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Create qualified exchanges

Allow your participants to access all profiles from the platform. Connect your participants in person or remotely.

Allow your participants to choose the people they want to interact with before, during and after the event.

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Manage your participants' profiles

Complete or let your participants complete all or part of their profile. Allow them to share their information.

Reference all your participants, partners and exhibitors in the form of lists accessible to all. Filter profiles to simplify exchanges.

Develop targeted interaction

Allow your participants to multiply connections with the right people.

Generate qualified connections according to the needs and expectations of the profile types.

Create private lists of participants accessible according to certain types of participants (partners, sponsors, VIPs, etc.)

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1 million+ users and 1000+ international customers

The advantages of the solution


Simple and







The steps to set up

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I fill in the profile of my participants

Create a list of your participants and exhibitors. Choose the information that should be visible to all or some of the users on Imagina.


I build my own forms

Create your forms to allow participants to fill in their information in an optional or mandatory way: First name, last name, company, status/position, availability...


I customize my filters

Define your search filters within the platform. Categorize your participants by type of position, company, etc. to optimize the access to profiles.

Frequently asked questions

Can profiles be customized?

Yes, you can add fields to build profiles that are 100% unique.

Can participants add additional information to their profile?

Yes, participants' profiles are 100% customizable. They can choose whether or not to display certain characteristics.

Price for the networking platform

Choose your tools from the largest library of features with pricing tailored to your project.

Networking platform rate

  • Support by an ultra-reactive project manager
  • Available on computer, tablet or smartphone

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