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Inform your participants to sending push notifications

Send personalized push messages to all your participants, ensuring a well-informed event experience.

Leverage your event app's push notifications feature to trigger alerts a few minutes before the highlights or last-minute elements of your event, keeping attendees engaged and informed.

As an event professional, schedule your notifications, including sponsor notifications, to be sent on a recurring basis or at a set date and time. Then let the system do the work, sending push notifications for all their events.

Good push notifications can serve various purposes such as sending reminders, prompting attendees to take action, or providing updates directly to the user's device. Trust in the power of push notifications to ensure a seamless and well-organized event experience.

Promote more attention to your event by sending personalized and targeted notifications

The ideal medium for this is an app, where you can link to important details and write messages tailored to your audience.

Schedule your notifications according to specific criteria, such as attendees located in a particular area, visitors who have subscribed to the venue or event, or based on pre-filled criteria for a group or target audience. This will result in higher participation rates and better engagement from your attendees.

To provide effective examples and encourage feedback from your audience, avoid sending last-minute changes or too many notifications. Instead, use the app to push messages that are relevant and informative.

Find and manage your notifications easily in the dedicated section of the app, where you can also receive feedback from your attendees.

Develop the engagement of your participants

Enhance the engagement of your attendees (event participants) and drive visitor traffic to strategic zones in your event, such as sponsor booths and upcoming sessions. An essential tool for this is using push notifications.

Use notifications to send targeted messages, promote what you want, and gather feedback. For example, send reminders for a new event, keep attendees updated on the next event, or set a positive mood by sending a message directly before the conference starts. Push notification can also help you collect higher quality responses by encouraging attendees to complete surveys or answer questions.

By effectively leveraging push notification, you can foster a more engaging experience for your event participants and ensure a successful event.

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I choose my desired type of notifications

Choose between instant notifications and scheduled notifications.


I enter the title of my notification

Write an impactful message to attract users.


I select my target content

Decide what content to display when a user clicks on the notification.


I select the visitors to send my notification to

Sample participants to ensure your message is sent to the right people.

Frequently asked questions

Can the event app send push notifications to keep attendees informed about the event schedule?

Yes, the event app is designed to send push notifications to all attendees, ensuring they stay updated about any changes in the event schedule.

How can event organizers use the push notification feature to communicate with attendees?

Event organizers can create notifications, schedule messages, and target messages to specific groups of attendees using push notifications within the event app.

Do attendees need to be subscribed to a specific page on the event app to receive push messages?

No, attendees do not need to be subscribed to a specific page; they will receive push notification as long as they have the app installed and push notification enabled.

Can sponsors use the push notification feature to notify attendees about their sponsor booth and send a push message to promote their booth and activities?

Yes, sponsors can send push messages to promote their booth and activities, engaging with attendees throughout the event.

How do you receive your results back from your event surveys?

Your dedicated project manager will send you a full statistical report on your satisfaction survey following the event. This could include feedback from various surveys such as pre-event, mid-event, and post-event surveys. Mid-event surveys, in particular, can provide real-time feedback that helps you make any necessary adjustments. Mid-event survey questions can be designed to focus on specific aspects of your event while it's still ongoing. After the conclusion of the event, a post-event survey, even if kept short, can provide constructive feedback for you to improve upcoming events.

This feedback can be invaluable for refining your event marketing strategy for events in the future. You can also receive each response directly by email, making the process of gathering feedback more streamlined. In addition, with advanced event survey tools, which could be integrated into your event app, you can easily collect, manage, and analyse participant feedback. Remember, the key to successful events lies in continually improving and adapting based on your attendees' responses.

How do I encourage attendees to complete the survey?

To increase response rates among event attendees, it's essential to make your survey, including both pre-event questions and post-event survey short, simple, and to the point. Carefully crafted event survey questions are key to collecting valuable event feedback, and they can cover a wide range of topics from the event platform used, to the performance of event staff.

You might also consider using open-ended questions to allow survey participants to express their thoughts freely, providing a richer understanding of their event experience. However, do remember to balance these with concise multiple-choice questions to avoid making the survey too time-consuming. To encourage participation, you could indeed offer incentives like a prize draw or a discount for the next event. But beyond that, it's also helpful to communicate the purpose of the survey to your attendees. Let them know that their feedback is vital in the event evaluation process and for measuring the event's success.

This will make them feel valued and more likely to contribute their thoughts. For event marketers and event organizers, the survey can also provide insights into aspects like the effectiveness of their promotional strategies or the impact of event sponsors. A popular metric used in event surveys is the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which measures the willingness of attendees to recommend your event to others. This can be a powerful indicator of overall satisfaction and a predictor of event success. Remember, the goal is to gather insights that will help improve events in the future, enhance attendee satisfaction, and ultimately lead to a more successful and impactful event experience.

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