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In Reims, a city rich in history and renowned for its Champagne heritage, organizing seminars and professional events is a common practice. Choosing the right seminar room is crucial to ensure the success of your event. This guide presents the top 5 seminar rooms in Reims, highlighting their main features and benefits. These rooms, located in the heart of the city center and close to iconic sites such as Notre-Dame Cathedral, offer an ideal setting for your meetings and conferences.

Moreover, their experience in organizing professional events ensures a response tailored to your specific needs. By contacting these establishments, you can obtain a personalized quote for room rental based on the type and size of your business and your collaborators.

Criteria for Selecting Seminar Rooms

Choosing the right room in Reims depends on several key criteria:


The location of the seminar rooms in Reims is a crucial element to consider for your event. Proximity to the city center or ease of access from major roadways like the A26 or rail lines such as the TGV can greatly influence the choice of venue. Opting for a room located near iconic sites like Notre-Dame Cathedral can add a touch of charm to your events.

Moreover, the Champagne region offers a lush, natural setting conducive to relaxation and reflection. By contacting the establishments offering seminar rooms in Reims, you can obtain detailed information about their location and accessibility, as well as a quote tailored to your specific needs.

Capacity and Equipment

When selecting a seminar room in Reims, it is crucial to ensure that the space is suited to the expected capacity and planned activities. The rooms must be able to comfortably accommodate the anticipated number of participants while providing an environment conducive to events. Essential equipment such as notepads and audiovisual equipment may also be necessary to support meeting and conference activities.

Establishments offering seminar rooms in Reims can often provide detailed information about the capacity of the rooms and available equipment. By contacting these establishments, you can obtain a personalized quote for a rental adapted to your specific needs for professional events.


When choosing a seminar room in Reims, it is essential to consider accessibility for both local and international participants. The city of Reims benefits from excellent connectivity with easy access from Paris via the TGV, as well as from other French and European cities. Additionally, proximity to the airport facilitates international travel.

Establishments offering event rooms in Reims can also provide information about parking options and nearby public transport. By verifying the accessibility of the room, you can ensure the participation of all collaborators in your professional events. By contacting these establishments, you can obtain advice on accessibility and a personalized quote for a rental adapted to your specific needs.

Services Offered

When searching for a seminar room in Reims, it is important to check the availability of services offered to meet the needs of your event. Establishments offering rooms in Reims may provide catering services to ensure that your participants stay nourished and energized throughout the day. Moreover, the availability of modern technology, such as Wi-Fi and projectors, is essential to support your presentations and meeting activities.

Ensure also that the establishment offers logistical support to manage the practical aspects of your event, such as room layout and audiovisual equipment. By contacting these establishments, you can discuss the available services and obtain a personalized quote for a rental adapted to your specific needs for professional events.

Top 5 Seminar Rooms in Reims Reims Convention Centre

Located in the heart of the city of Reims, the Reims Convention Centre offers flexible rooms suitable for all types of professional events such as seminars and conferences. With variable capacity, it can accommodate meetings of different sizes, from large conferences to more intimate gatherings. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and benefiting from a dedicated team, this establishment offers an ideal setting for a successful professional event in Reims.

Château Comtesse Lafond

Château Comtesse Lafond, located on the outskirts of Reims, offers an exceptional setting for seminars and professional events. Its elegantly decorated rooms allow participants to combine work and relaxation in an inspiring environment.

In addition to meeting lounges, participants can enjoy tastings of champagne produced on-site, adding a touch of luxury to their experience. This establishment thus offers a unique option for event organizers in Reims.

Holiday Inn Reims Centre

The reception room is an ideal option for medium-sized events in Reims. Located near Charles de Gaulle Airport and the A4, it offers optimal accessibility for participants coming from Paris or eastern France.

This modern room is a practical and stylish choice for seminars, meetings, and corporate evenings. Its strategic location makes it a preferred reception venue for those wishing to organize events in Reims.

Ethic Etapes Cis de Champagne

The establishment offers a unique, Art Deco-style, and inspiring room for seminars in Reims. Located in a modern and decorated building, this room immerses your guests in history and offers an aesthetic and functional setting.

Perfectly equipped, it allows combining aesthetics and practicality for your professional events. Its central location in Reims makes it a strategic choice for event organizers looking for a memorable and practical venue.

Château de Cormicy

Château de Cormicy offers a majestic setting for a history-laden seminar in Reims. Its vast gardens provide an ideal natural environment for team-building activities or revitalizing breaks.

This establishment offers elegant and functional rooms, perfect for events such as professional conferences. Its location in Champagne, close to Reims, makes it a sought-after destination for professional events.

Why Reims is Ideal for Seminars

The proximity of Reims to Paris makes it a strategic location for international event organizers. Accessibility via major transport infrastructure such as the airport and the A26 motorway facilitates participant travel. The many rooms available in the city offer different propositions to meet the needs of organizers.

Furthermore, Reims' rich cultural and gastronomic heritage, particularly its famous champagne, adds an element of appeal and authenticity to events. Whether for a business meeting or an international conference, Reims offers spaces suited to each type of event.


In conclusion, Reims positions itself as a destination with several propositions for organizing seminars and professional events. With its diversity of rooms located in the heart of the city or in its picturesque surroundings, organizers are spoilt for choice. Whether you are looking for a downtown venue for more convenience or a more rural setting for a relaxing atmosphere, Reims offers options suitable for all needs (hotel, specific rooms/people).

Moreover, the presence of its rich cultural and gastronomic heritage, especially the famous champagne, adds additional value to your events. By opting for one of these options, you ensure the success of your event and leave a lasting impression on your colleagues and guests.

Do not hesitate to contact the establishments to obtain quotes and opinions on the type of event you plan to organize in this magnificent Champagne-Ardenne region, a World Heritage site, where nature and culture harmoniously blend, providing an ideal setting for an unforgettable corporate evening.


What are the average costs of renting a seminar room in Reims ?

The rental rates for a seminar room in Reims vary depending on several factors, including the size of the room, its location, and the included equipment. Generally, seminars organized in the city center tend to be more expensive due to their accessibility and proximity to major attractions.

Companies can expect to pay an average rate per person, depending on the number of people expected for the event. For those looking for a more exclusive setting, options in the surrounding areas, such as Leuvrigny or the surrounding Marne region, may offer more affordable alternatives.

It is recommended to request detailed quotes from various Champagne-Ardenne establishments to compare prices and choose the type of room that best meets the needs of the event. Additionally, consulting reviews from other colleagues who have already used these venues can provide valuable information on the quality and value for money of the facilities offered.

How far in advance should I book a seminar room in Reims for a rental ?

To secure a seminar room in Reims, book several months in advance, especially for large events. Obtain detailed quotes and confirm all details before finalizing the reservation.

What additional services are generally included in the rental of a room in Reims, Reims centre in France ?

In the rental of a seminar room in Reims, various additional facilities are often included to meet the needs of event organizers. Establishments typically provide chairs, tables, and an audiovisual system suitable for presentations. Many also offer catering, with buffet options or seated meals, featuring local cuisine and champagne. For participants traveling from afar, the availability of rooms is often offered, as well as the logistics necessary for organizing the event.

To add a special touch to the seminar, guided tours of the cathedral or the vineyards of the Marne can be arranged. Before confirming the reservation, it is recommended to request a detailed quote to know everything that is included in the room and hotel rental to be top-notch in terms of organization for the event and the invited people. For those wishing to incorporate a green aspect, eco-friendly options can be explored upon request, thus reinforcing a commitment to a more environmentally friendly approach.

Can a seminar room in Reims accommodate international events ?

Seminar rooms in Reims are perfectly suited to host international events, thanks to their modern and versatile infrastructure. With the city's global renown, attracting visitors from various backgrounds, organizers can benefit from a wide range of facilities for their specific needs. From conferences to seminars, through event organization, seminar rooms in Reims offer varied options for all types of events.

Moreover, the proximity to Paris and easy access to transportation make Reims an ideal destination for international gatherings. Before booking, regarding quotes, it is recommended to request a quote to evaluate the facilities and services available in each establishment.

What are the transport options for participants traveling to Reims ?

To reach Reims, participants can use various modes of transport. The city is accessible via well-served roads, regular trains from Paris and other cities in France, and is close to the airport for international arrivals.

Car rental and taxi options are also available on site to facilitate the organization of the trip. In addition, visitors can take the opportunity to explore the famous Reims Cathedral and taste the local champagne, adding a unique touch to their stay.

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