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Control your entries easily

Easily create your control lists to manage system events, either from your own ticketing system or more typically from the Imagina ticketing system.

This provides a secure and straightforward way to welcome your participants.

Benefit from a versatile tool that you can install on all iOS and Android platforms, forming an efficient access control solution.

Scanning your tickets is a breeze with your smartphone's camera, and understanding the documents is made easy with our system.

For enhanced performance and control of system events, consider the rental of handhelds/scanners offered by our teams.

This option provides additional security and access control, ensuring your event runs smoothly.

Avoid fraud at your events

Boost the security of your entrances with the Imagina solution and its access control system events, a comprehensive system that helps you control events efficiently.

This system can be accessed from your Apple Mac device or any other computer, providing a seamless solution for offline and online use.

Define the number of authorized passages and the system takes control, performing actions to manage the event.

This advanced solution provides access to various features and apps, allowing control over scanning and other tasks to fend off potential threats.

Participants' tickets, whether they are linked to a QR code, a barcode or a wristband, ensure the smooth running of your event.

Customize your entries

Enter your parameters according to your needs.

Choose the number of times the participant can be scanned. You have the possibility to scan the tickets at the entrance and at the exit to know the number of people present in your conferences or event venues.

Create group tickets.

Visualize the entrances in real time

Digitize your event's reception, track arrivals and departures in real time.

Get detailed attendance reports.

Access the attendance report as well as the scan history directly from your interface. The application instantly shows you the level of your gauge by rooms, buildings, halls...

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The advantages of our solution


Support from
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Adaptable to all
your devices


App & Platform

Steps to set up

imagina collaborator

I customize my access control

Modify the parameters you want: the number of authorized scans, activated ticket lists, grouped orders, etc.


I welcome my participants

Streamline the arrival process with access control for participants and make a good impression thanks to the quality and speed of your welcome.


I check the entrances

Scan your participants' tickets in a few seconds. The Imagina functionality has been designed to make your hosts' and hostesses' work easier.


I track the number of tickets scanned in real time

Visualize the number of people present on site in real time. Control your gauge, while facilitating the work of your teams on site. Then export your data.

Frequently asked questions

How can I check the e-tickets presented at the entrance to the event?

It's easy!

With the efficient use of the Imagina Pro application, managing attendees becomes a breeze!

By simply scanning the participant's ticket using the access control feature on the app, you can link each user to their ticket status - validated or not validated.

This process requires nothing more than a smartphone with the Imagina Pro application installed, or a handheld scanner provided by our team.

How to access the list of participants?

Easily and at any time!

Maintain control effortlessly and at any time!

Consult the list of participants directly from your online interface, a system that updates with each new registration.

This system, accessible on your Mac device, allowing control over your events, can provide access to the data stored, including user details and files.

If you wish, you can manage these data offline by downloading the list and processing the data easily.

Additionally, through this system, you can perform actions like sell tickets and manage apps, offering a comprehensive solution for your users.

Can I get statistics?

Yes, your dedicated project manager will send you a detailed report on the statistics at the end of the event. You can also consult them live.

Can we use several access controls within the same event?

Yes, it is possible to differentiate between several control areas (halls, hubs, buildings) thanks to the user-friendly interface.

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