultations... In person, messages can sometimes be difficult to convey to everyone, whereas the importance of communication should be a priority to ensure good productivity at work.
    This is where Imagina comes in, and offers the ideal intranet for you and your agents. With equally useful functions, which are easy to use, innovative and intuitive, they are used with pleasure by the users.
    A company can choose to have more and more software to organize schedules, personal chats, tasks to be performed... The Imagina application brings together all these software in one!
    To improve links and create an effective communication channel, it offers numerous functionalities, such as the interactive map, networking, video broadcasting, office booking...

    The tools are easy to use, and the management and staff are equipped to manage their daily work routine.
    Looking for an intuitive, versatile, and handy app? You're in the right place!

    How can I communicate better with my colleagues?

    Intranets are perfect for promoting communication within a company, but sometimes a lack of knowledge about their functionalities makes them difficult to use. With Imagina, no knowledge is required, as its app is very accessible. At first glance, physically going to talk directly with your colleague is the simplest way to communicate. However, this technique can be negative. Interrupting a phone call, a thought, or an email can be perceived badly by your colleague, who may not be attentive to your request.
    Whereas an instant chat remains the ideal tool to communicate effectively with another collaborator. To share documents or files, discuss a layout... it is like Slack inside a much more complete application. Like Teams, it is also possible to make video calls.

    Can I communicate with my hierarchy?

    It is sometimes difficult to access your hierarchy because they are often traveling, unavailable, or already occupied. A question that remains unanswered can stop an activity and delay the return of a file. Here again, chat is perfect for solving these problems. Messaging brings together all users, including your hierarchical superiors. Having the ability to easily communicate with everyone is very important within a company.

    You can use the instant messaging system for any reason. More indirectly, you can respond to questions, surveys, and word clouds set up on the application. Ideas and feedback should be able to be transmitted naturally and simply, and collaboration will only be better.
    So yes, you can have written dialogues with your superiors and even video calls via the application. The best of what is available to you!

    What is the true objective of smart offices?

    The objectives of smart offices are multiple. To improve work management, communication with employees, event planning, and sharing visual resources. It is a dynamic tool with multiple features to improve daily work life. Effective features and tools are available to improve interaction among your staff. Possibilities are vast from a computer or a phone.

    In summary, the Imagina app provides targeted real-time information, creates interactivity within the group, manages events, offers document storage for your collaborators, allows online booking of offices and equipment, detects and centralizes reports within the company, and enhances communication through live chat. The knowledge and ideas of our experts are utilized to offer ever more innovative services and solutions. Stay connected!

    What are the benefits of this digital support?

    Imagina has implemented a simple, intuitive, versatile, and economical application with many possibilities. Rapid and instant dissemination of information is possible. Today, companies must be connected to be attractive and make all employees collaborate evidently. The chat tool is ideal to encourage all associates to discuss company issues and professional matters. All the features of other applications are combined into one. A project and content customized to your image. Don't wait any longer!

    What are the internal communication tools?

    The action plan of a SharePoint solution may vary, but the strategy of Imagina is simple, to improve the daily life of your company. To achieve this, it offers an innovative intranet. Inform your collaborators in real-time with instant messaging, create interactivity among collaborators, manage your events, consolidate data, reserve offices and equipment, and solve problems.

    The software user shares and receives content. Information circulates rapidly, and the display is on the phone or website. The mailbox is no longer cluttered with frivolous emails, and work life becomes easy.

    Does the application improve communication with my employees?

    Every company must ensure efficient data transmission to ensure its sustainability. The primary objective of creating this app is to be complete. Collaborators must be able to find all necessary information. Like Slack, instant messaging is available to improve internal communication. A newsfeed allows posting videos, photos for the entire company.

    Does booking of offices go through a calendar?

    Yes, The display is through a dynamic calendar available on the web app and mobile application. Proper management of reservations contributes to worker productivity.
    Users of this software see the content live in the form of a calendar, and everyone knows the available slots.

    Both staff and management schedule appointments around this calendar. One of the many tools available at Imagina.

    Can I cancel my office reservation at the last minute?

    Of course, up until the last minute. Even if the commitment has already been made, unexpected events can happen. Here again, the reservation allows for better internal communication, with the strategy of optimizing the use of offices.
    The intranet shows its effectiveness here, with the use of tools provided by the software, internal communication will improve.
    A time gain is a money gain. Imagina meets your requirements. A functional app for all employees, intuitive and modern. Its advantages are numerous, Imagina is the portal of all possibilities.

    Is it necessary to make a prior request before borrowing equipment?

    It is possible, but not mandatory. The services of the application are diverse and optional, the experience on the app should be the best possible.

    The company chooses what interests it, the application is adaptable. It is no longer necessary to search on Google or Microsoft for applications to improve internal communication, you have found it!

    If I damage the borrowed equipment, can I report it on the application?

    Yes, it is possible. The application always has a solution, and the reporting tool is useful in this case.
    This tool allows for quickly detecting, centralizing and resolving reports raised within the company. A real collaborative effort to solve internal problems detected by app users as quickly as possible.

    Damaged equipment must be reported, thanks to Imagina's solution, a few clicks are enough to provide all the necessary information to resolve the problem. The relevant department is contacted directly.

    Can I consult my colleagues' schedule?

    Yes, it is entirely possible. Certain functions of this application may have limited use.
    The organization of one's schedule is personal, and its content can be made available to other colleagues if they are authorized to access it.
    Communication is then facilitated, no need to send an email or messages, displaying schedules is sufficient to inform the entire team.
    Conversely, if schedules must not be available for confidentiality reasons, it is possible. The management can, for example, choose to make their schedule invisible for confidentiality reasons.

    Imagina's app respects each company's strategy. Your project can become ours!

    Can push notifications be scheduled?

    Several possibilities are given for notifications. To begin with, notifications can indeed be programmed and sent to all employees. During internal company events, or to share common tasks or to notify about the deadline for file submission.
    Then, push notifications can be programmed only for certain people, depending on the department they belong to, for example.
    The software allows great flexibility in the use of its features.
    Notifications allow great interactivity between colleagues in the same group, and internal communication is clarified.
    Collaboration becomes easy and all employees receive information in real-time. If your goals are to encourage instant communication, employee engagement and precise project display, this application is for you!

    I am looking for an upcoming event, can I see it on the application?

    Searching for a future event is entirely possible, users can find practical information there. The cloud represented by the software contains the necessary data related to work.
    Conducting events within the company is achievable, such as business games, or networking.

    The user, without even going through the internet, has access to all the internal services of the company. A modern application, for a pleasant experience. The available services will satisfy you!

    Do employees have access to the company's general schedule?

    Employees can have access to the general schedule or not. A system of rules and administration rights is put in place. The persons and services concerned must be selected.

    Companies are free to choose their administration system, according to the objectives sought. All staff can have access if necessary. Everyone can add their appointments and tasks to make the general schedule dynamic.
    Otherwise, employees do not have access and can only consult it for information purposes.

    Internal communication always remains a priority, and each company organizes it as they wish. Employees are always equipped with tools, but access can be restricted if that is the desire of the management.

    An offer to seize, for your agents who have access to a free version, and features that you choose!

    Can videos be posted on the newsfeed?

    Like a digital blog, it's entirely possible! The best tools are offered by Imagina. An online chat on the mobile or web application (available on Google, Microsoft...). With the newsfeed, a photo, video, or text can be shared with everyone.

    It's a pleasure page, next to the workplace, to decompress and support collaboration. The idea is not to use it as an interface to exchange files or tasks but to post enjoyable moments.

    Visibility access is to be defined with each client. A blocking system can be put in place if desired.

    An internal Instagram, anyone? Top, us too!

    Do employees have access to the newsfeed?

    The social wall is the internal newsfeed of the company. A page dedicated to communication between colleagues. A private network where everyone can express themselves. The goal of this SharePoint is to create a discussion portal among all members of the company. All agents are collaborative and everyone is free to post what they want: a photo, a text, any ideas that come to mind!The goal of this SharePoint is to create a discussion portal among all members of the company. All agents are collaborative and everyone is free to post what they want: a photo, a text, any ideas that come to mind!

    A modern way to encourage internal communication, with these tools. Forget about the formal software where employees are limited in their choice of posts. From the best selfie to the spontaneous joke, it's a real intranet network.

    Let your imagination run wild while respecting the characteristics and values of the company, and make your colleagues laugh!

    Are my responses anonymous during votes and questionnaires?

    It's up to you, you have the option to choose. The best advantages of the app are its versatility and adaptability. You are the decision maker of the applications you put in place within your company. Neither Google, nor Microsoft, nor Jamespot, decide for you.

    Imagina's ideas can also come to life with you, if our experts are able to create what you want, they will.

    During votes or questionnaires, responses are anonymous if you decide they should be. To ensure greater participation, it is preferable for this to be the case.
    If your internal communication is focused on honesty and frankness, responses can be accompanied by the participant's name. An effective and non-formal way to receive information submitted by the employee.

    The software gives you the keys to promote internal communication, it's up to you to do the rest!

    Why should I use Imagina's smart office to enhance communication within my company?

    It's the best quality-price ratio on the market. A group of professionals, an intuitive platform, functional with optional functions, and technicians available to respond to problems as quickly as possible. Choosing Imagina is an intelligent and economical choice.

    Imagina must respect the image of your company, you give the directions to follow. The app gives your employees the opportunity to be equipped with the best communication tools. Your users have access to a free version, encouraging its use and the desire to collaborate.
    Between private chat, video calls, reporting internal issues, and organizing events, this intranet is a portal of solutions, at your disposal.

    A team of experts remains at your disposal from start to finish. Have a question? Doubtful? The team remains available to answer you. A problem or bug in the application, developers will do everything to resolve it.

    Imagina makes a commitment; to satisfy you no matter what!


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