The real-time gauge system

Meter • Registration • Security • Access control • E-tickets • Limited seating

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Control your capacity before the event

Adapt your capacity to respect the maximum capacity of your rooms, halls and your event venue.

Ask your future participants to register online beforehand in order to gain access to the event or to your rooms depending on the number of places available.

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Follow your entries in real time

Monitor the number of participants entering and leaving your event. Measure exactly how many people are inside your spaces.

Anticipate the number of participants and prepare your access control strategy.

Scan your participants at the entrances and exits to get the number of people present in real time.

Tailor your gauge by area and space

Set a maximum attendance level in your areas: catering area, conference room, workshop area, halls, etc.

View the number of visitors per area.

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1 million+ users and 1000+ international customers

The advantages of the solution


App & Platform




Systeme accessible
to everyone


to your brand

The steps to set up

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I set attendance limits

Ensure smooth access to your establishment while respecting maximum attendance standards. Limit your number of seats at the ticketing/registration stage and/or measure the number of people entering your venue.


I measure entries in real time

Check the number of visitors in real time and stay informed. Place your hosts or hostesses at the entrances and exits of your areas to obtain the number of places in real time.


I consult the accesses

Analyze the attendance data of your event and judge its efficiency.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get statistics?

Yes, your dedicated project manager will send you a detailed report on the statistics collected at the end of the event. You can also have direct access to the statistical data of your event.

Is it possible to use several gauge/counter systems within the same event?

Yes, it is possible to differentiate between several spaces and assign the gauge system to each of them.

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