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Boost your networking with instant messaging

Allow your participants to start conversations with the people of their choice (exhibitors, speakers, visitors, partners, etc.).

Optimize qualified exchanges between your participants with our real-time conversation tool.

Offer them the possibility to continue their conversations even after the event from the mobile application or the online platform.

Create a B-to-B exchange tool

Encourage written exchanges between your participants thanks to the instant private chat.

Participants can consult the list of event profiles, select their addressee’s and send them messages of their choice.

Bring together contacts with common interests.

Generate qualified virtual or on-site exchanges

Search by first name, last name, position or company of the person you are looking for.

Connect your participants in person or remotely.

1 million+ users and 1000+ international customers

The advantages of our solution




Record time
for setup


App & Platform



The steps to set up

imagina collaborator

I activate the instant messaging module

Import the list of your participants or let them subscribe to the module. Display the desired information.


I create filters according to the type of participant

Filter contacts according to your criteria: job status, sector of activity, geographical area, company, etc.


I consult my statistics

Get the number of messages exchanged in your statistical report.

Frequently asked questions

Is it necessary for my participants to send a request to exchange with another person?

You have the choice! You can decide that your participants send a message directly to the person of your choice or that a contact request is required before sending a direct message.

Is it possible to exchange messages before or after an event?

Yes, it is possible to chat before, during and after the event. This way, you can plan your meetings beforehand or keep in touch after the meeting.

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