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Increase voter engagement

Encourage every voter to cast their ballots either on-site or remotely on a variety of topics, themes or to hold elections. Depending on your preference, you can project your poll results live on-screen or choose to keep them confidential.

Leverage the secure online system for your general meetings, board and president elections, seminars, association events, and more.

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Secure votes

Engage your audience by informing them they have the option to choose whether their participation will be anonymous or not.

The Imagina event voting platform provides a secure environment where voters can feel confident that the vote is being correctly registered and counted. This platform can greatly enhance the level of engagement and interaction during an event (meeting, conference, election...), as participants feel they have actively contributed.

Measure the results and preferences of participants

Create new event participation dynamics with interactive online polls and see measurable real-time results about voter preferences.

View participation statistics directly from your dashboard and export results. This not only provides you with instant insights into the opinions of those participating but also makes the event more engaging for attendees.

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The advantages of our solution


Easy to
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App & Platform

Steps to set up

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I edit my voting system

Create a secure online voting system via the dashboard. Participants can vote from the online platform or on the Imagina mobile application, engaging them throughout the entire week of your virtual meeting.

The real-time voting feature allows for immediate responses, keeping attendees involved and adding a dynamic element to your event.


I customize my elements

Configure your voting system to suit your audience's needs, decide on the number of answers per person, the number of votes per participant, the type of graph to display results, whether the ballot is anonymous or not, etc., all through the software platform.

Using the Imagina platform, you can effectively collect the number of votes, count the number of voters, gather the responses to votes, and measure the results. This comprehensive tool allows you to have a clear understanding of your audience's preferences, making it an invaluable resource for any event or meetings.


I analyze the results

Collect the number of votes, the number of voters, the responses to votes and measure the results.

Frequently asked questions

Is the voting system secure?

Yes, the voting system is indeed secure. All the collected results are visible to you in your personal Imagina Pro interface. This transparency not only reassures our audience and clients but also serves to engage them more effectively.

How many times can I vote? Can I choose several answers?

You have control! The setup allows you to test and customise your voting preferences. You can choose who can vote more than once, how many times, etc.

This module is 100% customisable, making it a versatile tool for any voting or election scenario. It ensures that everyone who has voted feels their contribution is valued and that the election process is transparent and fair.

Is it possible for me to cast my vote anonymously using the Imagina online voting system?

Yes, absolutely. The Imagina online voting system has been designed with the audience's comfort and privacy in mind. It provides an anonymous voting option to ensure every participant feels at ease to express their opinions.

This feature not only enhances audience engagement but also encourages honest feedback.

Can the Imagina event voting platform be integrated with other event management tools or software ?

Yes, the platform is designed to be versatile and can be seamlessly integrated with other event management tools or software.

This integration can help facilitate the task of organising and managing both online and in-person meetings. It simplifies the journey for attendees to participate in online voting, real-time polls, and provides instant progress updates during an event like a meeting.

This comprehensive solution ensures a smooth experience for all participants, whether they're attending in person or virtually.

Is it possible to organise an election with the platform ?

Yes, the Imagina platform is well-equipped to organise elections. It allows you to set up ballots for a variety of candidates and provides a secure and straightforward voting process for participants. One of the key features is the ability to vote anonymous, which ensures that voters can express their choices freely and confidentially.

What type of technical assistance does Imagina offer to participants who might encounter difficulties during voting?

Imagina offers robust technical assistance to ensure a seamless online voting experience during a meeting or election. This support is designed to assist all voters, especially those who may encounter difficulties. The aim is to ensure that the audience can participate fully in the meeting without any technical hindrances. Support can range from troubleshooting voting issues to guiding users through the voting, always prioritising a smooth and accessible user experience.

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