The complete and professional website made to measure

Features β€’ Templates β€’ Web β€’ Domain name β€’ Dedicated URL

Design a website that looks like you

Customize your event website with the predefined templates and models. The colors and design are adjustable.

Add pages, photos, menus and submenus according to your choices.

Integrate Imagina functionalities to your website: a program, a ticketing system, etc.


Take advantage of an easy-to-use website

Configure your website on an agile and intuitive platform. A preview system is available to follow the final version as you go along.

Adjust the blocks according to your preferences in a few clicks, you can also adjust your website with the addition of html.

Add a dedicated domain name.

Develop the visibility of your event on the internet

Discover the Imagina platform which gives you the freedom to create, manage and develop your presence on the web.

Take advantage of a responsive version of your website for 100% accessibility on computer, tablet and smartphone.

Create a professional website to promote your business and showcase your event online.


1 million+ users and 500+ international customers

The advantages of the solution

Accessible and intuitive


Adaptable to
all formats


App & Platform



The steps to set up

Customize your website

Choose a template and customize your website.


Add features

Start your website and choose features as you wish.

Optimize the display of your website on all screens and modify it directly from the editor.


Publish your website on the Internet in one click

Get a website online quickly and get more visibility for your event.

Frequently asked questions

Can we customize the website and add features?

Of course you can! Your website is customized. The editor is designed to create a website that looks like you. If you wish to have specific blocks, adding HTML code is also possible.

Can we add a domain name?

Yes, you can choose to add your own domain name. Use a domain name you already have or reserve a new one.

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