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Design a website that looks like you

Customize your event website with the predefined templates and models. The colors and design are adjustable.

Add pages, photos, menus and submenus according to your choices.

Integrate Imagina functionalities to your website: a program, a ticketing system, etc.

Take advantage of an easy-to-use website

Configure your website on an agile and intuitive platform. A preview system is available to follow the final version as you go along.

Adjust the blocks according to your preferences in a few clicks, you can also adjust your website with the addition of html.

Add a dedicated domain name.

Develop the visibility of your event on the internet

Discover the Imagina platform which gives you the freedom to create, manage and develop your presence on the web.

Take advantage of a responsive version of your website for 100% accessibility on computer, tablet and smartphone.

Create a professional website to promote your business and showcase your event online.

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Customize your website

Choose a template and customize your website.


Add features

Start your website and choose features as you wish.

Optimize the display of your website on all screens and modify it directly from the editor.


Publish your website on the Internet in one click

Get a website online quickly and get more visibility for your event.

Frequently asked questions

Can we customize the mini-site and add features?

Absolutely! Your website is customizable. The editor is designed to create the site that represents you. If you want specific blocks, adding HTML code is also possible. Creating a website is personal, and Imagina is your guide. However, you remain in charge of its substance, management, and organization. You can add the elements, articles, and products you want. It's up to you to determine your target audience and to understand the strategy to follow.

Can we add a domain name?

Yes! You can choose to add your domain name. Your website must stand out from your online competitors, with design, blog, and content that make you stand out.

Your online audience will appreciate the clarity of the information available on your site, and your marketing strategy should prioritize making your site visible to your audience.

How can I promote my event via a website?

There are several techniques. The first is sharing information on social networks through online posts. Your audience present on social media can easily interact with you, for example, via private messaging. The second is using SEO, your site must contain relevant data for your target audience. Users searching for a particular event should simply stumble upon your website. Good search engine optimization should attract potential viewers to your events.

Also, let your users leave reviews about their visits. Positive reviews will contribute to your reputation, and negative ones will help you improve.

The event industry is competitive, and a good website will give you visibility that can make a difference. Why not give it a try?

What is a mini-site?

That's a very good question, which needs to be answered. A "normal" website can contain as many pages as it wants, with all the information related to events. Here, the idea is to make a showcase website where essential data will be present. Like an information page, with major components. It's an original marketing development that could increase your event registration rate.

This mini-website is an intermediary infrastructure to attract potential participants to your other events, with clear articles that can be accompanied by visuals. A good way to offer something new without spending hours. A time and money saver, which will be valuable to you in the future.

Choosing Imagina is a strategic choice, with the dual objective of meeting your own needs and satisfying your clients and viewers.

How can I customize my website?

Like all the tools Imagina offers, they are customizable. The objective is to provide a fully customizable tool to make your event website a unique place. The experience begins on your online portal, and guests must have the desire to attend your event in person.

That is why it is essential to create a unique website that reflects your identity. You decide on the design and composition, and the creation belongs to you. In one or two pages, you must create the image of your company, where your participants will recognize your identity. Everyone must be able to personalize their broadcasting site, thanks to the various functions available on the Imagina application.

To discuss this further, do not hesitate to contact one of our experts, who will be happy to answer your questions. If you are looking for innovation for your future events, Imagina is the solution!

There are other websites, why choose Imagina?

There are many agencies that offer website creation, and making a choice can be complicated. Creating a website involves many challenges. Its design can be complicated, and Imagina exists to facilitate this part of your project. Simple-to-use modules, original creation, for optimal navigation. Visitors to your website will find the essential communication for the day of your event, a mini blog to explain your concept, with potentially the opinions of previous visitors.

You can search for other sites for the creation of a blog, for example, but with Imagina, it's simple, clear, and intuitive. In addition to social media sites, a ticket sales page, an event company must stand out, and this concept of a mini website can be the solution. It's up to you to make your choice, compare, search, and choose. Take all the important points into account to find the perfect fit. Don't hesitate any longer and contact Imagina for more clarification.

Trust us to improve your marketing, modernize online information sharing, and deepen the promotion of your event.

Is the Imagina application specialized in event promotion?

Yes, absolutely. The Imagina application is partly dedicated to hybrid, physical or virtual events. Over time, functions multiply, and clients evolve (+800 to date) To boost your event, Imagina offers several practical functions such as online ticketing, interactive maps, personalized notifications, badge scanning, instant messaging, registration forms, and live news feeds...

On a single application, all these instruments will help you organize your event before, during, and after. The novelty is the website. You can add photos, menus according to your desires. Also, the possibilities mentioned above, such as the online program or online ticketing to facilitate the sale of your tickets (paid or free).

Before posting your website, a preview is possible to ensure that you like it and that your audience will find it user-friendly. Imagina is a team of experts, professional and available. An event takes preparation, and the application will become your right-hand man!

What are the tools of event communication?

They are very diverse and depend, moreover, on your needs and expectations. An event agency specialized in corporate seminars will not have the same desires as an event company that organizes international conferences. At Imagina, there are many functional tools available such as interactive floor plans, online ticketing, badge scanning, instant messaging, and online appointment scheduling, just to name a few.

The tools must be intuitive so that participants can use them. The event world is constantly evolving, and one must be able to adapt to remain competitive. These tools facilitate organization, and guests will remember your professionalism.

The website tool to promote your event is also an effective tool that you should consider!

On which platforms is the website available?

The Imagina application aims to be intrusive, and therefore, it is available on all platforms. Whether on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, anyone can download Imagina. For your website, the same thing applies; visibility on all platforms allows you to reach more people. Management is not more complicated, since a website template is sufficient to make it visible everywhere.

There is no extra work in developing your website, as Imagina takes care of everything. You give your opinion on all aspects of the site, with the goal being to catapult your event, but the management remains in your hands.

If you have any questions, video calls with our experts are possible, and they remain available throughout your project.

What features are available to highlight important dates?

In order to alert visitors about important dates, Imagina has the solution. With some examples of our features such as email sending, push notifications, or personalized agenda, you can count on us to inform your participants. Thanks to our designs, visitors will be informed in the best way about important dates, so they don't miss your event.

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