The customized event program

Events β€’ Speakers β€’ Reminders β€’ Conferences β€’ Favorites

Organize your interactive program

Manage your digital program by theme, speakers, sessions, meetings, etc.

Easily view past, current and upcoming events.

An advanced search bar, a gauge system and bookmarking are all part of their intelligent planning.

Organize the sessions by theme and allow your visitors to easily find their way through the different contents you offer.


Propose a personalized program

Allow your participants to create their own interactive and personalized event program.

Adapt your program to visitors with the "favorites" option. By subscribing to the different events in the program, they receive a personalized notification a few minutes before the start of their event.

Trigger reminder notifications based on their registrations, conferences, workshops, sessions, animations and appointments.

Highlight your important information

Add links for each session (speaker description, satisfaction form, downloadable pdf documents, etc).

Provide an overview of all the activities, schedules, topics, and speakers' names.


1 million+ users and 500+ international customers

The advantages of our solution



Dedicated project


App & Platform



Stages of implementation

I add events to my calendar

Create your events and fill in the important information: title, start date, end date, description, category, location, etc.


I link my modules to related events

Add modules linked to your events (e.g. a gallery to add photos, audio, video, pdf, live documents)


I customize the settings of my program

Add filters that match the "keywords" of your event. They appear at the top of the page of the program module on the application and the online platform.

Frequently asked questions

Can I bookmark events?

Yes, you can! Your participants can adapt their program according to their interests and bookmark several events.

Can I send a notification to my participants when an event is approaching?

Yes, you can choose to send automatic notifications. Your participants will receive an alert when events that interest them are approaching.

Can we categorize events?

Of course, it is recommended to categorize the different interventions to structure your program correctly. You can filter them by date, location, theme...

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