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Animate your event

Interact on site or remotely with your audience by organizing games and quizzes around the main themes of your event (Team Building, corporate event, seminar, festival...).

Customize your game with the different modes available.

Organize quizzes with attractive visuals, ask questions or simply inform your audience on several subjects.

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Involve your participants

Create a fun experience where your participants can test their knowledge.

Invite your visitors to participate to your game by sending them a notification a few minutes before the game starts.

Display a summary of correct and incorrect answers and offer your participants the chance to try again.

Organize competitions

Boost your event by offering games with a point system. Each correct answer earns points.

Check the answers of the participants from the application or the platform, then select the winner of your contest by drawing lots or manually.

Make your games more dynamic with different types of questions

Encourage your participants to choose one or more answers from a range of proposals thanks to single and multiple choice questions.

Give them more freedom with free-field questions. They can then propose their own answer.

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The advantages of the solution



App & Platform


The steps to set up

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I create my own game

Add the game module to your page, then define the type of game you want to organise: quiz, scenario, enigma, draw. Define the different steps to be created (information, additional points...).


I choose my question types

Then choose the type of question from the choices offered: free field, multiple choice or single choice.


I get the results

Once your game is published, the public can participate from their smartphone, tablet or computer.

View the results in real time from the app or platform and project them or export them as a file.

Frequently asked questions

Is the organizer limited in question?

No, you are not limited. You can create as many questions as you want.

Do the games work with a point system?

Yes, when you create a question, you can assign a certain number of points to it. For each correct answer, participants receive points. May the best person win!

Price for the event-based quiz and game platform

Choose your tools from the largest library of features with pricing tailored to your project.

Rate for the event-based quiz and game platform

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  • Available on computer, tablet or smartphone

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