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Design a website that looks like you

Create your bespoke event website using Imagina's pre-designed models suitable for both free event website and premium plan. Customise the colors and design to match your personal style and event branding.

Effortlessly add pages, images, menus, and submenus tailored to your preferences. Incorporate a range of features into your website seamlessly, such as a programme, ticket sales, and more.

With Imagina, experience a comprehensive, professional and incredibly easy custom-made website solution for your events. Make use of event templates, ensure everything works smoothly, cater to your attendees, and enjoy the incredibly user-friendly features that make creating your event website a breeze.

Take advantage of an easy-to-use website

Set up your website on a nimble and user-friendly platform. Utilise the preview system to track the final version as you progress.

Customise the blocks according to your preferences with just a few clicks. Effortlessly adjust your website by adding HTML elements as needed.

Incorporate sponsors, tools, pages, schedules, template, resources and save time while tailoring your website to perfection. Discover the effortless experience of an intuitive website, designed to meet your needs.

Develop the visibility of your event on the internet

The Imagina platform, empowers you to create event website. With Imagina, you can effortlessly build a professional website to promote your business and showcase your event online, as well as create a custom free event website.

Benefit from a fully responsive design, ensuring 100% accessibility across all devices computers, tablets, and smartphones. With the addition of a custom domain, you can establish a unique identity for your website and attract more customers.

The Imagina platform offers a free home page that enables you to welcome visitors and provide essential information about your event. Moreover, you can track attendees, allowing you to manage your event effectively and ensure an enjoyable experience for all.

Experience the freedom of building your online presence with the Imagina platform, the perfect tool for business owners and event organizers alike.

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The steps to set up

imagina collaborator

Customize your website

Choose a template and customize your website.


Add features

Enhance your Imagina event website with added features

Begin your website journey and select the features you desire to create a tailored experience. As a host, you can optimise the display of your website on all screens and easily modify it directly from the editor.

In addition to event registration form, the Imagina platform enables you to manage selling tickets and promo codes, providing a seamless process for both you and your attendees.

Take control of your event's online presence and create a unique experience for your audience with the Imagina event website.


Publish your website on the Internet in one click

With the Imagina events website, effortlessly publish your website on the Internet with just one click

Rapidly establish an online presence and gain increased visibility for your event by creating a website that showcases your brand and manages both registration and upcoming events. Cater to a diverse audience by promoting in-person events alongside your online offerings.

Take advantage of the Imagina platform to efficiently manage your events and provide a centralized location for all relevant information, ensuring your attendees can easily access everything they need.

Frequently asked questions

Can we customize the mini-site and add features?

Definitely! The Imagina event website offers extensive customization options to help you create a site that truly represents your event branding. The editor is designed to be user-friendly, so no coding skills required to craft the perfect event management platform for your online events or in-person gatherings.

Can we add a domain name?

Yes! You can choose to add your domain name. Your website must stand out from your online competitors, with design, blog, and content that make you stand out.

Your online audience will appreciate the clarity of the information available on your site, and your marketing strategy should prioritize making your site visible to your audience.

How can I promote my event via a website?

There are several techniques. The first is sharing information on social networks through online posts. Your audience present on social media can easily interact with you, for example, via private messaging. The second is using SEO, your site must contain relevant data for your target audience. Users searching for a particular event should simply stumble upon your website. Good search engine optimization should attract potential viewers to your events.

Also, let your users leave reviews about their visits. Positive reviews will contribute to your reputation, and negative ones will help you improve.

The event industry is competitive, and a good website will give you visibility that can make a difference. Why not give it a try?

What is a mini-site?

That's a very good question, which needs to be answered. A "normal" website can contain as many pages as it wants, with all the information related to events. Here, the idea is to make a showcase website where essential data will be present. Like an information page, with major components. It's an original marketing development that could increase your event registration rate.

This mini-website is an intermediary infrastructure to attract potential participants to your other events, with clear articles that can be accompanied by visuals. A good way to offer something new without spending hours. A time and money saver, which will be valuable to you in the future.

Choosing Imagina is a strategic choice, with the dual objective of meeting your own needs and satisfying your clients and viewers.

What event management software features does the Imagina platform offer to help me organise, promote, and manage my events seamlessly ?

The Imagina platform offers a comprehensive range of event management software features designed to help you organise, promote, and manage your events seamlessly. With a user-friendly website builder, create an event website that matches your brand becomes effortless. Key features of the Imagina platform include ticket sales integration, allowing you to sell tickets directly through your website and manage the entire process with ease. The platform's resource management tools enable you to allocate resources effectively, ensuring every aspect of your event runs smoothly.

How can I customise my event management platform to provide all the essential event details, such as location, event schedule, and speaker information ?

Choose a template:

Select a suitable template from the range of pre-built designs available on the Imagina platform.

Customise the design:

Utilise the user-friendly website builder to modify the template according to your event's branding and visual identity. You can change colors, fonts, images, and other design elements to match your event's theme.

Add essential pages:

Create dedicated pages on your website to provide all the crucial event details.

Update content:

Fill in the necessary information on each page, such as the event venue, date, time, schedule, speaker bios, and any additional details that yours attendees might require.

Embed maps and multimedia:

To help visitors find the event location easily, embed interactive maps on the location page.

Integrate registration and ticketing:

Effortlessly set up an event registration form and ticketing system within your website using the intuitive website builder that the event management platform provides. This feature allows potential attendees to sign up and purchase tickets directly from your site, whether it's a free event or a paid one.

Effortlessly set up an event registration form and ticketing system within your website using the intuitive website builder that the event management platform provides. This feature allows potential attendees to sign up and purchase tickets directly from your site, whether it's a free event or a paid one.

The builder makes it easy to manage ticket sales and streamline the registration process, ensuring a smooth experience for both you and your attendees. Enhance your event management capabilities with the Imagina event website platform.

By following these steps, you can create a customized event website on the Imagina platform that provides all the essential information for your attendees and reflects your event's unique identity.

How do the analytics tools on the Imagina platform help me track and analyse the performance of my event websites to improve future events ?

The analytics tools on the Imagina platform empower you to track and analyse the performance of your event websites without requiring any coding skills. These tools provide valuable insights, helping you improve your future events.

By offering a simple layout and user-friendly interface, the analytics tools work fine for users of all experience levels. They allow you to monitor various aspects of your event page, including visitor traffic, user behaviour, and engagement patterns.

The hosting and analytics tools integrated within the Imagina platform enable you to assess the effectiveness of your event promotion efforts, identify areas for improvement, and adjust your strategies accordingly.

How can I create an event by Imagina's platform ?

Create your event using the Imagina application is a straightforward process. Start by selecting from a variety of event themes that best represent your event's style and purpose. Customise the event page to match yours branding and include all relevant information, such as the event schedule, location, and speaker details.

Next, set up event registration to allow attendees to easily sign up for your event. The Imagina application provides tools for collecting RSVPs, making it simple to manage your guest list and ensure a smooth registration experience for your attendees.

Finally, integrate ticket sales directly into your event page. The Imagina application offers a seamless ticketing system that enables you to sell tickets, manage inventory, and keep track of sales, all in one place. By utilizing event management platforms, you can create an engaging and well-organized event that is easy for your attendees to navigate and enjoy.

On which platforms is the website available?

The Imagina application aims to be intrusive, and therefore, it is available on all platforms. Whether on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, anyone can download Imagina. For your website, the same thing applies; visibility on all platforms allows you to reach more people. Management is not more complicated, since a website template is sufficient to make it visible everywhere.

There is no extra work in developing your website, as Imagina takes care of everything. You give your opinion on all aspects of the site, with the goal being to catapult your event, but the management remains in your hands.

If you have any questions, video calls with our experts are possible, and they remain available throughout your project.

What features are available to highlight important dates?

In order to alert visitors about important dates, Imagina has the solution. With some examples of our features such as email sending, push notifications, or personalized agenda, you can count on us to inform your participants. Thanks to our designs, visitors will be informed in the best way about important dates, so they don't miss your event.

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