Event management

Interactive map

Generate your event map for trade shows, congresses, 2D indoor and outdoor events to orient your participants. Geolocate your exhibitors, highlight your partners, filter your event by stands, levels, rooms, floors, buildings and halls with a search bar. Everything is 100% customisable (themes, colour codes, rooms, exhibitors and points of interest).

We integrate up to 100% of the content from your simple paper plans, PDF, Google Map and 3D model plan.


User side

Organise your program (themes, speakers, private video sessions...). Allow your participants to create their own customised program and receive reminders.
This type of module allows visitors to prepare their visit by subscribing to the different elements of the program. A notification is then sent to them a few minutes before the event so they don't miss anything during their visit.


The program module also allows you to present articles related to each event (description of speakers, satisfaction form, etc.). You can see at a glance the past, current and future events.


This type of module is adapted to present the program of a festival, the conferences and animations in a tradeshow as well as the cultural and sports program in a city.



This type of module allows you to present a subject in a precise and complete way. To structure the article, it is possible to add sections, photos and links.


The form can contain quick information with actions (call, send an email, access social networks, open an itinerary...)
This type of module is suitable for presenting people (artists, lecturers, historical figures, teachers, etc.), places, companies, practical information, etc.


Have a note-taking module with enriched content including text, audio, photos and videos.


This type of module makes it possible to obtain feedback from visitors in order to find out their expectations.

The questions can be open or closed with answers in the form of free fields or single or multiple choice. They can be mandatory or optional. The form cannot be answered several times by the same person. The answers to the form are automatically analyzed.

This type of module is suitable for satisfaction surveys, competitions, opinions on conferences, etc.

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