Customized push notifications for your team

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Communicate live with your teams

Alert your employees of an important meeting, remind them of deadlines for a project to be completed.

Send punctual or recurring notifications in real-time or scheduled.

Target your notifications by team, by department

Customize your messages and send notifications to specific groups of people.

Organize your teams by department to transmit information specific to each group.

Alert the arrival of a client, an appointment

A client or an appointment has arrived in your premises, alert the person concerned directly with a message appearing instantly on their phone.

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Our solution's benefits

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Implementation Steps

Personalized support for the smart office schedule feature

I define my notifications

Write short notifications to indicate the reminder you want to send and select the people you want to send them to.


I schedule them

Choose periods during which you plan to send notifications so you don't forget.


I send instant notifications

For last-minute reminders or urgent information, there is no need to schedule the notification, you can send it instantly so everyone receives it immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I always have to schedule notifications?

No, you can send them instantly so people receive them directly once the notification is launched.

Can we link to content or a website when the person clicks on the notification?

Yes! You can redirect the user to content within the application or to the website of your choice.

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