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Inform your participants

Send personalized messages to all your participants.

Trigger alerts a few minutes before the highlights or last minute elements of your event.

Schedule your notifications to be sent on a recurring basis or at a set date and time. Then let the system do the work.

Send personalized and targeted notifications

Target your notifications according to the profile of your participants and personalize the messages.

Send your notifications according to your criteria: attendees located in a specific area, visitors who have subscribed to the venue or event, according to a group, a target, pre-filled criteria, etc.

Find and manage your notifications easily in the dedicated destination on the application.

Develop the engagement of your participants

Drive visitor traffic to strategic zones in your event.

Use notifications to promote what you want (e.g. send questions, complete surveys, notify an attendee before the conference starts, etc.).

1 million+ users and 1000+ international customers

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Steps to set up

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I choose my desired type of notifications

Choose between instant notifications and scheduled notifications.


I enter the title of my notification

Write an impactful message to attract users.


I select my target content

Decide what content to display when a user clicks on the notification.


I select the visitors to send my notification to

Sample participants to ensure your message is sent to the right people.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible for my participants to set reminders for different events in a program?

Yes, you can have your participants bookmark an event in the program to automatically receive a notification before an event starts.

Does the user have to be subscribed to our page on the app to receive a notification?

No, you can choose to send notifications to everyone who has ever visited your venue/event page. You can also send them only to subscribers if you wish.

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