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Allow your audience to ask their questions live in writing

Allow your participants to react to the questions.
Engage your audience with the dynamic display of questions.

Organize your interactive question and answer sessions. Stimulate your participants and encourage them to participate.

Develop a strong bond with your audience.

Allow the moderator to moderate the questions and display them on the screen

Allow your audience to ask their questions and react anonymously if they wish.

Broadcast the messages directly on the big screens.
Moderate them with your Imagina dashboard accessible on computer, tablet and smartphone.

Understand your audience

Analyze your participation data and find out which session had the highest engagement rate during the Q&A session.

Gather feedback from your audience in real time. Tailor your future events according to the engagement of your participants and the type of event: conferences, meetings, debates, presentations, round tables, seminars, symposiums, conventions, gatherings, events.

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Adapted to your


App & Platform

The steps to set up

imagina collaborator

I add the "Questions" animation to my event

Set up the "Questions" module and develop the interaction of your event.


I choose the different possible options

Configure your animation by activating different parameters (e.g.: anonymity of questions, display order, etc.).


I moderate the questions

Check the questions received and choose whether to display them or not.

Prices for the live question application

Choose your tools from the largest library of features with pricing tailored to your project.

Live questions rate

  • Support by an ultra-reactive project manager
  • Available on computer, tablet or smartphone

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