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Highlight your event

Create a gallery that reflects your event by displaying different types of communication media on your Imagina platform and mobile application.

Give a glimpse of your event by sharing photos and videos of highlights and organize them by theme.

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Inform your participants

Share the documents used during the conferences and workshops of your event to allow a better follow-up of your participants, whether they are present or online.

Present your participants' abstracts, scientific summaries and posters.

Improve the accessibility of your event

Enhance your audience's experience by broadcasting videos and audios explaining your event.

Link your gallery to your event notifications. Your visitors will be directly redirected to the gallery and will be able to view its content.

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The advantages of the solution

Simple and

Integrated from A to Z
by our teams

App & Platform


The steps to set up

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I create my gallery

Add the gallery module to your event page.


I define a section

Create a section, then define the type of media you want to share: photos, videos, audios, PDF, Youtube link, Vimeo link.


I integrate my files

Select your files and drag them into the application. Participants will be able to view them from their smartphone, computer or tablet.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a content limit?

No, you are not limited. You can add as much content as you want.

What formats are accepted?

Several formats are available:

  • Images in png, jpg
  • Videos in mp4
  • Audio files in mp3
  • Files in pdf

Prices for photo, video or audio gallery for events

Choose your tools from the largest library of features with pricing tailored to your project.

Photo, video and audio gallery rates for events

  • Support by an ultra-reactive project manager
  • Available on computer, tablet or smartphone

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