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Ticketing & Access control

BtoB meetings Networking & Matchmaking

Mobile application & Platform

Polls Questions & Activity


Virtual Event

1 million+ users and 1000+ international customers

Ticketing, Registration & Access Control

Sell your tickets, register your participants & control badges at the entrances.

Ticketing & Registration Form

Create your own personalised online registration platform. Integrate your different stages, ticket types (free or paid) and promo codes.

Invitation email

Manage and send your invitation, reminder and confirmation emails.

Access Badge

Create your printed or dematerialized tickets with a QR code. Generate your own access badges for your event.

Access control & Gauges

Scan (chek-in) the entry and exit tickets of your participants per room, hall, building and space with our terminals (barcode reader or mobile app).

Networking & Meetings

Promote meetings between your participants and optimise networking.

Event Community

Create your event community. Communicate with your participants and exhibitors all year round.

One to one meeting platform

Create your own platform and/or application for targeted one-to-one BtoB meetings. Thanks to matchmaking, generate qualified face-to-face or virtual meetings.

Networking & instant messaging

Connect your participants both physically and remotely via video conference calls. Benefit from instant messaging and private chat between participants.

Badge reader between participants

Your participants and exhibitors can get the contact details of the scanned contact a virtual business card and export the data to their CRM.

Mobile application, web app & online platform

All your event information at your participants' fingertips.

Customised agenda

Allow your participants to create their own interactive and personalised event schedule. Send them reminders according to their schedule!

Targeted Push Notifications

Trigger reminder notifications based on your participants' registrations, conferences, workshops, sessions, animations and appointments.

Interactive map

Generate your 2D event map (trade fair, congress...), both indoor and outdoor, to guide your participants. Geolocate your exhibitors' stands.

Poll & satisfaction survey

Offer your visitor/exhibitor satisfaction survey and export your results automatically. Measure the feedback to improve your event.

Information & documents

Integrate all practical information, speakers' presentations and exhibitors' files. Highlight your partners and sponsors.

Votes, Questions & Animations

Create live interactivity at your event.

Votes & Polls

Have your participants vote on a topic or theme on site and/or remotely. Project the results on screen in the form of bar or pie charts.

Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Allow your audience to ask their questions live in writing to the speakers. The presenter can then moderate the questions and display them on the screen anonymously or not.

Timeline & Social Wall

Engage your audience by allowing them to share photos, videos and text content directly on screen or remotely.

Word cloud

Display the keywords of your participants. on screen in the room or remotely to animate your round tables and conferences. Filter strategic words from the moderator's dashboard.

Quiz and games

Gamify your event with our quiz and games module. Ask questions on specific themes to make your event fun.

Virtual Event Solution

Create your digital event online

Remote Appointments

Create your platform and/or application for targeted one-to-one BtoB appointments remotely. Connect your participants remotely through video conference calls. With matchmaking, generate qualified virtual meetings. Automate the scheduling system with slots, sessions based on everyone's availability, with reminders before appointments. Benefit from instant messaging and private chat between participants.

Live Video Conferences and Replays

Stream your conferences live and on replay with video streaming. Open multiple rooms simultaneously for your plenaries, webinars, web conferences, remote training, and workshops. Broadcast pre-recorded videos online. Allow your speakers to share their screen and use their webcam. Offer your audience the opportunity to react in real-time through interactive animations (questions, votes, polls, word clouds...).

Online Chat

Allow speakers and participants to communicate through online chat.

Instant Messaging

Ensure engagement of participants by offering them the ability to communicate in real-time through instant messaging.

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    festival awards imagina event

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    App & Platform

    Frequently Asked Questions about event management platforms and software

    What is the best event management platform, website or software for business events?

    The best event management tools for business events whether online or onsite will depend on the specific needs of each brand. All companies or brands have different needs (example: organizing a fundraiser in case of financial need), so you should know them before choosing an event management platform for creating an event.

    You can find all-in-one event management software such as Imagina, thanks to features present throughout the life cycle of the project, from self-service registration of participants, creation of a ticketing system, registration of badges and sending of e mails until the event. Other software and websites are specialized in particular features or tools.

    How to use a dashboard to improve the management of an event?

    A dashboard is a valuable tool available on the platform, to facilitate the management of an event by providing a real-time overview of key data and marketing performance indicators.

    The use of the all-in-one dashboard will allow access to useful functions to improve the management, planning and coordination of an event by providing, on the online website, a view of key information and data at all times, such as data on online ticketing with the number of registrations or data on the number of access badges created. In addition, the readability of this tool is simplified with a view that is easier to read than list data. Indeed, it can help organizers make informed decisions in real time while knowing exactly where they stand in relation to the set objective. The dashboard is one of the project management tools that helps to visualize and simplify the tasks at hand.

    In summary, a dashboard is an essential tool to improve the management of an event by providing a real-time overview of the KPI lists and enabling decision making based on the data available on the platform. By using a customized dashboard tailored to your website needs, you can optimize the planning, execution and evaluation of your event.

    Imagina team's work is to facilitate the management of corporate events through our online tool.

    How can we improve the engagement of participants in online events through an event application?

    During online events, organizers can choose to use an event application to allow participants to connect and interact with the event in progress

    This can include features such as polls, group discussions, and live information updates.

    How can you integrate social media into your event management to increase participation?

    To integrate social media into event management, companies can use platforms such as Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook to post as much information about their business as possible, publish live updates, and encourage attendees to discuss and share photos and comments.

    Indeed, adding information on social media can improve guest participation rates. Organizers can also use hashtags to track conversations on social media.

    How to use the best tools to simplify virtual event management?

    The best tools to simplify virtual event management include platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams, which allow you to connect and interact online, in real time from your computer or mobile device.

    Zoom can be fully integrated with Imagina.

    What are the advantages of using a dedicated event management software for planning?

    The benefits of using dedicated event management software for planning include features that allow for better collaboration, greater efficiency, and better visibility into key data, such as attendee registrations on the software or website.

    The event management software will bring a real added value, for you, organizer, but also for your participants. Moreover, with Imagina, you go through a single provider and therefore a single contact for all your chosen features.

    How do you ensure a quality experience at online events with an effective event platform or software?

    Imagina's job is to offer an interface that makes it easy to use and accessible to everyone, while guaranteeing a quality experience during the online event such as a fundraiser, a conference, a seminar, whatever the size of the event...

    Organizers can also organize live tests to ensure that everything is working properly, that there are no software flaws and to improve the experience of participants. For example: testing different tools such as audio and video quality as well as connection.

    How to choose an event software?

    There are several criteria to consider when choosing event software for your business:

    1. Business tasks: Make sure the platform or software meets your specific type of needs and matches your tasks to be accomplished in event planning and management.
    2. The usability of the user interface: Make sure the website is easy to use for quick pick-up and includes user-friendly features for participants during events.
    3. Marketing features: Check that the software has marketing features to help you promote and track events. Imagina offers emailing and texting to promote your event.
    4. The quality of customer service : Make sure the provider offers quality customer support to help you with technical issues. At Imagina, we have our Google reviews to back it up.
    5. Costs and prices: Compare the costs and prices of different event websites and software to find the one that meets your needs at a reasonable cost.
    6. Reporting: Check that the software allows for reporting for in-depth analysis of event data.

    In summary, to choose the right event website or software for your business, it is important to consider, the usability of the user interface, the functionality in the marketing trades, the quality of customer service, the costs and pricing and the statistics.

    The choice of an event management software is important. Choosing Imagina software is to guarantee a successful event thanks to our many experiences and our team. We are specialized in event promotion and since our job is to make your event project a success, we will support you in the planning and management of it.

    What are the advantages of an event management platform?

    An event management platform offers many benefits for companies, such as:

    1. Organization: it allows for efficient logistical planning of events (convention, fundraiser, seminar or conference) with real-time task tracking and management of registrations and attendee badges through the multi-functional dashboard.
    2. Analysis and reporting: the web application offers reporting capabilities for drill-down analysis of event data such as guest registration lists or access badges and better understanding of results.
    3. Marketing: the website allows for better management of event marketing with features and tools to send emails to guests.
    4. Payment and customer service: the event management software can include a payment module for event tickets with online ticketing that takes registrations and a user interface to manage customer requests.
    5. Better prices: by using Imagina's event management platform or software, companies can save on costs due to the better prices of the modules and economies of scale of the system.

    Can the Imagina platform manage different types of events?

    Yes, whether it is a business event ranging from conferences, seminars, product or service promotions or fundraising events. We adapt to any type of event, including non-profit events such as social events. The features and tools that are part of our web application vary depending on your objectives and the type of event you want to realize.

    As one of the best event management software, we offer several services for your event to accompany you as far as possible. Through the event management platform, we provide the creation of an online ticketing system with registration forms, badge design, access control to the event in question and marketing solutions with our dashboard to improve the management of the event.

    Our trademark remains the personalized support, we will use the necessary functions to accompany you in the best way, whatever your type of event, to make it a successful project.

    What tools are available to facilitate communication during online events?

    Thanks to Imagina's event management software, communication between companies and participants is facilitated by offering various communication tools and features. Here are some of Imagina's features for effective communication:

    1. Voting and Polling: Voting and polling encourage active interaction of attendees with content and presenters, allowing them to share opinions and participate in discussions in real time. They also provide live data on your audience's preferences, opinions and expectations, allowing you to adjust content and guide discussions to meet participants' needs. Finally polls and votes serve as evaluation tools to measure the success of your event and identify areas of improvement for future events.
    2. Questions and Answers: Q&A sessions promote participant engagement by providing a space to ask questions, express opinions, and seek clarification. Q&A sessions help participants deepen their understanding of the content presented and resolve ambiguities. They allow presenters to create a personal connection with attendees, enhancing the impact of the online event.
    3. News Feed and Social Wall: A news feed allows attendees to share their photos, videos, thoughts and ideas in real time, creating an interactive and engaging experience. Organizers can use the news feed to gather live feedback and adapt the content of the event based on attendees' reactions. The news feed facilitates discussion and interaction among attendees, promoting bonding and networking.
    4. Word Cloud: Word clouds allow attendees to visualize key themes and quickly capture the most discussed topics, making it easier to understand the content and discussions. They encourage participants to become more involved by identifying the topics of greatest interest and encouraging them to participate in discussions on those topics. Organizers can use tag clouds to track trends and tailor the event agenda to attendees' concerns and interests.
    5. Quizzes and quizzes: Quizzes and quizzes stimulate participant engagement by adding a fun dimension to the event and encouraging friendly competition. They help reinforce learning by encouraging participants to think about and recall information presented at the event. Finally, quizzes and contests promote bonding among participants by encouraging them to work together and share ideas.

    With the presence of all these online tools, communication between attendees and organizers during your event will only be optimized.

    In short, event management platforms make it easy for organizers, attendees, and vendors to communicate with each other by offering various tools and features. When choosing a platform, be sure to check out the communication options available to ensure they meet the needs of your event and your team.

    What are the advantages of an event management platform?

    Event management software typically offers various customization and integration options and features to allow you to create a unique and consistent event for attendees. Here are some of the common options available in these platforms:

    1. Design Customization: Platforms like Imagina, allow you to customize the look and feel of the online event, including colors, fonts, background images and logos, to reflect your brand's visual identity. Customization is available for ticketing, badge design and registration form.
    2. Custom content: You can embed custom content, such as video presentations, welcome messages, company information or PowerPoint presentations, to tailor the event to your needs and brand.
    3. Customizable Templates: The platforms offer customizable templates for landing pages, emails, invitations, registration forms and thank you pages, allowing you to tailor these elements to your brand's image.
    4. Social media integration: Most platforms, like Imagina, offer the ability to integrate your brand's social media, making it easy for attendees to share event content and interact with your company.
    5. Sponsors and partners: You can embed logos and information about your event's sponsors and corporate partners to highlight them to reinforce their association with your brand.

    It's important to note that branding customization and integration options vary by platform or software. When choosing an event management and planning platform, be sure to check out the available marketing, communication, and analytics features and compare them with your needs and expectations to create an online experience that accurately reflects your organization.

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