The word cloud , the essential tool for your events

Interactivity β€’ Live β€’ Moderation β€’ Keywords β€’ Tags

Animate your presentation with a simple and fun device

Display your participants' keywords on screen, in the room or remotely to animate your round tables and conferences. Involve your participants in a collaborative work from the application or the Imagina platform.

Make the keywords appear and evolve dynamically and live.

Observe the results as your participants write keywords in real time and note the current trends.

Stay in control and activate moderation

Filter strategic words from the moderator dashboard.

Receive a full report after the event of all messages received from your session and the word cloud generated as a result.

Measure the room's opinion and report on trends

Engage all your participants simultaneously through your platform or mobile app and save time by not interviewing each person individually.

1 million+ users and 500+ international customers

The advantages of the solution



App & Platform


Simple and
intuitive tool



The steps to set up

I ask a question on my interface

Simply ask your question via your Imagina space.


I let my participants answer

Allow your audience to share their keywords from their smartphone, tablet or computer.


I moderate the content

Receive the words on your platform and decide whether or not they should appear in the word cloud.


I share the results on a big screen or online

Project the answers on a big screen and see the trend together. The most quoted words appear larger and larger.

Frequently asked questions

Can the word cloud system be moderated?

Of course you can! You have control over your tools, thanks to your simple and intuitive interface. Choose to have the words you want to appear.

Can we propose several words during a session?

Yes, you can choose how many words users can propose: 1, 2, 3, etc.

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