Top 5 caterers in Nantes

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Choosing an excellent caterer in Nantes is essential to ensure the success of any event. The city, known for its rich gastronomy, offers a variety of caterers capable of satisfying all culinary preferences.

Why choose a caterer in Nantes ?

Nantes, located in Loire-Atlantique, is renowned for its exceptional culinary expertise. Opting for a local caterer guarantees not only high-quality products but also perfect adaptation to your specific needs.

Top 5 caterers in Nantes for your event

Le Coquelet Braisé

Known for its innovative dishes and impeccable service, Le Coquelet Braisé excels in preparing meals for special occasions.

CK Traiteur

CK Traiteur offers a wide range of services, from sumptuous buffets to gala dinners, showcasing refined and creative cuisine.


Ilore stands out for its bespoke services and commitment to eco-friendly cuisine, ideal for those looking to minimize their environmental impact.


Dama is appreciated for its high-end cocktails and meal trays, perfect for business meetings and professional seminars.

Brison Traiteur

An expert in large events, Brison Traiteur provides turnkey solutions that ensure a worry-free and memorable culinary experience.

The importance of an eco-responsible approach among caterers

Caterers in Nantes are increasingly adopting sustainable practices, which not only enhance the customer experience but also contribute to the preservation of the local environment.

Adaptation to different types of events

Whether it’s for a wedding, a professional cocktail, or a birthday, caterers in Nantes are adept at customizing their services according to the type and size of the event, from buffets to meal trays.


Choosing a good caterer in Nantes can truly transform your event. These professionals bring expertise, quality, and creativity to make every occasion unforgettable.


Which caterer in Nantes is recommended for a corporate event ?

CK Traiteur is highly recommended for its flexibility and excellence in service for corporate events.

How much does a catering service in Nantes cost on average ?

Prices vary significantly depending on the selection of services and products offered, but expect a base investment for quality and expertise.

Which caterers in Nantes offer personalized menus for specific diets ?

ILORE specializes in adapting menus to meet all dietary requirements.

How can I find an eco-responsible caterer in Nantes ?

Look for caterers that highlight their sustainable practices, such as Ilore.

You can also visit their shop, store, or online to place an order directly with those in charge of products for a corporate cocktail or a private reception.

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