The dematerialized satisfaction survey

Feedback • Engagement • Forms • Participation

Collect the opinions of the various participants

Write simple and clear questions to get relevant answers.

Measure your success correctly by evaluating the responses to the survey.

Offer both open and closed questions with single choice, multiple choice (MCQs), drop down menus in your forms.

Ask your participants about their general satisfaction and the elements they liked most or least during your event.


Keep the link and the commitment

Consolidate your links with your participants after the event. With a satisfaction survey, visitors feel they are at the heart of the project and are listened to.

Customize your satisfaction survey and find this functionality directly on the Imagina platform and mobile application.

Improve your next events

Measure the feedback and opinions of your participants to improve your event. Get numerous testimonials following your event with your online satisfaction form. Automate the processing of the results to save time compared to a paper questionnaire.

Adjust, adapt and improve your future events with this information.

Consultez et exportez vos réponses et résultats sous format Excel ou CSV.


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The advantages of our solution

100% customizable


Dedicated and reactive
project manager




App & Platform

Steps to set up

I create my questionnaire

Add your questions to the module and ask your participants about their satisfaction. Propose open or closed questions with single choice or multiple choice answers (MCQ), drop down menu in your forms.


I customize my fields

Define the parts of my questionnaire and adapt the answer possibilities: free fields, single or multiple choice.


I analyze my results

Measure the answers to your questions via your Imagina interface.

Frequently asked questions

What types of questions are possible?

Your survey is yours! You can customize your questions and adapt your answer fields: free response, compulsory or optional answers, check boxes, etc.

How do you get your results back?

Your dedicated project manager will send you a full statistical report on your satisfaction survey following the event. You can also receive each response directly by email.

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