A live question module in writing. Available at any time also during the conferences or workshops with moderation of these questions.


Have your participants vote on the spot and/or remotely on a topic or theme. Project the results on the screen in the form of bar or pie charts.

Word clouds

Display your attendees’ keywords on screen in the room or remotely to animate your round tables and conferences. Filter strategic words from the speaker dashboard.

News feed

The news feed contains status updates, photos, videos, links and activities. You and your visitors can feed this news feed and thus develop interactivity between members.

Personalized push notifications

Schedule in advance or send real-time push notifications. Target them according to the profile of your participants and personalize the messages. Trigger alerts a few minutes before the highlights or last-minute elements of your event. Drive visitor traffic to strategic points.


This type of module allows visitors to participate. The format of this module is fully customisable.

Several questions can be added on each of the event's points of interest. A summary of the right and wrong answers is available.

interactive event question imagina feature

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