What is an online idea box for your business?

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Welcome to the fascinating world of idea boxes, a simple yet powerful tool that can transform a company's culture and performance. But what exactly is an idea box, and why should every company consider having one?

What is an idea box?

The idea box, often perceived as a simple physical or digital receptacle, is much more than that. It's a symbol of openness and innovation, offering every member of the team the chance to actively participate in the evolution of their working environment. This democratic approach transforms every suggestion and comment into a potential guideline for improvement projects.

Within this dedicated space, customers and employees can submit their ideas via a form on the company website, or with an internal communication tool like Imagina. This makes it easier to get to grips with the tool and encourages wider participation, ensuring that feedback and questions from all stakeholders are taken into account.

The idea box is intended to be a place where creativity and innovation meet, with increased productivity, involved employees and continuous improvement, enabling teams to take up challenges and suggest new offers for a particular project, for example. Anonymity can be preserved thanks to anonymous submission tools, ensuring that every contribution is assessed on its merits, without prejudice.

The process doesn't stop at collecting suggestions; a dedicated team evaluates each proposal, engages in constructive dialogue in the comments area, and provides feedback. This creates a virtuous cycle where employees feel valued and engaged, knowing that their contribution counts and can be acted upon at any time.

The idea box isn't just a box; once set up, the online idea box is an open window on innovation, a bridge between ideas and their realization, and a catalyst for team commitment and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of an idea box for your employees

Fosters innovation

One of the key strengths of an idea box is its ability to bring together a multitude of ideas, often from unexpected perspectives, fuelling innovation.

Improves employee commitment

It also gives employees a sense of belonging and value, knowing that their ideas are being listened to and potentially implemented.

Solutions to internal problems

Sometimes, the best solutions come from within. An idea box can reveal ingenious answers to long-standing problems.

How to set up an effective suggestion box for your organization?

Implementation steps

The success of an idea box depends on its careful implementation, with clear objectives and a defined follow-up process.

Defining objectives

It's crucial to know what you want to achieve with the suggestion box. Is it to improve efficiency, encourage innovation, or reinforce corporate culture?

Choosing the right medium

Whether it's a physical box or a digital platform, the chosen medium must be accessible and easy to use for all employees.

Establish a follow-up process

An idea submitted must not be forgotten. A clear process for review, feedback and implementation is essential.

Encourage participation

For an idea box to live, your employees' participation must be encouraged and valued. This can be achieved by setting up a reward system or simply by publicly acknowledging contributions.

Challenges and solutions

Implementing an idea box is not without its challenges, particularly when it comes to employee engagement and idea management. However, with the right strategies, these obstacles can be overcome.


The online suggestion box is much more than just a container for suggestions; it's the beating heart of innovation and engagement within a company. By adopting and adapting this tool, companies can not only solve complex problems, but also foster a sense of belonging and creativity among their employees.


Arthur Josset

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