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Create attendance certificates for your participants

Send certificates to participants who attended a particular session, several sessions or all conferences.

Prove your participants' participation and time spent at the event.

Create certificates of training, conference or course attendance.

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Send your certificates easily

Set up your attendance certificates and we distribute them by email via a precise database.

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The advantages of our solution


Simple and






App & Platform

Steps to set up

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I create my document

Edit the text of the certificate and mention its titles and wording in order to correctly identify the participants: the name, the days of the event, the names of the courses to be validated and the location.


I define the recipients of the email

List your database for participants who want an attendance certificate.


I send the certificates

Distribute the certificate by email to your recipients and justify their presence at your event.

Frequently asked questions

How can I be sure that someone is present?

Thanks to access control, you can know if the participant is present or not at your event as well as the date and time of his presence.

Can the participant request an attendance certificate?

Yes, the participant can request the certificate directly from you. You can also set up an automatic email when the badge is scanned by your team.

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