The participatory reporting system

Alerts • Security • Incident reporting

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Benefit from a 100% reliable reporting system

Let your participants report any malfunctions in your event: found object, lost object, incivility, disturbed parking, etc.

React quickly and efficiently thanks to visitor reports. Benefit from a quick and intuitive entry of reports directly from the mobile application.

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Simplify the transmission of information

Allow your visitors to report anomalies and send them directly to the relevant department.

The event's departments can then, from their dashboard, see the geolocation of the reports on the interactive map and can process them and annotate the status: noted, in progress, corrected...

Benefit from an accurate description of alerts

Participants enter a description, a category, photos and the location of the alert in a few seconds.

All types of material problems can be reported (cleanliness, damage, other).

Sending a report triggers an email to the team or person concerned.

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1 million+ users and 1000+ international customers

The advantages of our solution


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The steps to set up

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I define my categories

Choose the reporting categories (cleanliness, lost property, etc.) that you want to set up for your event.


I customize my fields

Fill in your fields to be added to the reporting system: detailed description, email, phone number, photos, location, etc.


I define my addressee’s according to the reporting categories

Define the email addresses of your departments dedicated to the different categories of alerts.


I process alerts

Inform your participants in real time of the progress of the alert (in progress, resolved, etc.).

Frequently asked questions

Can we redirect alerts to several services?

Yes, you can integrate as many redirection email addresses as you wish. This allows you to dispatch the request to different services.

Can we filter the reports?

Yes, your team can filter the alerts and simply decide to select the most relevant ones.

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