Secure voting

Interactivity β€’ Seminars β€’ General meetings β€’ Board elections β€’ Proxy

Increase participant engagement

Have your participants vote on-site and/or remotely on a topic, theme or to hold elections.
Project your results on screen live or keep them secret.

Use the secure voting system for your general meetings, elections of a board and its president, seminars, association events...


Secure votes

Inform your participants that their answers will be anonymous or not.

Generate your proxies and the number of times a participant can vote.

Measure the results and preferences of participants

Create new event participation dynamics and see measurable results about the participant preferences.

Save time in processing votes. View statistics directly from your dashboard and export results.


1 million+ users and 500+ international customers

The advantages of our solution

Easy to
set up


Immediate and secure




App & Platform

Steps to set up

I edit my voting system

Create a secure vote via the dashboard. Participants can vote from the online platform or on the Imagina mobile application.


I customize my elements

Configure your voting system: number of answers, number of votes per participant, type of graph, display of results, anonymous or not, etc.


I analyze the results

Collect the number of votes, the number of voters, the responses to votes and measure the results.

Frequently asked questions

Is the voting system secure?

Yes, all the collected results are visible to you in your personal Imagina pro interface. You have the choice to make them visible to your participants. The Imagina secure voting system is suitable for your official elections.

How many times can I vote? Can I choose several answers?

You have control over your votes! You can choose who can vote more than once (e.g. by proxy), how many times, etc. This module is 100% customisable. It is also possible to choose several answers if you have decided to do so.

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