Strasbourg caterer: The best menus for your events

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In Strasbourg, selecting a competent caterer is essential for the success of any event, whether it's a business meeting, wedding, or simple family celebration. The city, famous for its rich and diverse gastronomy, offers a wide range of choices to suit all tastes and needs.

Why choose a caterer in Strasbourg ?

Strasbourg caterers are known for their ability to blend creativity and tradition, offering customized services and meals that highlight the region's rich culinary heritage. Whether it's for a business meal, a grand banquet, a meal at home, a working lunch, or a special Easter or seasonal menu, they guarantee high-quality dishes and impeccable service.

Strasbourg caterer: Top 5 caterers in Strasbourg and Bas-Rhin

Maison Kirn

Located in Strasbourg, Maison Kirn is renowned for its craftsmanship and culinary excellence, skillfully blending tradition and innovation. Specializing in buffets and large-scale receptions, this catering company uses seasonal products to create dishes that reflect the traditions of Bas-Rhin. Each menu is designed to suit the ambiance and theme of the event, whether it's a wedding, christening, or corporate reception. Their catering service is enhanced by a team of passionate chefs committed to offering a memorable experience with every dish served.

Kieffer Traiteur

Kieffer Traiteur stands out for its personalized service, passion, and ability to adapt to the specific needs of its clients in Strasbourg and Bas-Rhin. They excel at creating custom dishes, ensuring that each event, from seminars to gala dinners, is unique. Their service includes home delivery, providing a hassle-free culinary experience. With a focus on quality and craftsmanship, Kieffer Traiteur promises not only satisfaction but also a gastronomic journey that awakens the taste buds and hearts.

Mille et un plats

Mille et un plats is renowned for its commitment to using local and seasonal products, ensuring fresh and authentically Alsatian meals. This eco-friendly approach is particularly appreciated at themed events celebrating the richness of regional cuisine. Ideal for family gatherings or corporate events, this company offers a catering service that combines a passion for gastronomy, pleasure, and respect for the environment, ensuring that each reception is a celebration of the local terroir.


Specializing in corporate events in Strasbourg, Fleck&Co offers a range of catering services, from simple business lunches to complex buffets and themed dinners (gala). Their flexibility allows them to precisely meet the demands of companies, adapting menus to specific themes and client preferences. With meticulous attention to detail, Fleck&Co ensures that each corporate event is not only a culinary success but also a moment of pleasure and conviviality.

Traiteur Chez Soi

Traiteur Chez Soi excels in its work, creating elegant dishes and impeccable service, making every event in Strasbourg an exceptional moment. Known for its artistic buffets and sophisticated meal trays, this caterer brings a touch of luxury and refinement to occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, christening receptions, or a simple family lunch. The quality of their cuisine, combined with their craftsmanship and ability to create tailor-made experiences, makes this establishment a popular choice for those seeking to impress their guests with high-end culinary creations and top-notch service.

The importance of an eco-responsible approach for caterers

Adopting sustainable practices is at the heart of many Strasbourg caterers' concerns. They strive to use ingredients from local and seasonal agriculture, reducing their environmental impact while supporting the local economy.

Adaptation to different types of events

Strasbourg caterers have a unique ability to adapt their menus and services to meet the demands of various occasions, ensuring that every event is successful, whether it's a small family gathering or a large corporate reception.

The role of regional cuisine in choosing a caterer

Alsatian cuisine is famous for its richness and unique flavors, and Strasbourg caterers know how to incorporate these elements into their offerings to capture the essence of the region, delighting guests with authentic local dishes.

Innovative services offered by Strasbourg caterers

Strasbourg caterers continually innovate, offering formats such as interactive buffets and live cooking stations, which not only entertain guests but also add an interactive element to the culinary experience.

The impact of seasonal cuisine on caterers' menus

Using seasonal products is essential for Strasbourg caterers, as it ensures the freshness of ingredients while contributing to dynamic menus inspired by the climate and products available at different times of the year.

How do Strasbourg caterers manage specific needs ?

Flexibility is key, and Strasbourg caterers excel in customizing their services to meet specific dietary needs, ensuring that all guests can enjoy delicious and safe meals regardless of their dietary restrictions or preferences.

The importance of customer service in catering

Exceptional customer service is indispensable, and Strasbourg caterers are committed to offering transparent communication and continuous support throughout the planning and execution of events to ensure total satisfaction.

The future of catering in Strasbourg

Always at the forefront, Strasbourg caterers continue to explore new culinary trends and push the boundaries of gastronomy to anticipate and meet the evolving needs of their clients.


Choosing the right caterer in Strasbourg is key to transforming any event into a memorable gastronomic experience. The city's best caterers offer unparalleled culinary expertise, dedicated customer service, and the ability to customize every detail according to their clients' conditions.


Strasbourg caterer: Frequently asked questions

Which Strasbourg caterer is recommended for a corporate event like a business meal ?

Kieffer Traiteur is highly recommended for corporate events in Strasbourg. Known for its expertise and ability to offer tailor-made services, Kieffer Traiteur adapts its menus to each client's specific preferences, ensuring a successful event. They excel in managing business meals, seminars, and large-scale events, offering a range of meal trays and buffets that combine local flavors with sophisticated receptions. Their professional team ensures turnkey organization, with attention to detail that reflects the quality and passion of their service.

Depending on the number of people, the chef creates seasonal menus (Christmas, Easter, birthdays) for seminars and work meetings. It is possible to provide the chef with a list of desired foods (signature meat, vegetables) for event meals, seminars, buffets, or just a home lunch. Taking care of you, the caterer awaits your feedback from delivery to family, seminar, and other meals.

How much does a catering service cost on average in Strasbourg ?

The cost of catering services in Strasbourg can vary depending on several factors such as the number of guests, the type of menu selected, and the complexity of the event. Caterers like Kieffer Traiteur offer personalized quotes to meet the exact expectations and budget of their clients. They provide flexible solutions ranging from simple buffets to more elaborate themed dinners. On average, prices can vary significantly, but investing in quality service often guarantees a memorable and stress-free event.

Which caterers in Strasbourg offer options for specific diets ?

In Strasbourg, caterers like Maison Kirn and La Cuillère en Bois consider their clients' diverse dietary expectations by offering menus adapted to specific diets. They provide vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and other allergy-friendly alternatives, ensuring all guests can enjoy a delicious and safe meal like at a restaurant. These caterers use quality, often local and seasonal, products to create dishes rich in flavor while respecting everyone's dietary requirements.

Where to find an eco-responsible caterer in Strasbourg ?

Traiteur Schwoob and Au Palais Gourmand are known in Strasbourg for their commitment to sustainable practices. They use local and seasonal products to minimize the environmental impact of their services. These caterers are committed to reducing waste and optimizing resources, offering services that respect both the environment and their clients' high expectations, like in a restaurant. Choosing an eco-responsible chef helps make every event not only exquisite but also environmentally friendly.

What are the advantages of choosing a local caterer for a wedding ?

Opting for a local caterer in Strasbourg for a wedding in France offers several advantages. First, it ensures the use of fresh and seasonal ingredients, which improves the quality and taste of the dishes served. It also supports the local economy and often allows better coordination and flexibility in organizing the event. Local caterers, such as Kieffer Traiteur, know the region well and can offer valuable advice on menu selection that reflects the Alsatian terroir. Finally, working with a local Strasbourg caterer often makes logistics (home delivery) and proximity communication easier, which is essential to ensure everything goes perfectly on the wedding day.

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