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Simplify your registration management

Benefit from an online registration system accessible to all on a single platform.

Track your participants' registrations and data in real time. View the number of people registered for your workshops, conferences, events, activities, etc.

Communicate directly with your participants. Improve the efficiency of your organization and maximize your participation through a single interface.

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Manage your registrations efficiently

Create e-badges, badges or multi-format tickets that can be printed on multiple media. Encourage interaction between your participants by offering them all their key information.

Automatically send emails to confirm to the participant that the registration has been successful.

Make changes at any time. Check registration status in real time.

Download the attendee database and connect to your audience.

Customize your registration forms

Create your own custom online registration platform.

Customize them according to the type of participant: visitor, partner, sponsor, exhibitor, speaker...

Categorize the fields and indicate whether certain information is mandatory or not.

Add steps to your form and separate your questions according to their relevance.

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Tailor your event with forms

Tailor your event according to the type of information collected. The registration form allows you to understand the specific needs of your visitors: conferences, workshops, menus, chosen meal plan, accessibility to the venue, parking, hotels, etc.

Measure the progress of your registrations in order to adapt your decisions.

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Steps to set up

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I configure my registration form

Create your registration form according to your criteria simply via the platform.


I customize according to my needs

Adapt your fields: mandatory information, specific information, optional data, etc.


I follow my registrations in real time

Analyze the data from the forms completed by your subscribers.


I can access my statistics after the event

View your registration statistics via your dashboard. Export your data in Excel or CSV format.

Frequently asked questions

Can we choose to make the registration form mandatory or optional?


Is it possible to organize a multi-date event?

Absolutely! You can organize a multi-date event and specify the different days of access to the event in your form.

What is an event registration platform?

It is a remote event management tool that offers features for creation, promotion, management, and organization. Organizers of online or in-person events can manage reservations, tickets, payments, and every entry in detail. With a comprehensive version including many features, setting up online registration has never been easier.

An event registration platform is a tool for event management that allows organizers to create, promote, and manage events online or on-site while managing invites, tickets, payments, and participants.

What are the key features of event registration platforms?

The tool includes participant, ticket, and payment management, ticketing, email information sending, payment, participant list, registered management, form creation, payment information, and event promotion. Setting up a mobile application system or mini website can also be connected to it, as with Imagina.

Why use online registration forms?

The online registration form allows for managing all aspects of an event in one place. Indeed, online registration can be the solution for better understanding an event, whether for organizers or participants. This system offers many tools and features to use for planning, guest and participant management, while offering a range of marketing modules best suited to your audience using Google Analytics to help promote your event. You can also track guest bookings to control in-person access to the meeting point where your event takes place.

They are used to manage all aspects of their event in one place. This system offers an easy-to-use way to manage guests and participants while offering a range of modules to help promote the event and track registrants.

How do registration platforms work?

They operate by offering an all-in-one online version for their customers. They contribute to the development of an online event project, sending invitation emails, managing participants, paying for each ticket, promoting the event, and tracking guests. They work by offering an all-in-one solution for their clients. They can create an event online, send an invitation email, manage guests, payment for each ticket, promote the event, and track registrants, all from a single online and mobile application.

Is Imagina suitable for all types of events?


Imagina is suitable for a wide range of events, from corporate events to cultural events, as well as training and conferences.

Is the Imagina tool suitable for non-profit associations and organizations?

Yes, Imagina is suitable for non-profit associations and organizations.

How can this type of software help promote events?

This type of software offers marketing tools and solutions using Google Analytics, for example, to help you promote your events and reach a wider audience. Applications include tools for sending email invitations, promoting events on social media, and broadcasting announcements. Indeed, tools such as social media are a solution to increase the visibility and reputation of your event with everyone, not to be overlooked to get maximum positive responses.

How do event registration tools help associations and organizations manage memberships?

The tools offer solutions for managing online memberships and payments with care. The online registration form system also gives organizers the option to follow up with participants and send reminders to obtain positive responses on membership renewal.

How can these software tools help organizers manage the registration and participation process?

Applications facilitate the process by offering online registration service, invitation and guest list management. They also have features to track payments and send payment emails to participants.

What are the benefits for an organizer to use event registration software like Imagina?

Imagina offers a system with all-in-one tools to manage your events, including ticket management, free or paid ticketing. With this feature-rich version, prepare your event with our team with serenity.

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