Streaming conference and workshop


Stream your conferences live and in replay. Open as many rooms simultaneously for your plenary sessions, webinars, web conferences, training and remote workshops. Broadcast pre-recorded videos online. Allow your speakers to share their screen and use their webcam. Give your audience the opportunity to react live via the platform's interactive animations (questions, votes, polls, word clouds, etc).

Meetings and Networking


Let your participants enrich their profile for highly qualified connections.
This type of module allows participants to see the list of people present at an event.


Each visitor can decide whether or not to appear in this list. People can connect with each other to exchange their profile and engage in discussion.
Enrich the meeting with people with similar filters. Participants will have suggestions of other participants who most closely match their interests, resulting in qualified meetings.
Automate meetings between your participants based on their offers and expectations. Have them meet in person or remotely through video calls.


This type of module is very suitable for congresses, conventions and any other professional event.

Instant messaging


Allow your participants to exchange before, during and even after your event.

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