The most agile badge reader on the market

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Simplify the access to meetings

Make it easier for your participants, partners and exhibitors to get in touch with each other.

Maximize contacts by editing a form for each party.

Choose the information you want your participants to see and the information you want to hide.

Let your participants add additional notes to the scanned contact sheets.


Multiply the exchanges between your participants

The Imagina mobile application allows users to scan each other's badge QR codes via the badge reader. This replaces the classic scanner/slide.

Amplify and dematerialize business card exchanges.

Facilitate the integration of your participants' contacts thanks to the export of Imagina data to their CRM in Excel or CSV format.

1 million+ users and 500+ international customers

The advantages of our solution

App & Platform


to everyone


Support from
A to Z


No need for a
scanner / badge reader

Steps to set up

I generate my badges

Develop your access badges for your event quickly and easily.


I personalize my badges

Manage your dematerialized digital cards associated with a QR code or a bar code.


I send my badges

Distribute your badges in PDF format directly to your participants' mailbox from the Imagina platform. Print them on site if you wish.

Frequently asked questions

Can I export my scanned contacts?

Yes, in Excel or CSV format.

With what types of devices can I scan my badges?

Any type of device, you can scan your badges from a tablet or a smartphone, iOS or Android.

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