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Energize your presentation with an engaging and enjoyable tool.

Exhibit keywords from your participants, either on-site or remotely, to invigorate your round tables and conferences. Employ collaborative work from your participants, audience via an app or the Imagina platform.

Activate an interactive word cloud to dynamically display and evolve the keywords in real time. Witness the outcomes as your audience submits keywords, noting the current trends and popular responses and answers.

For a seamless experience, our team offers free access to your account, enabling a two-way dialogue with the crowd. Benefit from our profanity filter to maintain professionalism and hide unwanted results.

This tool is perfect for brainstorm ideas, where the most popular words can inform your next steps, making the process truly interactive and audience-responsive.

Harness our free word cloud, interactive word cloud to create word clouds like beautiful word clouds, transforming data into a live word cloud generator, visual spectacle.

Frequently used words gain prominence in the live wordcloud, offering an engaging and dynamic way to analyse and present data.

Keep full control

From the moderator dashboard, create live word clouds and filter strategic words. Block inappropriate words for a clean and professional presentation.

Adjust the maximum number of words and tailor your word collage with a background image to enhance your report.

Post-event, receive a comprehensive account of all messages from your session and the generated free word cloud.

Experience real-time interaction and creation, ensuring every presentation is dynamic and engaging.

Engage all your audience

Thanks to the beautiful word cloud, engage the audience simultaneously through your platform or mobile app, utilizing our free word cloud generator.

Watch as responses materialize into a dynamic tag cloud or word collage without the need for individual interviews, saving your team valuable time.

Our profanity filter enables you to hide inappropriate results, ensuring a professional environment. Select word cloud poll that best fits your needs and watch as your audience engagement soars.

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The advantages of the solution


App & Platform

Simple and
intuitive tool


The steps to set up

imagina collaborator

I ask a question on my interface

Simply ask your question via your Imagina space.


I let my participants answer

Allow your audience to share their keywords from their smartphone, tablet or computer.


I moderate the content

Receive the words on your platform and decide whether or not they should appear in the word cloud.


I share the results on a big screen or online

Project the answers on a big screen and see the trend together. The most quoted words appear larger and larger.

Frequently asked questions

What is a word cloud?

A word cloud is a visual tool where the size of each word signifies its frequency or importance within a text, enabling the identification of prominent themes or patterns. Often used in text analysis, presentations, and marketing materials, these clouds can be made interactive for real-time audience engagement.

This is seen in formats like live word clouds, word cloud polls, and creative live word clouds. Interactive word clouds dynamically update based on user input or data changes. Managed via accounts, these allow real-time monitoring of the word cloud's evolution.

Can the live word cloud system be moderated?

Indeed, you can! You have command over your tools through a simple and intuitive online interface. Select the words you want to feature in your live word cloud.

Our team ensures the collection of data from crowd responses, giving greater prominence to frequently appearing or popular answers. This free and fun method is an excellent way to generate ideas.

Of course, you can also choose to hide results as needed, maintaining control and flexibility.

Can we propose several words during a session?

Absolutely ! You can dictate how many words users can suggest : 1, 2, 3, and so forth. Create a word cloud generator, a beautiful word clouds or tag clouds as visual representations of live polls or brainstormed ideas.

With our word cloud poll feature, watch as the most popular answers which appears, creating a dynamic and engaging experience. You can also select specific blocked words, ensuring the word clouds remain aligned with your objectives.

Price for event-driven word cloud software

Choose your tools from the largest library of features with pricing tailored to your project.

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  • Available on computer, tablet or smartphone

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