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Create targeted one-to-one meetings

Develop your event's network and facilitate exchanges between your participants on site or remotely.

Help your participants by allowing them to schedule one-to-one meetings with the right people for their needs and expectations.

Automate the scheduling system with slots and sessions according to the availability of each person. Trigger reminders before appointments.


Make it easy to book appointments at your events

Design a meaningful appointment experience for your visitors. Make appointments in one click from the Imagina app and/or online platform.

Multiply interactions between participants, exhibitors and partners of an event.

Save time for your participants

Simplify exchanges with the agenda. Once the invitation has been sent and validated by the participant, it is added directly to their agenda.

Take advantage of instant messaging and private chat between participants to anticipate exchanges.

Your participants can contact their contact person in case of delay and reschedule the appointment via the platform or the mobile appointment application.


Take advantage of videoconference meetings

Create one-to-one meetings. Your participants and exhibitors simply meet online to start a face-to-face video conference.

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The steps to set up

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I integrate the list of my participants

Help your participants to organize their meeting schedules by allowing them to book slots with the people they want to meet.


I configure the matchmaking settings

Automate the scheduling of appointments. Let your attendees and exhibitors do it.


I customize the appointment process

Modify appointment settings and rules to accept, delete and reschedule appointments.


View appointments in real time

Track appointments between your participants, exhibitors and partners. Plan meetings yourself, as an organizer, to match appointments according to your criteria.


I analyze the returns

Measure and follow the ROI of your participants. Get statistics on the number of meetings held and their duration. Know what works, what needs to be improved and build loyalty.

Frequently asked questions

In what format are the meetings held?

Appointments can be made physically or virtually directly via the Imagina platform and application.

Can I set up profile categories?

Yes, you can!
The Imagina system is designed to facilitate access to relevant contacts. Thanks to the filters, you can categorize the profiles of your participants: positions, status, companies, requests, offers, etc.

Can we schedule an appointment as an organizer?

Yes, it is possible to accept, cancel and reschedule an appointment. This allows you to match participants whenever a meeting seems opportune or relevant.

What is B2B matchmaking?

B2B matchmaking is a process that allows businesses to connect and create business relationships with other companies in France and internationally, through modern marketing. Through events, trade shows, online platforms or dedicated apps, B2B matchmaking can help companies find potential business partners, or potential customers. At a minimum, it can establish strong relationships and develop their business network, one step at a time. Finally, it can help companies maximize their participation in B2B events and improve their marketing efforts.

Can B2B matchmaking be considered for physical events?

Yes, the idea is to schedule appointments even during physical events. Imagina's solutions allow you to organize your days in advance to optimize the event. The goal for this feature is to improve the networking of each attending company, to connect them through organized interactions using a virtual calendar. All events can benefit from the services offered by Imagina's profile, even those internationally, so go for it!

In what form can the appointment feature be found?

Obviously, in digital form, on your phone, computer or tablet. Concretely, the features of the app are diverse, but their use is easy. Time slots are offered, and with just one click, you can reserve your spot. Intuitive and fast, it is easy for your clients, participants, or exhibitors to organize their day. Business relationships are built on good time management, meetings, and appointments.

Can you contact other participants via the matchmaking feature?

Via the digital app, meetings are requested and then accepted (or not) by the other party. Before the face-to-face meeting, exchanges via virtual messaging are possible. A good way to develop your local or international marketing, before the event. Video interviews are also possible. The participant and the exhibitor just need to meet online, and voila! A platform that contributes to connecting companies, buyers, and customers. What better way to increase your network?

As a participant, if I am running late, can I inform my contact?

Yes, via the platform or meet's mobile innovation. The goal is to reschedule it, and not to cancel it altogether, if possible. Virtual interactions via private messaging allow for this communication. The personalized calendar allows everyone to have optimal organization. Accept the delegation and make Imagina your new partner!

As a salesperson, what are the benefits of using this feature?

The social aspect is taken very seriously by salespeople, in France or internationally. The smooth running of a business relies on good relationships with customers. B2B matchmaking is the future of physical meetings. Easier, more reliable and connected, this feature meets all your criteria. A salesperson will improve their networking thanks to their calendar being previously filled. On the day of the event, an organized day awaits! Ready sessions, participants eager to hear about your projects. By the way, do you want to be one of the new top decision-makers? To be talked about in marketing influence agencies? Focus on creating a complete spider web representing your social network, our feature will accompany you.

Can a dating app help businesses establish new commercial relationships during events?

Yes, that is its primary purpose. The goal is not to sell products, but to organize optimized business meetings during virtual or physical events. In the business world, time and money optimization is crucial, and Imagina's digital matchmaking service contributes to this objective by allowing networking to evolve. After consulting, incorporating other useful tools into your organization, Imagina's functionalities will become your best friends.

Is it an easy-to-use app for event participants?

In the digital age and with web applications, exchanges become digital, through videoconferencing or online messaging. From Paris to the Alps, and even to the French Riviera, the digital offer is constantly increasing. The Imagina app is universal, making it easy to grow your business across Europe and beyond. Users of this digital innovation have no trouble using it. Very intuitive and easy to use, they are guided for a successful experience. All that is needed is to sign up on the application, provide some data, purchase a ticket if necessary, and then schedule appointments with exhibitors. The company, its decision-makers, or even the director can easily organize their time at the trade show or event they are attending. A private messaging system offers additional comfort for participants who can reschedule an appointment, even at the last minute, and move it to another online time slot.

Why Imagina?

The services offered by Imagina are diverse. A simple registration is enough to organize a whole day of meetings. The importance of respecting privacy is essential at Imagina, which asks for minimal data from users, a simple profile with name, first name, and email. Moreover, mutual trust must be established between all actors of the event, without which it does not work. Technically, this functionality is available to all profiles: the company, buyers, and event agencies. Connecting all these actors is easy. Time slots, schedules, videoconferencing, online invitations... all in one menu. Don't spend hours organizing your missions anymore, Imagina's innovation does it for you. Need information or a new event project? Contact us!

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