The custom-made interactive map

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Generate and customize your maps

Generate your event map for trade shows, congresses, indoor and outdoor to guide your participants.

Geolocate your exhibitors. Highlight your partners. Filter your event by stands, levels, rooms, floors, buildings and halls.

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Save time and empower your participants

Help your visitors, speakers and your team to find their way around the event. Easily locate your stands, catering areas, conference rooms, halls or any other service from your event platform and mobile application.

Allow your attendees to simply find the itinerary that fits their needs.

Modernize your management and gain agility

Offer a fluid user experience adapted to all types of media: smartphone, tablet and computer.

Allow exhibitors to prepare their presence at the show in advance and communicate to attract a maximum number of visitors to their stand.

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1 million+ users and 1000+ international customers

The advantages of our solution

Save on
paper plans

App & Platform

Integrated from A to Z
by our teams

Adaptable to all
your media

Steps to set up

imagina collaborator

I generate my map

I easily add my exhibitors, conferences, speakers list, news, images, videos, etc. I can also delegate it to an Imagina project manager. We already have plans of partner events in France (convention centers, exhibition centers, etc.).


I customize my stands and space

I automatically integrate detailed information for each exhibitor so that participants have all the necessary information (photos, video, products, services, PDF brochures, etc.). I add lines on my plan to delimit the different spaces.


I categorize my exhibitors

I sort my exhibitors, services and conferences in order to find them more easily and I integrate search filters.

Frequently asked questions

Can I automatically integrate my exhibitors on the map with their description sheets?

Yes, absolutely, we automatically import your data to avoid double entry.

Can I add floors to my floor plan?

Yes, we integrate the different levels into your interactive map for a perfect representation of your event. There are no floor limits. We can also create basements according to your needs.

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